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Why We Should Commandeer Hotels to House the Homeless

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/22/why-we-should-commandeer-hotels-house-homeless

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This very much like the scenario outlined in “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Stienback.

In that book the “okies” are hungry, their children starving even as there a bounty of food all around them. The people raising the food have a massive surplus of it so they burn piles of it so as to keep the prices high. Even as they do this the “Okies” try and grow small gardens to help feed themselves on land not being used and the Capitalists send out thugs to beat the people that grow these gardens and then destroy the gardens.

The Irish famine was much the same. Peoples in Ireland starving to death as mountains of food shipped from Ireland to Britain and the Continent because it fetched a higher price there.

It absolute insanity yet the sociopaths in charge insist that it MUST work this way. As they rob from the poor they insist those people poor suffer due to personal failings. In essence these sociopaths are saying that included in those “personal failings” is the unwillingness to force starvation and homelessness on others and that in order to succeed one must be willing to kill and steal from anyone deemed “weaker”.

When that poor person then tries to do that very thing, they are locked up in prison.

Woody Guthrie saw though those hypocrites for what they really were and since that time he was riding boxcars from town to town singing his message to all that would listen , nothing has really changed. FDRs New deal made sure of that as it was intended to save Capitalism from “the Socialists”. Well it saved it for a while at least and now the people are suffering the consequences.


Mayor Ted Wheeler’s re-election campaign leads with how much he loves Portland. Yeah right. Well, Ted lost his bid for automatic re-election in Tuesday’s primary. He had to win by 50% plus 1 but came up short. Yeehaw!! Second place Sarah Iannarone (whom I support) could trounce Ted in the fall. Ted loves money. As evidenced by his ‘rubber stamp’ approval of any luxury high rise hotel/condo tower and apartment block the Landlord Class tell him they’ll build, like it or not. A hotel tower now going up vacated Portland’s largest food cart pod and more pods are to be displaced. Jet set world travelers prefer dining inside and detest the eating habits of the commoner. Homelessness is left unaddressed by the business class as a warning to the working class how close they too are to being homeless.

Ted’s worst failing is in transportation - a failing shared by city commissioner Chloe Eudaly who heads the city Bureau of Transportation. As a supporter of mass transit, I regretfully conclude the current proposal to extend MAX light rail is an environmental atrocity, a political debacle, borderline grand larceny wherein studies were unlawfully misdirected to predetermined outcomes that favor light rail. Tri-Met is also planning a subway route through city center they know will never leave the drawing board, but did increase allowable building heights from 30- to 40-stories and from 15- to 25-stories for the Post Office redevelopment. The architecture firm ZGF has produced a terrible design for the 12-acre property but that fact is hidden in the details planning community professionals and sycophants never divulge.

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The various set asides that nations have had for decades to help various historically deprived groups are coming to an end in countries like the US and Australia (two countries that have used them extensively) because they conflict with newer set asides like the “LDC services waiver” which give the poorest countries market access opportunities for economic development by means of preferences somehwat similar in concept to the ones they are replacing. Companies like Amazon make extensive use of the developing country firms, bringing in third world companies to run smaller independent businesses that staff their warehouses.

A number of people have spoken up fairly eloquently in defense of the preservation of these set aside programs in countries like the US and Australia, but developing countries have complained, saying that given they have already waited so long, why should they have to wait still longer to get their payback. (delaying the payback they were promised in the GPA, (his paper is about the GPA) GATS, etc for debts incurred by governments when they also had to suffer under colonialism, / imperialism etc.
They argue that if the debts a government like the US might owe its disadvantaged, women, minorities, etc, are between the two of them, and shouldnt delay services liberalization.

In other words, if they are the cheapest, they should get the jobs they claim they are supposed to be entitled to. Now. Here - read this paper

The Limited Case for Permitting SME Procurement Preferences in the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement
you can find it at SSRN

To become an “opportunity zone” one qualification is that an area must feature poverty rates above 20%, so eligibility springboards off the backs of the poor. This privilege protection racket needs to be turned on its head to protect Portland’s unhoused residents.

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Things have changed in that its possible now with automation to completely automate many jobs. So the psychopaths as you put it now are convinced that wages for the remaining should fall greatly, because as they put it “people have to eat”. Thats what we’re dealing with.


Does anyone know how many hotel and apartment buildings Donald and Jared have donated to the homeless to help get them off the streets where they could spread the virus?
None? That’s what I thought.

