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Why We Must Return to the US-Russian Parity Principle


Why We Must Return to the US-Russian Parity Principle

Stephen F. Cohen

[Author's note: The text below is a somewhat expanded version of remarks I delivered at the annual US-Russia Forum in Washington, DC, held in the Hart Senate Office Building, on March 26.)


The marginalization of Professor Cohen is a disgrace. His treatment by leading lights in American elite circles is shameful. An eminent Canadian academic, according to Mr. Cohen, says he, Prof Cohen, is worse than the worst Nazi, or some such slander. He is one of the few reasonable and knowledgeable people commenting on the tragedy in Ukraine. You won’t find Prof. Cohen on MSNBC, no, but he can be heard on almost a weekly basis on the John Batchelor Show. Batchelor is a conservative and hosts his own radio program from New York. I never thought I would have to seek out commentary such as Prof. Cohen’s on a conservative radio program or occasionally on Russian TV. And so it goes. His piece here speaks for itself. All the best Prof. Cohen.


Sound, fair and balanced analysis. It’s good to see that Robert Parry isn’t the only writer/teacher/journalist willing to contest the idiocy that passes for U.S Media’s signed, sealed, and delivered official blame-Putin, the West is always (in the) right narrow narrative. Hopefully more thinkers will speak up about this before the next world war as desired by neo-cons and sociopaths everywhere, gets fired up. The Middle East inferno with wars spreading due to privation and chaos have already lit the fuse.


It no accident that Putin became villified in the Western Press soon after he reversed the Policies of one Boris Yeltsin and started to remove the Russian banking system from the influence of the western banking systems.

Under Yeltsin and the plan people like Jeremy Sachs drew up , the Russian banking system would become indistinguisable from iits counterpart in the West and fully integrated (read controlled) by the same. Up until that point Putin was seen as a “strong leader” in the western media and one that could be worked with .

Putin recognized what this would mean for Russia a few decades down the road and the day he moved to reverse those changes was about the same time he was claimed to be “authoritarian” and “undemocratic”


You are always good for comic relief. No clearer example exists of the hypocrisy of the pro-fascism crowd than your own posts.


The United States sent troops to Iraq. Over 1 million people were killed. 4 million and more fled the country.

How many people died in the Crimea? Where are all the refugees?

Why did the BBC and Der Speigel BOTH find 90 percent support for Putin in the Crimea.

The United States Of America has bombed and attacked more countries on this Earth then Russia has and is killing people in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere as we speak. Who is Putin bombing? Where are all the Russian Military bases in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa?

You best come up with something more believable . Your Ukranian army is filled with Fascists who openly emulate the Nazis of WW2 and it run by Oligarchs.

And citing a blog about a secret palace.Really? Your comments get funnier all the time.