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Why We Need $50,000 Traffic Tickets


Why We Need $50,000 Traffic Tickets

Sam Pizzigati

All of us would like to live in a world where people always do the right thing — without anybody looking over their shoulder. But that world doesn’t exist and never will. So every society on our planet has penalties. You break the rules, you pay a price.

But penalties only work if the wrongdoer feels that price. A ridiculously tiny penalty amounts to no penalty at all.

Take traffic fines, for instance.


Mr. Pizzigati speaks my language.
California, these past several years has not hidden the fact that it attempts to balance its budget on the backs of the poor.
Prop. 13, a con on voters, froze taxes on the investment class and our betters. Hence, the middle classes (what is left of it) and the ever-expanding lower class pay the bulk of property taxes and state expenses. In addition taxpayers pay for the loans and interest on monies that states borrow, from our betters, to survive day to day.
Prof. Richard Wolff has documented this latter phenomenon on youtube.com
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Unfortunately, if the recent election of a hard right-wing neoliberal government in Finland is any indication - these sliding-scale traffic tickets may become a thing of the past…


This will be used by the greedy Ferguson types in government as just another prime revenue stream and not for public safety. It’s a good idea in theory, but remember that it won’t be administered by angels.