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Why We Need a Global Green New Deal Right Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/03/why-we-need-global-green-new-deal-right-now

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While there may not be enough jobs to go around at the present time there is more than ample work to be done. Everywhere there is environmental degradation there are opportunities to employ people to remediate the land and water. Everywhere there is substandard housing there are opportunities to remedy it. Everywhere children are not being nourished with food, emotional & character support, and education at the highest levels on this Planet there are opportunities. The economic system is what stands in our way. The masses have been brainwashed to believe that freedom means the rich have the right to pillage anything that they can figure out how to exploit including the middle and lower classes and, of course, the Planet. So many people run around like rats on a wheel caught up in the last craze that they cease to be good stewards of even their own lives, much less those over which they have charge. America is in crisis. We Progressives do have the right vision, I believe, or I would not be in this forum. However, I also believe that we need to borrow some wisdom from what many would label the old school conservative camp (not the clap trap of today). It is best expressed in Dan Fogelberg’s Leader of the Band with the phrase “He earned his love through discipline, a thundering velvet hand, his gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand.” We’ve got a lot of work to do folks. Elections are only a part, but a very important part.


I tend to think it necessary to encourage acquisition of sound background materials on a number of civil concerns:
Banking - The global system as we ‘know’ it is finshed. Understand Public/State Banking with the Public Banking Institute

Cryptocurrency - Understand the principles behind this paradigm - it is coming into increasing use and expanded analysis

Add your own contributions - build your libraries, locate groups, follow developments,

I make a point of structuring my week so as to do something for the earth, gardening for my neighbors for our shared enjoyment, refining my waste cycle, simplifying and cutting back, something creative, something in service, contacting my reps on a regular basis.

All of these fueled by a profound anger I’ve come to realize I can deal with only by living the good.

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“To escape the global recession and build a more resilient world, we need to rewrite the rules. We need a system of trade that puts workers and our environment before corporate profit. We need enforceable ‘global floors’ on wages, labor laws and environmental protections. We need global coordination to end tax havens, debt relief for countries in crisis. We need massive global redistribution.”

My slight editing of this closing paragraph sums up my sense of Galant’s world view and direction that for me seem to fall short on substance. Sorry. Current GND proposals I contend must RECONSIDER PHEV Tech as “indispensable” rather than “interim” technology. I hope Michael will stop listening to Google Wired GM propaganda about BIG Battery BEVs as the only alternative as if we have no choice.

Consider: The giant 550kwh battery pack for “ONE” Daimler BEV big rig truck (over 10 years) could alternatively be directed to as many as “500” households with a Prius PHEV (rated 110mpg). “1” BEV truck or “170” households with a Chevy Volt PHEV (rated 150mpg) (with ‘combustible’ hydrogen).
Should households invest in rooftop solar PV or vast solar farms near the Truck Stop?
Sarah Iannarone of Portland has the most advanced GND in the nation.

Although there was high inflation caused by the Viet Nam occupation and Arab oil embargo, and the British pound sterling was getting hammered as a result of the waning empire and competition from modernized Germany and Japan, I am not sure what “financial crisis of the 1970s” the author is referring to ? FDR’s New Deal regulations prevented business downturns from turning into crisis. Within four years of the 1978 start of New Deal dismantling, the first financial crisis did occur.

The author also notes that “from the recessions of the 1970s the latest world order emerged” ? Those recessions were minor and not very far reaching compared to the recessions and depressions of the 80s, 90s and 21st century. It was the Powell memo and subsequent dismantling of FDR’s New Deal, combined with Thatcher concurrently revamping the UK economy that orchestrated the “new world order”, not the “recessions of the 70s”.

To achieve a GND we first need to restore all the New Deal regulations and programs that have been dismantled since 1978 and make the minor amendments to adopt them to the 21st century. Then we need coordinated energy policy, not the fragmented, contradictory, mess that exists.


It’s July 4 and the entire Arctic Ocean is turning blue right now.


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Michael, which Green New Deal do you have in mind? There are so many to choose from and none have been found to be up to the formidable transition challenge. If you insist on recommending a Green New Deal, at the very least you could cite one or two that are fit for purpose.