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This well thought-through news view from Prof Boykoff will prompt me to read his book and be on the look-out for whether he runs for office in our Washington County, that like neighboring PoTown, Ore’s Multnomah County and overlapping Clackamas County have for decades of normalization and scaled back construction to help raise the speculative value of non-used agricultural growth boundary property become Hoovervilles of Homeless in every flood plain and overflowing from the few family homeless shelters.

I’m also curious whether Prof Boykoff’s book(s) " [The Suppression of Dissent: How the State and Mass Media Squelch US American Social Movements] " (Routledge, 2006) venture into the weeds of the Public Health arguments that academics less welcome on U.S. corporate-captured news and public affairs broadcast media spectrum have made in their Jeremiads against the normalization of homelessness after Washington’s desire to keep up appearances faded with the end of the Cold War and its Mighty Wurlitzer disseminating propaganda dba Public Diplomacy.

Those specters of the cults of personality passing for Communism or Socialism have as hoped by Washington’s Shadow Government of Cold Warriors, LLP transformed Daddy Warbucks’ once designated enemies on the far sides of the globe, then the Soviet Union and China shifted into state planned capitalism with the attendant kleptocratic transfer of Public Interest funds into the new Corporate Caliphate and Feudal Lords of Trans National Unfettered Capital, High Finance\Tech and the prevailing Private Interest business to business model of what former Harvard Business School Professor Shoshana Zuboff published on her way out the door after decades of unremarked upon quantification and research as (The Age of) Surveillance Capitalism.

Another scholar who has spent half a century studying and writing and speaking about patterns of labor migration and unfettered global capital is Columbia University’s Prof Saskia Sassen. She’s not welcome in our mass media Golden Rolodex of experts either. Although she can been in as a most animated talking head in the Swedish documentary film released worldwide just before the COVID19 global quarantine and lockdown speaking in English named PUSH about the global housing and displacement urban crises and the Financialization of Real Estate, a field she has pioneered as a socio-economic and Political Economy and urban studies as well as architecture inter-disciplinary:

One last observation I’ve not seen very many journalists nor heard many activists speak up about is that since the slapped together federal and states’ Public Health Emergency policies and new regulations have gone into effect with the spread of the coronavirus 19, here in Oregon the few shops and stores given permission to operate on a take-out basis with no seating on premises, 6 feet of social distancing and most counter-intuitively the mandatory CLOSURE OF PUBLIC RESTROOMS, our state’s decades of expanding HOMELESS and UNSHELTERED individuals and families have nowhere but the public thoroughfares to relieve themselves when nature calls and one has called a bush home. Common wisdom lets us creatures know not to soil our own nests. Where are our voices calling out as we did when we sought to defeat the Chinese and Soviet cults of personality and polit-bureaus in the name of PUBLIC HEALTH and why did we shift after WW II from publicly subsidizing the construction of low-income housing that our current SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT PRESIDENT’s OWN FAMILY GOT WEALTHY CONTRACTING, BUILDING AND MANAGING before Donald Trump shifted his father’s Public Interest fortune into a luxury housing and corporate branding bid-net model?

Meanwhile the U.S. body politic has over half a decade of Wage Stag-Nation and Food Stamp Nation been shifting per THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or MARKETPLACE or PLANET MONEY or BUSINESS INSIDER or FREAKANOMICS or FORBES or BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE NEWS terminals to the current duopoly’s prevailing set of ZOMBIE ECONOMICS where despite the historic concentrations of wealth and SHRINKING OF THE MIDDLE\FULL TIME WORKING CLASSES dead economic concepts and decomposed policy graphs and pitches scrawled on the back of Golden Passports and cocktail napkins keep walking among U.S.

The Trump Family fortune grew from Neo-Liberal E-CON policy doctrines like PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS (think of Flushing once being the home field of the Mets and Jets playing in Shea Stadium, named after a local civic hero to now playing in tax-payer bailed out CITI BANCORP FIELD. The Trump family first generation children of immigrants from imperial Germany went from decades of wealth-concentrating cozily within the blue state of NY’s irredeemably corrupt DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLITICAL MACHINE (see the clips of Donald Trump’s empathetic and sympathetic words on U. of Tube news clips from the House of Clinton years when the Missus was U.S. Senator from Wall Street after her husband termed out after being impeached in the White House) easily migrating to the irredeemably corrupt REPUBLICAN PARTY POLITICAL MACHINE of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT that was in vogue with the Electoral College voter minorities in our rural midwestern and southern states?

