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Why We Must Restore the Title, “War Department”

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/20/why-we-must-restore-title-war-department


We must also never forget the budget numbers don’t reflect the so called intelligence agencies budgets. Breaking them up will be a monumental task, that may even turn bloody, in the mean time, lets cut off their funding, including their self funding, drug sales, investment capital firms, etc., and take battle field control away from them, they must be neutered.
General Odom’s quote about “The War on Terrorism” in the story is correct, but there’s more to it. You will never win any war, when you’re actions provide you’re enemy with a constant flow of new fighters, like US actions in the ME.


“War Department” - Agree !

Nice article - valid source ~

Not holding my breath for this proposed change, nor for many of the other ideas about what ‘should be done’.

A form of collapse is perhaps the only realistic event which will galvanize a scaled response.

Robert Koehler’s article Fighting Climate Change Means Ending War, speaks to this thought.

In Koehler’s view, climate change is a cloud with a silver lining.

Her is a Koehler quote from that article:

"Maybe climate change will “win,” but even if it does, nothing else, as far as I can tell, has the power to force humanity to think so utterly out of the box — by which I mean beyond the borders of nations — and to begin transitioning to a one-planet consciousness."

I will provide a link to a book I am just now reading, written in the year 2000, by worldfamous wildlife artist Robert Bateman, who coincidentally, was born in 1930, the same year as the three Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil Armstron, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin.

Bateman is also retired Professor of Geography and Art, which I must admit I just found out, and both Bateman and myself being Canadians.

Thinking like a Mountain.

I have read extensively on environmental issues over the last fourteen years, both the scientific literature and popular books.

This little gem is heads and shoulders the best synoptic view of the whole affair that is The Anthropocene.

Artists can see better, can’t they ?


When I watch the disgusting military display at any major sporting event, I mute the sound and fill in with my own words a more accurate description of what the MIC is trying to convey two the masses.

(Jets screaming overhead as soldiers are displayed on our TV sets) “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s have a round of applause for the squadron of F-35’s that just flew over. We could have had universal healthcare and free college tuition, but instead our leaders chose wisely, using taxpayers dollars to build these beautiful weapons of mass destruction that bomb brown people across the globe. Too many brown people hate our freedom… with the exception of all those brown people on the football field right now. Now if you will all rise and salute the Marine battalion here today that has just returned from the longest war in history in Afghanistan, where these brave men and women in uniform guarded strategic pipelines so that we can burn fossil fuels at an accelerated pace amidst great personal danger to themselves from hostile locals. Those who stand on the side of science and are oblivious to the Chinese hoax of ‘climate change’ can rest assured that our troops will hunt them down, send them to black sites and use ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ to find out why they haven’t embraced Christianity and supported the aims of our empire. Support the troops who realize that this country was built on crushing democracy around the globe, and that social democracy is a ‘bad thing’.
Today we have a special guest, sniper John Doe who has over 87 confirmed kills, two of them adult males who were suspected terrorists in his quest to make America great again. His unit has a long history of brave actions from slaughtering those nasty Indians that tried to get in the way of industry to the communists who tried to undermine corporate profits in the name of social equity and commie justice. Finally, we would like all of you to remove your hats in memory of the loss of one of our finest drones yesterday that was lost over the hostile skies of Iran. The drone, affectionately know as ‘Bewitched’, had over 500 confirmed kills including at least three terrorist weddings, two terrorist funerals. a terrorist hospital and a terrorist orphanage. Bewitched was only 12 years old and on behalf of all of us at the Pentagon, she will be sorely missed.”
(the Star Spangled Banner plays as the audience stands silently. A few people shed tears over the loss of ‘Bewitched’ and seven marines fire their rifles three times to provide a 21 gun salute to honour the lost drone.)

“Let the games begin!”


Hi manysummits:
I like that idea, because Defense Dept. makes it sound as if everyone is attacking us, instead of us attacking everything and everyone. The War Department is more accurate, but as America goes, so goes the planet and I now believe that DEATH Department is the most accurate. : (


Hello stardustIBID !

