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Why We Must Heed the Call for a Moral Revolution


Why We Must Heed the Call for a Moral Revolution

Frederick Haynes

When I stepped into the cavernous hall where the Democratic Party held its national convention last week in Philadelphia, I hadn’t expected to step into a spiritual revival.

Then Rev. William Barber of North Carolina stepped onto the stage and ignited a flame in the almost 5,000 delegates who filled the hall when he called on each of us to embrace our deepest moral values. When he said, “I'm so concerned about those that say so much, about what God says so little, while saying so little about what god says so much,” all around me people cheered and praised.


Who issued "God" the patent on morality? Not me. Not Einstein.


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"We can no longer go back to business as usual. We must become the moral center that turns all of our communities into spiritual revivals that produce moral and social revolution so that those struggling to get by can rise above their circumstances, the oppressed are set free and everyone knows the true measure of economic justice."

Unfortunately and tragically, as Cookies referenced above, support for the Clinton's (as well as Obama) - their policies - especially Hillary in this election is misplaced IMO.
The Democratic Party nominee has worked her entire career for wealth and power and the corruption/usury that feeds them, not the people, the poor, the vulnerable, or the children..........Hillary does not, and never has represented a "moral revolution" - quite the contrary.......she is not, and will not "be our ally in the revolution - or - recognize that her privilege is built on the oppression of others."


The Clinton family legacy is 180 degrees from moral.


Why is it so difficult to understand that until these wars are ended there can never be justice or real social change. Make that connection and act accordingly. Hillary will continue these endless wars. Only Jill Stein is calling for peace. Vote Peace, Vote Green.


I feel a kind of emptiness here--a glittering verbal wash that invokes god and higher values, but which is devoid of constructive specifics. To inveigh against inequality is one thing, to clearly prescribe the means by which equality can be achieved and held onto--that is another. Revivalism is endorphic, but it can't carry one anywhere without a clear roadmap.


William Barber told it like it is. I'm no man of god but he was inspiring - a flash of what is still of value in religion.
We must heed the call to engage in a moral revolution that dismantles the structures that oppress people of color.
I think this guy is being polite to the point of sounding irrelevant. It is not the social structures or institutions that are at fault. These things are only populated by people. So it is time to stop externalising all this shit as the fault of the government, the system, society, prejudice or such. It is about what is in our souls...


Barber gave a great speech at the wrong convention. Instead of giving it at the immoral Dimcritter Convention, he should be giving it at the Green Party convention this week.


Then Rev. Haynes you should RUN, not walk, as fast as you can, away from the Democratic Party. There is no salvation, no mitigation, no hope, and no future there. There are only lies and more lies there. The only thing they don't lie about is their love of war and money, which was on full display.

USA! USA! USA! I don't think I have ever been more horrified and ashamed, as I was at hearing that coming from the ranks of the Democratic Party.

I forced myself to watch that entire closing night because I knew it would contain all the essence of the next coming months. Of course I knew that all the speakers appearances were organized into a giant amorphous load of nothing. Feint to the left and move to the right...feint to the left and move to the right... They really believe (are they right?) that we don't see just how phony they are.

I would vote for Satan himself before I vote for another Democrat.


It takes more than mentioning God to make a speech moral.

I don't pretend to get inside of Barber's head, nor Haynes. All either give me to go on here are platitudes. But frankly, shilling for rich neocon corporatism is no revolution, whether these guys are deluded or cagey to say so.


Rev. Barber's speech was the icy on the cake of the Theatre de l'absurde. Barber dedicated the last several years of his life rallying the people of North Carolina to stand up and fight for access to the poles and to overturn NC's voter suppression laws. The irony of him endorsing the candidate who made voter suppression an art form, was the perfect ending to this farce of a primary.


Don't confuse the moral revolution with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

A white friend of the reverend (author of this piece) said, 'He was determined to speak out about we should all benefit from privilege and opportunity and that all of our lives should be equally valued. This is how we act with faith and conviction.'