In the language Neo-Liberal E-CONomic wunderkinds like duopoly Ivy League Economic Advisor Larry Summers who began his political career advising the House of Reagan-Bush from Voo Doo Economics into the Neo-CON position of dropping all that America First Protectionism and selling out big time to the cheapest labor wherever it could be contracted with no employer obligations. See more recently, well 4 years ago the Gig E-CON and Uber-ization ‘innovations’ as taken even further back into the Feudal Lord anti-union black plague Industrial Revolution ages of Charles Dickens by our well-spoken and dignified former Ivy League President and Privatizer In Chief Obama’s own computerized campaign strategist David Plouffe, a Chicago Boy who also had no time to evaluate the decades of socio-economic policy outcomes of Neo-Liberal E-CON doctrine that the Daddy Warbucks Neo-CONs embraced along with FREE MARKETS and the replacement of the U.S.'s post WW II internal markets that were the envy of the world with FINANCIALIZATION and RENTIER\CARTEL CRONY CAPITALISM which put the concentration of wealth and SHRINKING OF BIG GOVERNMENT & THE MIDDLE FULL TIME WORKING CLASS it once represented into hyper-drive.

Larry Summers just hired as Status Quo Joe (Biden’s) Chief Campaign E-CONomic Advisor and Gatekeeper as he has been for every President since he worked for Reagan-Bush has used in his white papers on third world countries like Haiti and much of Africa or Flint, Michigan the strategic phrase “UNDER POLLUTED” to refer to what certain countries in the Neo-Liberal E-CON PEAK EFFICIENCY GLOBAL SUPPLY LINES have to contribute to the GLOBAL ORDER. Countries like Haiti or rural de-industrialized states like Michigan also have under-polluted waters and lands that can be used by Life & Medical Sciences industrialists for dumping of chemicals and chemo therapeutic radioactive Big Pharma waste.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Much of it is driven by the General Agreement on Trade in Services, which contains a rule stifling what are now called in the EU “services of general public interest” but many of us still call public services, although since the 1990s that has been inaccurate. The rule is it’s Article I:3 b+c which is described well by an essay which lives now on the IATP dot org web site which one can read. It’s about it’s so called “governmental authority exclusion” . Understanding this well is perhaps the key to understanding a lot of what is going on around us currently.
See this too : watch?v=LHIfSfb-RvM
Curious what you think, please let me know if you get this and read the essay.

It’s important. It was originally published by the government of British Columbia, Canada around 2001. We’ve lost democracy.

Are you familiar with Dani Rodrik’s Trilemma of the global econnomy? That actually explains why its been done.

You’ll “never guess” why we had democracy turned into a “golden straitjacket”. Please read the BC essay. I also have a web site, but its not very good. Working on improving its usability.

Its at policy space dot xyz

Not to worry, the U.S. never abides by their treaty agreements. Not for at least 300 years. I think that is where the line forms.

Well, we do when it suits us and in this case, its what they wanted all along, they just want it to be blamed on somebody (or something) else. COVID-19 seems like an answer to their prayers and we can bet they are staying up late at night ttrying to figure out how to take the most possible advantage of it…
#1 on the list is outsourcing jobs so that wages in the US are pushed down to Thirdd World levels. Another big wish is ending Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and all other social safety net programs and social spending. They are the best economic stimulus that exists, but they still seem obsessed with eliminating them.

Especially hated are public education and public healthcare.

To the bad actors, they see healthcare as a trade barrier, preventing the outsourcing of millions of jobs, and preventing the across the board lowering of professional and technical standards of all kinds to their lowest common denominator internationally.

They see public education, especially as only creating “unrealistic expectations” of an improving future in the poor for a better life that they would not ever fulfill having already promised that future to others - for example, in the developing world, our own problems here in the US having been deemed “solved” decades ago.

For propaganda reasons, so this global scheme could be justified to others not very interested in the actual truth of such arguments, or their possibility of actually creating wealth, far from it, instead merely wanting to be able to present a marginally plausibe argument not intended to be scrutinized very closely, to justify the budget cuts and tax cuts they already wanted to make. The oligarchs around the world think alike, with similar priorities, serving to unite them in this common cause of defeating democracy by stealth.

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Early in Ellen Gould’s 1999 talk at the WTO’s GATS in Seattle she states in a rhetoric of certitude that Canadian Medicare will end because of the provision that any service provided by a non-profit healthcare provider would not be covered. That is wrong for Canadian coverage and wrong for U.S. Medicare coverage. Moreover, so much of WTO GATS has simply been set aside as national prerogative with no enforcement, nor to my knowledge any civil court forcing anything.