I think you might like that book by Robert Bateman I linked to above ~

Hi Space_cadet:
I always like that old newscaster, Walter Cronkite, as his thoughts always seemed believable. I can just imagine his voice saying your words. He was what I wish taking head news people were now. : )

Hi manysummits----I looked it up but it was Amazing, so I switched t over o Penguin and read a bit. This sounds like a wonderful book, written by a wonderful person, Thank you. : )

Canning sez:
“Mandy Smithberger and William Hartung … identified ‘at least 10 pots of money dedicated to fighting wars, preparing for yet more wars, and dealing with the consequences of wars already fought.’”

Rather sounds as though your renaming proposal should be amended to the “War Profiteering Department”.


Great article. Simple semantics can hypnotize the public, manipulating the public perception.

The MIC has been sucking the American people dry, ever since Ike warned about it.


How about all the “big wigs” that testify before congress begging for yet more money? It’s a wonder their medals don’t weigh them down. I view them on C Span occasionall and shake my head in despair.

I honestly think if Bernie Sanders or any other elected official dares to make a serious attempt to unplug the war machine and make drastic cuts in the defense and surveillance budget, he (or she) is putting their very life on the line via an assassination, which, of course, will be dressed up to look like the work of a lone gunman. The U.S. may not be a military regime on paper, but it is certainly one in practice. The military tail has been wagging the civilian dog since the beginning of the Cold War.


Give it its true name. Department of Defense feeds into the frame of fear, that all these Other People are attacking us constantly. Department of War is honest, telling the world that the US of A has always been at war with someone, somewhere…And that we’re not brave, or free…

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My pleasure ~

If only the public could be educated to the fact that the military is the biggest professional money laundering business in the world.

If only the War Depart functioned as the Defence Department and the State Department functioned as the Peace Department instead of the department which issues sanction threats and etc.

If only we could make the climate chaos emergency the focus in order to regenerate our soil, water and air and thereby be able to feed the world a healthy diet.

Well then there would not be such a tremendous scare of migrants taking over “our country”

Risking sounding like a ten year old, honey is more attractive than undiluted vinegar


The deal is that when the Department of Defense was created it was not a name change from the Department of War. It was a new Department that replaced two departments: the Department of War, which really was the Department of the Army, and the Department of the Navy.

The problem was that coming out of the Dept. of War was a new branch of the military- the Air Force, and the Dept. of the Navy already had two branches in it- besides the Navy there was the Marine Corps.

The new military, all under one department, would have four branches, and the leadership would all be in one giant building, the Pentagon.

No way will the Dept. of Defense ever go back to the term “War” since that was the previous name of the Dept. of the Army.

“Defense” was a bad choice for all the reasons outline in this article. An appropriate name that might make it would be Department of the Military.

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I think that is coming.

But just now, I am wondering - All British Airways flights to Cairo have been suspended for a week

Is this a localized event - a terrorist threat uncovered or suspected?

Or does it have something to do with the seizure of that British tanker?

i.e., is war imminent ?

Boris Johnson will be tested by a major international crisis in his first days as prime minister, senior military figures and politicians have warned, after Iran seized a British-flagged tanker in a move that raised tensions in the Gulf to new heights.

What I just read stated that British Airways has suspended flight until Sunday as a routine security update claiming that there is an increased need for security against terrorist ???

Certainly war mongers thrill to give exciting news to the world especially to incite fear and eventually fighting but who knows. Who knows what happened to Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi who died during his trial after animated discussion of twenty minutes.

Having read many stories from journalist it is difficult to know what caused events until years of investigative. ie Even if you are on the scene it would be difficult to know until after the fact.

Fine article. All of which was predicted in The Pentagon’s own ambitious documents cited in Paul Virilio’s 1983 “Pure War”: the object of their game was to dedicate virtually the entire US economy to their own profits and powers via constant and total war. I daresay we’re about there. Time for 100,000 brave US citizens to lock arms around The Pentagon and shut the fucker down till there’s at least a full accounting and a 50%+ reduction in spending. Pure War = Total Waste.


One thought that comes to mind also is that the military can organize to respond to domestic demands much in the vein of the Army Corps Of Engineers. If our youth enlist “to serve our country” - NOT endless foreign adventurism, the potential to respond to infrastructure repair would also be a mindset of service rather than video game generation of violence that has stalled an entire generation. The public would also need to stay on its toes to prevent the mafia being lined up by privatization interests that would cut corners -which means expert oversight and NOT of the corrupt backwash of the current resident in the Oval Office.

I concur on the idea of the Department of the Military.

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