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Why We Must Stop an Unstable Trump and His Dangerous National Emergency Declaration

Why We Must Stop an Unstable Trump and His Dangerous National Emergency Declaration

Robert Weissman

Today's presidential declaration of a national emergency is an outrageous abuse of power – perhaps the most dangerous yet by the unstable and increasingly autocratic President Donald Trump. If this invocation of emergency on false pretenses is tolerated, it could justify almost limitless abuses of presidential and military power, including far-reaching clampdowns on civil rights.


So some talking head nerd is trying to sound tough? Give me a break

i fear that he will go for martial law if it looks like he won’t be re-elected. this man is a rogue and very dangerous. why is it his base can’t see this?

The boy who cried “Wolf” just did so for the last time.

The boy is about to eaten alive by the Big Bad Wolf, the American People.


Hit the streets America with loud and long protests demanding an end to the madness they call Republicans! It is our duty as citizens to speak out to all people we meet, all people we know and all family members who might not be on board with this reality. A couple of questions to mention: Where’s the children that have been separated from their families? Where’s the paychecks for all the workers that went unpaid during the shutdown? Where’s the emergency at the border? Where’s your compassion for your fellow citizens? Where’s your tax returns? Where’s the real emergency of our times, CLIMATE CHANGE! Peace


Not in my opinion! Presidents Johnson and Nixon murdered some 58,000 American soldiers in Vietnam for an outright lie! Bush and his dim son murdered many more in Iraq; and more U.S. soldiers have been murdered in Afghanistan by Obama and Trump. And now the Trump Administration has Venezuela on it’s war radar screen!

Face it, Amerika has been militarily, a fascist, world wide empire ever since at least the Korean, war with many war criminals ( like Kissinger) that have never been held accountable for their egregious, war crimes. Trump is just the inevitable result of the Amerikan, fascist empire wrapped in the sheep’s clothing of being a democracy.


Why is it that so many voters on the left on November 8, 2016 couldn’t see this?


Sadly, given the neocon narratives pushed by the corporate embedded media, many cannot discern real crises from fake ones.

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If your talking about Weissman and Public Citizen your comment is ignorant, misdirected, and asinine…sorry.


Authentic Progressive Response: This is wrong. We don’t need a wall. He doesn’t have that power. Congress needs to over turn this. We need to take to the streets to resist this.

Trump Derangement Response: OH MY GAWDDDD!!! He’s Hitler! HITLER I tell you. OH this is the end of democracy in America. EVERY Trump supporter is a racist and MAGA hats are the new white hoods and go punch a Nazi in the face. Quick get those Baby Trump blimps out and float them. He’s going to declare Marshall Law and cancel the election. He’s a dictator. He’s the worst president ever! EVER. If you don’t get all super upset like me and post and repost memes like this on facebook you are a Trumpster.

It’s wwwaaayyy past time for us USians to exercise our Right to Revolution. "When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government ".

“US is not a monarchy”! True, but too bad it isn’t. Constitutional monarchies are the best form of democracy. The Monarchs themselves have only limited Constitutional power when required in case of a Constitutional crisis. Otherwise their duties and responsibilities revolve around diplomatic niceties, charities and promoting the national economy. You won’t find them doing what Trump is doing, they won’t be involved in politics of any kind. In the UK’s situation the Queen is a living Constitution. The authority of the State falls on Her shoulders but the power of the State is wielded by Her government and Her subjects’ parliament. She does not exercise such power, but such power is exercised in Her name by Her government. How much better way to govern a nation is there?

Unstable squared actually. But who better to ferret out the faux stability that preceded his tragic keester; who better to pull back the curtain from which the hordes of hypocrites, liars, and professional flim-flam- scoundrels now scurry in desperate rescue what they co-created. Jolly good show me thinks.

Because 30% of the country wants this scenario. The deadenders don’t think that would be an issue. The true believers are fine with trump.

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“What’s to stop the president from declaring an emergency and limiting the right to protest? To round up people of color en masse to combat purported gang activity? To deploy the military on the streets to maintain order? To censor social media and Internet conversations?”

I can’t tell if the writer is being sarcastic. Anyone paying attention knows that all this and more has been standard government operating procedure for many years and is accelerating exponentially. He is correct that the people ultimately wield the real power in a democracy, but only if they choose to use it. We need to accept that the loathsome scourge of Trump is a true reflection of what our country has become. If we are repulsed by his image, we need to not just get rid of him, but to remake ourselves into what we aspire to be.

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This is NOT “Trump’s emergency”, it is a GOP contrived “emergency”.

The GOP prompted Trump to declare this “emergency” to test the waters to assess the feasibility of declaring an “emergency” in November 2020 to rationalize the suspension of the POTUS election, thereby advancing Trump from defacto dictator to full dictator and launching a bona fide Trump dynasty that will keep laying golden eggs for the GOP.

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Our ridiculous leader showed us all how much compassion he has during the republican debates. And that’s how he feels about the “good” guys.

Trump has always tried to disprove the old saying, “No Man is an Island.”

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Perhaps i am missing something, but I was under the impression that America has been in a declared state of emergency since 9/11.
Was that not the “rationale” behind legalizing a torture program, the surveillance state and the transformation of the police into a standing army?
If so, how would declaring a 2nd emergency change anything?

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He don’t? At least use proper grammer- it’s he doesn’t.