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Why We Need Sanctuary States


Why We Need Sanctuary States

Robert Reich

Other states should follow California's and Oregon's lead.


Who commands ICE? Why do we tolerate a gestapo like mentality in our country? Have we sunk so low? Have we become inhuman? Back to the incarceration days of WW11 and the Asian incarcerations. We are a global joke.


The context of this is important. It is not just the goal of deporting all 11 million Hispanic undocumented immigrants but the fact of Trump’s associations of the with all-right. In other words, we have a white nationalist president trying to deport undocumented immigrants. That means this could be the vanguard for attempting to deport all non-whites all well as all Jews or something along that line, Probably this mainly occur by self-deportation due to fear of staying in the US. So states should do everything they can that is legal to oppose this effort by Trump and Sessions. This is clearly a fight against fascism. There was recent expose of how Breitbart has made the views of Nazis and white nationalist mainstream. As former Trump chief political strategist Steve Bannon contended, Breitbart is the platform of the alt-right.


One dimension you seem to miss is that the arguments for deportation are the ‘clutch’ in a downshift to provide an enemy for the sector of impoverished Americans whose lives they need for continued extractive premises. The poor white has been convinced that they must ‘know their place’ and pass that ‘faithful’ , ‘dutiful’, patriotic sacrifice to the next generation. Having a manufactured consent on the demonization of an entire population serves that purpose in spades - a trump card you might say.