I was not able to find your essay “Its at policy space dot xyz”. Do you mean Zed underscore instead of space? Otherwise, there’s no valid link there. How’s about key search words like the title of your piece and your by-line.

Can you cut to the chase and let me know (instead of guessing) why we had democracy turning into a “golden straitjacket” as apparently clarified in the BC essay. I find the Andres Ortega “Demolition of Dani Rodrik’s Trilemma” as conceptually impenetrable to my non-specialized brain and learning curve as Dani Rodrik’s paper and counter-assertions given the practice rather than the theory of these WTO agreements that are so utterly selective in enforcement and judicial challenges.

Can you tie the point you are trying to make in your support doc references to any of Jules Boykoff’s prescriptions for housing the homeless or the way that 3rd Consecutive Term NYC Mayor Bloomberg in 2 Consec Term NYC went about trying to “Commandeer Hotels to House the Homeless” in ways that enriched the slum lord bottom feeders at tax-payer expense speculating on the financialization of real estate values for their decrepit crumbling properties. Properties whose value in razed lots and cleared land would keep the Saskia Sassen model of Safety Deposit Boxes In the Sky’s inflated and on the rise as fewer and fewer renters or buyers can keep bidding up the portfolios of BlackRock LLC and other market makers of the ground value in Manhattan and so many other urban over-valued lots and land.

I’m still up-voting you because I look forward to learning more from your web-site once I can find it and from another look back at the WTO and GATS.

I respect that you didn’t simply shut out what so many of our fellow citizens on all sides of the border routinely tune out and you’ve clearly made an effort to teach yourself what our business media and national\provincial\state level political candidates have done so little to demystify and deepen understanding about within our affected and shrunken middle working classes of full-time employees.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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The US Sup. Court has ruled that a Connecticut woman’s house could be taken from her and given to a private developer, ostensibly for “public use” and “economic development”.
Please see Kelo_v._City_of_New_London

In some miraculous twist of reason and justice, the Republican majority thought stealing her home from a citizen to financially benefit a rich crony developer , in the interests of 'community development" was OK. But just try to raise their god damned taxes and they scream “takings!!!”

So if they can steal one citizen’s home to benefit a rich developer, certainly we can “steal” from the rich landlords to keep Americans from dying on the streets. It seems to be an AIRTIGHT case for takings. The State has an obligation to protect life, and every citizen benefits when no citizen dies on the streets. EMINENT DOMAIN to protect HUMAN LIFE. This SURELY supersedes the lesser need of “economic development” and “public use” in Kelo. Except we aren’t living in a rational universe.

“Our rulers will become corrupt, our People careless…It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the People for their support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves but in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will remain on us long, will be made heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion.”
Thomas Jefferson, from Notes on Virginia, 1784

Hi, I’m sorry, i meant ‘policyspace’ dot xyz Its not a TLS site, so its just plain http prootocol

What Ellen Gould said is true, in that the Canadian Medicare has been in grave danger all this time, however because of people like herself, and many of the other people who work for the CCPA i.e. Policyalternatives dot ca - Canada is uniquely better positioned to survive this because they probably better understand this situation than people in any other country so their healthcare systemm, which predated Jan 1, 1995, has remained free and noncommercial, and they have not allowed health insurance companies to sell health insurance to Canadians. This is in contrast to the UK whose public option, the NHS has been gradually subjected to a death of 1000 cuts precisely because it fails the all important two part test. Which is Art 1.3 b+c of the stag backwards

And especially in contrast to the US where even the simplest discussion of this situation has never occurred, instead americans live in a dream world where the last 25 years never happened, no wonder were basically like the turkey getting all happy to an invitation to a Thanksgiving feast, as the guest of honor.

We cant fix the mess we are in without coming to the realization that our rights to regulate were traded away and that we either have to repudiate ad reject the deal that did it or live with the consequences. or perhaps die with them because they certainly are not conducive to the continuation of this state. So yes, you asked about a law suit, indeed we are being sued for not coughing up the jobs we were claimed to have promised away, you can find that case in the WTO under Dispute Sttlement, and it isa 'request for consultaions" filed in March 2016. A superficial reading might lead one to think it was about visa fees (thats what it appears to be about on its cover) but investigating it you will find that the fees are a totally insignificant part of India’s cost and that the case is really about our limiting the numbers of guest workers, and not letting as many in as the market would bear which is India’s position.