I think this statement leaves an incorrect impression. It is not simply a matter of raising up privilege of those who are oppressed to match those who have power. A person of privilege and power must give up his privilege and power so that others' voices are heard and power is shared.

Both the white friend the reverend is talking about and the reverend himself have privilege. And it sounds to me like they are not willing to give it up - they support Hillary so they can keep theirs.


Little hope. Democrats and liberals have spent the last 20 years maintaining a pep rally for the middle class, ignoring our poverty crisis (not the same as our low wage problem).

US poverty is a complex issue with a number of causes. The easiest to understand is that, quite simply, not everyone is able to work (health, etc.), and there aren't jobs for all. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.). The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. What do readers here think happens to those who are left behind, with no means of providing for themselves? The rent comes due. Once you no longer have a home address, etc., you're out. You can't get a job.


A different point of view:

We offered the same design that was done in China to change the poor to middle class and improve the philosophical structure....but we did not get there.

Now, the best solution is to fix more than 100,000 items that causes BAD Governance and then everything will be OK.

Seven years ago me and my friend collected them to that level, we tried to fix it ourselves but could not. So, you need a serious Revolution to get there. Thank you.


Until the Enlightenment, people used religion to justify morality. When lawgivers like Moses gave the Ten Commandments to the people, he told them these laws come from God and you better obey them because God will whack you if you disobey his laws. Moses's god would have made a good Tony Soprano who whacks people who displease him. This made sense because how many people would have believed Moses if all he had told them is these are my laws and you better obey them?

In the Enlightenment, moral philosophers did not use religion to justify morality, they used human reason. But there are still many people who agree with Dostoyevski, "If there is no God then everything is permitted."


Privileged people are either Social Darwinists or Calvinists (many are both). Social Darwinists believe that if you are rich, then this is because you are more fit and if you are poor, then this is because you are less fit because you are dependent on the government. Calvinists believe in predestination. God decides whether or not you are saved long before you are born (this is incoherent, but bear with me). Since most people would like to know whether or not they are saved, rich people think the fact they are rich must mean god favors them.

How likely is it that privileged people are going to give up their privilege since they believe that because they are privileged, it must mean that either they are more fit or that god favors them (or both)?


Are you aware that Democrats are responsible for all of the social welfare programs produced in the country from FDR to the present?

  1. Social Security
  2. Expanding Social Security to spouses and dependents
  3. Disability insurance
  4. Unemployment insurance
  5. A minimum wage
  6. Medicare
  7. Medicaid
  8. The ACA
  9. Expanding Medicaid under the ACA (in Democrat-controlled states)

Do you think voting for Satan will accomplish anything?


Except that Stein has no chance to win and even if a miracle happened, she would not have the support in Congress to get things done (remember, it is Congress that legislates).

Better a candidate you don't totally agree with who can get things done than a candidate you totally agree with who can't get anything done.

And don't tell me you agree with nothing Democrats have proposed. Two examples.

The Donald denies the science showing that humans are causing the earth to warm by burning fossil fuels. Hillary understands that anthropogenic global warming is the greatest existential threat mankind faces (so also does Barack Obama understand this).

The Donald agrees with the NRA that every nutcase has an unalienable right to own a gun, not matter the consequences to society. Hillary understands that we need gun control laws because when everybody is armed, people will use guns to settle disputes. It is right to violate the Second Amendment when society benefits. That is why the TSA violates the Second Amendment when it screens people who are boarding airplanes and prevents them from exercising their Second Amendment right to bear arms on an airplane.


Are you aware we fought a Civil War in this country to establish justice; i.e., to end slavery? Are you aware that we fought a Revolutionary War to boot the oppressive Brits out of the 13 colonies? Are you aware that Thomas Jefferson said: "The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Are you aware that Ho Chi Minh used our Declaration of Independence to justify his revolution against the corrupt government of South Vietnam?

During the 60's H. Rap Brown famously said: "violence is as American as cherry pie." Since humans have always fought wars, don't you think war is as human as breathing?