Perhaps this will help you out. Scientist Stan Cox outlines in considerable detail his own achievable vision for a GND for the US, one that addresses the “glaring gaps” in most GND proposals. (See his article titled “Fair Enough” posted by Resilience, May 4, 2020.

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Everything that is done by captured politicians and captured governments is captured so guaranteed to make everything worse.

The best thing to do until that all is resolved as far as politics goes is NOTHING. Because everything, every candidate, every “party” is captured, you can BET on it.

While these treaties exist there behind the scenes, everything thats done is a trap that has to make things worse because thats what the treaties we wrote do. For example, suppose they attempt to implement Medicare for All without leaving GATS first. BOOM, we lose Medicare and Social Security. Slick, huh? Every deregulation locks in, without fail. That isnt democracy, its a noose around democracy’s neck.

Virtualy every change change is captured forever it locks in because of a ratchet or similar clause, the outsourcing becomes a corporate ENTITLEMENT. SO, must do nothing besides dumping trade deals first. Lets only vote for candidates who promise not to do anything except THAT UNTIL THE CAPTURE IS GONE. And then resign, so they can be reelected, or not, based on their performance those first few months.

If anything is done that requires the purchase of services, is done by a government signatory to deals on government procurement it likely has to outsource the jobs, not just outsource them, outsource them to the most expoitative, unequal countries in the world’s - richest people, the actual forces of oppression keeping people poor get those jobs, to prop up their inequality with patronage jobs. For the rich.

Why cant we help out own people with our own green jobs?
Well the real reason is wages, they just make too much. Everybody in the country today makes too much. So the jobs will be channeled elsewhere to teach us a lesson, we can bet on it. Soon. Thats the plan.

“Because our country is too rich!” Despite the mass unemployment. What a horrible situation. So then vote my friend, thats what its there for, show your individuality. Coke or Pepsi.

The same goes for drug pricing. Only the poorest countries are allowed to get a good deal. “On principle” thats the principle we’re behind.

Thats why the current global pillage system has to go. Its “government” of by and for the richest and worst people in the world, as a system of looting more and more money. It doesn’t speak any other language than the language of global pillage.

Its so called civil society, the NGO industry, is similarly out of touch with reality. The only reason it exists is to give jobs to rich people, and prevent any of the really needed things from being done. Obfuscating the truth. They even admit it! When asked why they refuse to tell the truth, they admit that too. “We would lose our corporate funding!”

The Green New Dinosaur has to choose between four types of climate change R&D:

  1. No R&D at all, fossil fuel does quite well by this option, or silly R&D, $25 billion for a nuclear power plant in Georgia, for example.

  2. Corruption-based R&D, where the money goes to rich friends of politicians. Minimal but flunking R&D will occur.

  3. Eminence-based R&D, where the vast majority of the money flows to eminent professors at high-ranked universities. The problem is, these guys (why should they let any women get funded?) have remarkably few new ideas. My father taught philosophy and psychology, and in his spare time he built our house. Everything went fine until the plumber discovered that our bathroom didn’t have enough room for the toilet. The moral: professors can fake being architects but in practice they’re not real architects. Nor are they real inventors by a dam sight.

  4. Merit-based R&D. Ideas win, baloney walks. This works, depending on the honesty or raw crookedness of the judging panel.

Here is what we must do. We have reduced our energy consumption this year. Its a good start. If people continued to consume much less thats a positive thing.


2.) SEE 1

They want to do whatever makes them the most money.

If thats not you, America, leave!

Seriously. Thats what they want.

Here’s $5,000, go off and play in traffic.

My complaint (above) about GND proposals highlights plug-in hybrid PHEV tech to challenge assumptions about a breakthrough in Big Battery BEV tech; mainly it could not distribute scarce battery resources equitably nor as effectively restructure local, regional and state economies to replace unsustainable national and global economies. Driving as much as we do today and transporting goods the longest distances will sooner or later, for better or worse will become a thing of the past. Both BEV and fuel cell FCEV tech are an attempt to maintain current amounts of travel and transport, business as usual. PHEV tech - even burning gasoline, diesel and methane - directs battery and solar PV resources to many times more households which gain the means to more closely monitor and reduce fuel/energy consumption and driving distances. It’s a radical rebuilding of our urban/suburban environs whereby more needs are met closer to home.