One should also consider the astronomical efforts which have gone into this process and the fact that it dates back to the 1980s, and was supposed to literally change the entire wealth distribution of the entire world, as provable by an investigation into its history, also approximately 30 years of writing on the issue replete with dozens of ridiculously rosy predictions of the huge amounts of money to be saved by replacing even a small percentage of the allegedly overpaid, protectionists in the middle class with temporary movement of natural persons managed by the WTO. There is a very substantial body of such literature and some of it a very small amount can be found on my site under relevant keywords
you can find them on the left if you scroll down.

lets rturn to the healthcare issue for now because i didnt finish my explanation.

The Secretariat published a note which if you understand the language they use, removes all doubt that partially or even fully subsidized healthcare (in the case of the NHS it was possible because it predated the WTO and was grandfathered as long as the UK remained in the EU)
But was never exempt under the governmental authority exclusion, and in fact was never intended to be, a fact that was obvious - depite the UK governments insistence over the years that they were exampt as a ‘public service’ the fact is they were not and were not intended to be!
This was verified to me in November in an exhange I had with a very knolwegdeable man, who is or was, the trade expert for the Labor Party in the UK. I suspect the problem is that both Jeremy Corbyn and bernie Sanders are sworn to secrecy about it by some law DESPITE THE thing NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE SECRET, in fact it is clearly supposed to be public, after all how could you steal something from us by the process of “adverse posession” without doing it notoriously, So, my mental model is that the world is being stolen from its people and our country’s people in particular by something much like adverse posession, however the legislators who are supposed to stop this are forbidden from even discussing it.

If you want to understand this, I strongly suggest you go to the /external directory on my site, start at the very top - andd work your way down reading the first one or two pages of links at least, which include a lot of very well written explanations of the core issues.

If we left the thing first, either by the official method or by leaving the entire organization, based on an argumant that it was illegal frustrating of the voters wishes and against the public interest, this would require we also dump TRIPS, the drug agreement, MAKING IT CLEAR THAT THE JOBS FOR MARKETS AND THE JOBS FOR DRUGS POLICY THATS KILLS PEOPLE - that such one sided DEAL WERE ILLEGAL - only then could we fix our problems, because these deals are nothing less than a theft of the future world to lock in ill gotten gains and under no corcumstances could they be legitimate given the total lack of voter acceptance and buy in. Nor can it be said that they have ever been out to the voters, how could any of these things ever have been when they were decided >25 years ago?

Had there been some kind of discussion of these issues during the years they werebeing negotiated, perhaps by referendum, it would be different, but I remember nothing of the sort during that peiod, do you?

Nothing even remotely related occurred .

So, right now, we need to literally go back in time to get any of the things progressives so despertaley want because the country so desperately NEEDS them. What we are getting is not honesty “they were al tken off the table, and their jobs all put on the table to be traded away two decades or more ago”.

What we’re getting is pretending that they might happen any day now.

Instead people are being led into a trap which will destry Medicare and Social Security by doing exactly what is spelled out in black and white as suicidal.
See the Annex on Financial Services right at the top.

For the Secretariat’s view of this, one needs to read a Note published in fall 1998 T/C/W/50 which is only available in .doc format, which you can find on my web site in the /documents directory, (see Page 11 especially) along with a small random collection of other stuff.

Now I am going to work on reading the pieces you refer to on the issue of homelessness… This is an important issue to me because were it not for having had resources available to me that were it not for luck would not have been, I would have fallen into the same situation as a great many of my friends did due to gentrification in the last few decades and been forced out of my rented home with nowhere to go. Not only did I go through that battle, I also saw enough of the other side of it to get a far better idea of what was going on than most people. I had the experience of being on the front lines of that battle and paid a high price in health for trying to hold on to a rented apartment that I eventually was pushed out of - when I realized - thanks to two labs that were working for free at that point, and doing incredibly good work, that the situation was toxic and likely impossible to fix, or they wouldnt fix it without getting rid of the tenants in the building. Basically, I fled, leaving behind my friends and support network and basically having to give away almost everything I owned because I realized I had to. the apartment was making me realy sick and it turned out to be extremely unhealthy.

The apartment that I had given up later was sold for a seven figure sum.

