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Why We Need to Stop Calling Trump ‘Crazy’ When We Really Mean ‘Dangerous’

Why We Need to Stop Calling Trump ‘Crazy’ When We Really Mean ‘Dangerous’

Rebecca Vallas, Rebecca Hare Cokley
Why can’t we say that President Trump is being a jackass?
"So there’s a connection being made between his negative behaviors and his unpopular policies that people are explaining by this labeling. You’re saying that by extension people who themselves have mental health disabilities, mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and so forth are being implicated in these negative behaviors." (Photo: Lesley Becker/Globe Staff)
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The President hides in the ether with twits/twitters, he uses his most vile language behind closed doors and had the very poor judgment of doing it in front of Dick Durban. He acts fearful. He bullies from his phone presumably in his bathrob before his first cheeseburger. I think he would be afraid of the button, that big, bad button. And if our “Homeland Security” doesn’t have checks/rechecks in place before one finger decides the fate of nuclear launches, we are stupid. (Codes, I know)

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Thanks to the two Rebeccas for a reality check. Ladies, you’re absolutely right. There’s no bright clear line between sane and crazy, but rather a continuum; and people slip back and forth along that continuum depending on a host of circumstances. This might help to elevate the political discourse, and it might even help to get help to those who need it.

That being said, I would add that narcissistic sociopathy seems to be rewarded by our electoral process as it stands, indicating a need for reform.


Well articulated social behaviours shaped by an entire environment. One president said that the business of the US is business.
I would add that it is an ugly business dependant on lies, deceit, murder, and an exceedingly broad range of anti-social behaviours.

We are talking about the art of living under a predatory capitalist system. It hovers over your every move like a killer drone. Fear not death, its what we come here to eventually do. It renders all of us equal. The fine art of loving first and foremost inclusive with respect, dignity.

To treat Trump respectfully also means holding him accountable for the ways in which he has demeaned, dismissed, disrespected the fact that HE HAS CHOSEN TO BE AN ELECTED SERVANT.
We pay his bills and say whether he goes or stays. At least that is the way it is supposed to be and it is up to us - no one else will do it when it reaches this point - to set things right.

It has reached the point that all the fiat money in the world is unable to mask the lies. So politicians are beholden to ‘large fiat money donors’? Read this sentence carefully and assimilate what it is actually saying: a lie wrapped in an untruth served up on a joke


Isn’t there a lawsuit against him due to breaking the emoluments clause?

Does that make all of our elected servants an oxymoron?

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I have a long history of mental illness challenges, and have had many diagnosis tossed at me, and many recommendations that I should be on meds, all of which I have refused.

That said, it never occurred to me to be offended at charges of instability leveled at Trump, because his main issues are all about a distinct willingness to be a fucking jerk.

Mental illness does not predispose one to such, save being a psychopath, or sociopath.

We have a whole bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths sprinkled about the MIC, Pentagon, House, Senate, and Presidency.

The current President is a fucking jerk, and has mental problems on top of it all.

What’s the problem?


It is interesting that Nixon did the same thing. Only when the Watergate tapes became public was it learned how Nixon talked the people who worked closely with him.

Has either Rebecca read The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump to see what the professionals are saying, how they’re saying it, and why they’re saying it?

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As someone trained in the area of mental health, I had some of the same thoughts at a recent article, especially the comments. Certainly we’re approaching this wrong. But that just puts it in line with every single other topic. Civilization does everything wrong.

Trump is unfit to hold elected office or make decisions in any capacity or about any amount of money. It’s because of his mental illness, probably what’s sometimes called malignant narcissism, a mix of narcissistic and ant-social personality disorders. (PDs tend not to be discrete units but meld and cross over.) But it’s hardly recognized, it’s such a pervasive condition in a country whose imperial nature is synonymous with that mental illness. Of course both the illness and empire are denied by most, which is exactly why we need to point it out where it exists, especially when it’s manifested in those in charge. The fact that a man in whom the symptoms have been so obvious for so long was elected is perfect evidence of the widespread nature of the disease. The fact that it was virtually never mentioned in the corporate media that are all most people are ever exposed to is an indication of how far gone we are.

We need to change everything about civilization, and go from the ever more conservative, conflictual, punishing “philosophy” of separateness to a more cooperative, nurturing society. That includes caring for people with both physical and mental illnesses. Only in that way can we both care properly for everyone and keep people with such disabilities out of positions where they could do huge harm.

While “crazy” may not be the most useful term, the current leaders, particularly Republicans but all members of the corporate duopoly are dangerous precisely because they’re insane. And they’re in power because so is the rest of society.

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He’s not crazy at all although slight dementia may be sinking in. See my diagnosis written last February on Common Dreams–psychopathy. He meets all the criteria of the DSM. Go to google and get Trump’s mindset, van Wormer and it comes up.
Katherine van Wormer
Professor of Social Work