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Why We Need a Universal Basic Income

Oh, and pretty soon you’ll want the US to provide a vacation in the tropics for all as well- or how about a cruise and a brand new house and car? See? When does it end?

“We do not need a basic income- we need real jobs, and less automation.” That’s not the way things work, but the government could offer jobs doing menial tasks at low wages that would improve the environment, for instance. Folks could do things such as picking up trash or clearing invasive species from public lands.

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These gripes you have about welfare were addressed in 1996 by welfare reform. Aid is now temporary and there are work requirements. God forbid low-income children receive free lunches. I’m far less concerned with social spending that helps citizens, rather than corporate welfare like 600+ billion on militarism.

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Yes, that makes sense. Also, at one time I think people either lived on farms and later in cities that grew. The worst thing that happened is the suburb which was neither and only increased commutes or made commutes for car happy travelers.

I agree with your statement on corporate welfare. There may be “work” requirements but often there is not any real work even for people who are not on assistance. Also, it’s one thing if something happens unexpectedly like someone dying or someone getting sick- but otherwise why are poor people- people who cannot afford basic needs having kids??? The more free stuff they get- the more they want and the more kids they have? Also, where did this mentality come from where someone with no income has kids???

There are “jobs” like that but they do not pay the rent- I think you are referring to jobs such as senior corps or amercicorps that are temporary and offer very little- not enough to put a roof over your head. Why can’t we have less automation- maybe you work in an industry that uses robots- and that is why you support it. Also, there are volunteer “jobs” for people including students who do ( as you look down your nose) menial work.Plus prisoners in certain areas sometimes work on road crews. Where have you been?

I do not necessarily agree with everything , but get this: Not all of these jobs are available to everyone and every age. Not everyone can do a high tech job. So…that being said though I do agree with the dependency thing. And get this: when I was growing up, there was a draft, no credit cards, no cell phones, e mails, computors for personal use, and neighbors actually knew each other. Also, people did not fume about paying taxes , and one did not hear about illegal immigration or anchor babies. Was it perfect? Of course not. There were other issues such as civil rights, social justice, less of a population though and less competition.

I should add: I DO agree about the dependency thing.

Aww come one- I have seen kids in schools whose parents do not work, have free housing , free school lunches, breakfasts, i phones( I do not have one), nice clothes- you get the picture- I am talking about TODAY!

Yeah, I agree and have thought the same thing about people who have kids. But then I remember the kids are innocent, in the sense that they can’t support themselves or anything. It isn’t very humane and civilized to let poor kids starve and lack basic needs. Americans of course don’t want to impose restrictions on having children, due to constraining liberty, but with that comes consequences for society like you’re mentioning. I once heard someone say we have licenses for cars and other things, but not for the more important task of being a parent.

Look, I’m just a simple old farmer, but people are going to buy any technology such as robots if it makes financial sense. For instance, farmers buy mechanical rock pickers and even giant rollers so they don’t have to hire rock pickers. I’m not a part of the dairy industry, but, like many farming operations, this industry is losing small farmers and becoming a smaller number of huge dairies. Now, many of them are increasingly turning to robotics because finding workers at prices that allow the owners a profit is increasingly difficult. I think cheap food is a wonderful thing, but it makes the economics more difficult for the farmer and those he might hire.

I once said that we have licenses for cars but not for being a parent. I do not know if it’s me to whom you are referring- but others have said it also. Also, having no population stability is brainless. Please google population connection. I will be distributing lit for them next week as well. Having too many people is irresponsible in any society. Having kids you cannot afford on top of that is a crime.

Constraining liberty- having kids you cannot afford is not liberty - it’s taking advantage ot others. Also, how about population stabilization? Also, if the parents have the kids and don’t care about them- why should some invisible strangers? It’s called being responsible. That old " the kids are starving thing" is old hat.I once had a student on welfare ( after the reform) who had brand new clothes - and very expensive shoes- more expensive than most teachers. And I have seen “starving” kids here in the US have food fights in the cafeteria instead of eating the food because they are starving.If you want to continue to support people who are taking advantage go right ahead, but many of us do not. If you want to also bail out banks, go right ahead, but we do not want to, if you want to support drug addicts, and call them disabled while you work- go right ahead but please take it out of your private pay check not the public’s coffers.

And why DON"T we make it a requirement to have a license to have kids? No license- and if you do have kids without it- and can;t afford them- give them to someone who can and really cares. Sick of hearing these whining babies cry about how they can;t feed their kids, but they only make 8.00 an hour. As I say, if you have something happen after you have them like a disease or a job loss that is one thing- but to have kids and not even care and figure that a stranger is going to bail you out is acting like a moron. We need more adults not morons. Another thing- stop the anchor babies. What purpose does that serve? None. This was a policy that was made during the slavery years in the US. Also, in developing nations - we often hear of families who are starving but who have dozens of kids. Why? And yes, there should always be accessibility to proper birth control, but it is not always the birth control. It involves the thinking behind just procreating on auto pilot. That goes on here as well. And what about the religious zealots who just care about more babies but not about how to take care of them. More poor people are having kids than ever not middle or upper class. Can’t take care of someone else if you cannot take care of yourself. A ubi of 12,000 a year is not going to cut it.

Well, I learned something- however I doubt that you are simple- it takes intelligence to be a farmer.

AARP reports that a record number of seniors are committing suicide mainly due to money issues. This is rarely reported as it is more important to take pity of drug addicts and criminals. These people are those who pensions were robbed, worked hard all of their lives, and some lost everything through the banksters. obuumeer didn’t care- he just wanted to admit illegals, and talk about his polished act of moving on. Seniors did not matter to him. These seniors could be your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, whatever. News had a five minute story on this towards the end of his second term, These are the people who did not live on assistance, took care of their families, and gave back to society. Many served in the military as well. In our society the latest i phone is more important than what happens to our seniors.

Yes, the state should invest in training, and there should be on the job training and proof of local hiring rather than international recruiting. great post. Write your member of congress not just this site.Companies in the past hired locally- that was why you had a sense of community. Now, many strangers work together which makes no sense if employers want people to network.

There are certainly different kinds of liberty, such as the freedom from government intervention in the economy or socially in our lives. Then there’s the kind of freedom you’d have more of if you could afford health care, education, or the freedom to breath clean air where you live and have clean water, etc. Restricting people from having kids, or regulating it, seems ideal but I can’t imagine mainstream liberals or conservatives backing such interventions for different reasons. Like it or not, kids do starve in our country, just as disabled (mentally or physically) or elder people would without help from society. You may not care if a child or an old widow starves down the street, but I do. The freeloader problem is real too, and this side should have a voice. But to do nothing in this rich country is scandalous in my opinion.

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Finally folks: Where will all this free stuff come from?

The widow down the street no doubt paid her dues to society while a freeloader has not. This is a “rich” country but as Bernie has said many times- many people do not know that. Yes, I do have a problem with someone who is irresponsible and is a freeloader. I notice you made no comment about the problem of seniors committing suicide in record numbers. So, while you rescue freeloaders, criminals, drug addicts, con artists etc. , please think about that.