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Why We Need a Green New Deal and Half Measures Won't Work

Anything that says we can still stay under 1.5° are utterly bogus. 2° is essentially impossible. Studies and people saying we can depend on any number of false assumptions like going over the goal and coming back down with massive technological (ie, not forestry) CO2 capture and storage, for example. And they discount feedbacks.
See these 2.1 comments, especially the shorter 2nd one. (scroll down if it doesn’t go directly): https://grist.org/article/600-environmental-orgs-say-this-is-what-they-want-in-a-green-new-deal/#comment-4289641621

but especially read What Lies Beneath:

We’re going over 2°. It will be bad–very, very, bad. But it’s not the end unless we fall prey to the twin evils of continuing denial and despair. If you’re resorting to either personal, psychological defense mechanism, please stop recruiting people to it with wildly inaccurate assessments of our situation, and get into much-needed psychotherapy to deal with your troubles.

Everyone else, in the US at least, should be working to elect Bernie Sanders and other progressives, educate the still woefully ignorant public and either educate or immobilize politicians, depending on which side they’re on. Find joy this season in action and rest, and connect to others.

PS. “the so-called moderate’s proposals to mitigate climate change are a prelude to disaster.”
John Atcheson: Do you mean moderates’–plural?