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Why We Need More Women Involved in Creating Environmental Policy


Why We Need More Women Involved in Creating Environmental Policy

Lucy Goodchild van Hilten

Three years into the Sustainable Development Goals—17 global goals set by the United Nations—many countries’ policy makers are developing domestic legislation that will help them reach environmental targets, from cutting carbon emissions to improving clean water and sanitation. But when it comes to environmental research and action, weighing the options to reach policy decisions relies on personal experience and perspective as well as facts and evidence, and gender plays a major role.


If the predicate of this article is true, I must be in good contact with my feminine side. Now I feel dirty. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Your provocative few-word comments and “questions”, are odd…troll-like and infuriating - like this one. “Carmella Harris” Chuck, really? try Kamala Harris. Supply your own freakin answers!


I knew I loved women for the right reasons.


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Did you think it might be “nice” if there were more women in gov’t? Did you know it would take the US 212 years, at the current rate, to elect enough women to achieve gender parity? What to do? Restore the Council of Protectresses (if you’re not familiar, check out our FB group, please)!


Maybe so, but a bunch of Betsy DeVoses wont make me a believer.

Progressive/liberal vs regressive/conservative is a surer bet.


There’s no single piece of identity more significant than being a sell-out and a stooge in an imperialist political establishment.

See Ben Carson’s impact on people of color and housing and Betsy Devos’ impact on women and others seeking education for examples.

Women are definitely ahead on average, but the system isn’t looking for that. It’s been using that to deflect attention from corruption, if anything, and you shouldn’t let its hand-pickings fly based on over-generalizations. This kind of non-intersectional, non-investigative identity politics is exactly what created a hole big enough to drive Trump through.


I think Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright and Betsy DeVoss and Sara Hickabee Sanders are all going to sign up for a Green Peace action after reading this article.

Oh, wait; did they read this article? Try calling them to find out.