So, here is the problem the huge amount of PUBLIC multiunit postwar housing which Saskia Sassen entions in the link you provided was diversed and privatized because of the thing I am describing which requires that governments get out of competing with businesses, and not reenter those things again, thats baked into its ideology and the US has invested a lot in that ideology, forcing other countries to make committments, many wouls say, although technically the thing is ‘opt in’ while the US sponsored progeny of it, the thing thats starts with a T, is “negative list” meaning opt out, so it is an implicit ‘standstill’ and everything is included in its coverage unless excluded in writing at the beginning. So it basically forbids all public services unless a country explicitly reserves that area from the start. And as far as I can see (also keep in mind, I am not any kid of expert or even close, just a person who is terrified to see whats being done and how unaware the victims ofthis theft are, we’re really almost as uaware as we could possily be considering) subsidies are (since capitalism and the market are perfect, right?) only supposed to be the shortest term possible, the most minimal possible. What does this mean? Well, the (US controlled) OECD (it seems that Saskia Sassen was speaking to some OECD event in that link you posted) has a database of measures called SICE that is supposed to serve as a guide to countries as to what measures comply. A measure only complies if ut is the most minimal possible and nothing else could be found that better suited the goals of the FTAs that did less - while still solving the immediate emergency in the “least burdensome” (to corporations and business) manner possible. How do they get away with that? BY HIDING IT. If americans realized that this ratchet had been put into place that literally required (and it does) that every change that is made make things better for corporations and worse for people, they would behave much differently. But instead we keep hoping against hope that somehow the people we elect will fix things they are no longer even empowered to fix, unless they get out of these things first. This applies to both parties. However, Republicans who have for a long time been brainwashed into thinking they want less government have not realized what has been done because basically the trade agreements generally require less and less regulation. At the same time Democrats - who are almost guaranteed to get a very very bad deal, we’re facing a very low possibility of success in anything, My level of frustration and futility varies a bit, like all of us I keep falling for it out of hope, but whats likely being done is the various hidden traps built in to these things are being utilized to make every thing we think we are winning on into a huge defeat in the future. One which is going to be used to claim democrats were all in on what will no dbt eventually be unmasked as having been this huge theft, but too late to reverse it, put people back into homes or recover their lost savings. Mst people will likely have tried to cash out at some moint and flee the country to some cheap developing country. Or been hounded into an early grave by the various factors, homlessness, malnutrition, diseases and lack of medical attention, evictions (the selling off of our LNG will lead to losses of large amounts of multiunit affordable housing in cities, forcing huge numbers of middle class urban dweellers out and ending the city as an economicaly diverse community, one of the main reasons people want to live there) This will be justified by blaming it on green new deal and not its real causes, this thing the unnamed agreement and the selling off of the cheap energy and increase in energy price, giving landlords an excuse to go out of the landlording business. Millions of families remaining in cities is tied to rent stabilization of the rent on their apartment, not any other apartment. G. prevents building or expansion or quite possibly even contunuation - if not already, soon, of new public anything. See the problem?

I suspect that also answers some of your other questions but I still want to read what you wrote and will and check out what you are referring to. But I think by now you likely see what I am getting at, as long as all the people we have worked so hard to elect remain unaware of this huge theft at the international level which makes the well thouht out plans they think up, thinking thats iits stl 25-30 yrs ago - when it isnt, we literally cannot win on anything. Politicians who hide this thing do us no favors and basically almost guarantee that our young people having had the rug literally pulled out from undeneath them, wont become exactly what will be most destructive to all of us. We dont get a free pass on not calling this out. Just like we dont get a feee pass on calling any and all abusers out. We should be calling for a new primary and new candidates who are smart and willing to fight for democracy’s restoration, with the invalidation and repudiation of this huge sellout at the top of the list. The people who hit it while a huge numbers of Americans died from intentionally rigged healthcare should be prosecuted. We have to do what is called for when such a heinous lie has been perpetrated. This transcends party politics because what has been stolen is what makes America America and I think we all would agree that. This is one time where both parties have screwed up at thir higher levels and the people of both parties concerns are much more right. We should realize that we are strong together and all have the same goals. Simlarly with immigrants, immigrants come here for a free country, one free of the corruption and theft of opportunity that is endemic in many parts ofthe world. Whats happening is the US has been taken over by people who want it to be corrupt like those very bad countries because they stand to make more money under a corrupt state than under a noncorrupt one. Thats basically at the core. We cant let them succeed. Even the guest workers who oftentimes are extorted money in bribes and have to pay off people to get these crap paying jobs would agree, because their goal is to somehow get out of the places they are leaving and get a permanent residency here, except by then here will likely be almost as bad as what they left, or maybe even worse. They see the futility of that too. All in all good has to triumph over this evil for our country to survive as something good, and at the heart of the evil is this thing. Its the one ring of bad policy. So there is really nothing that we can do other thain raise the alarm. Otherwise we’re being screwed by literally the most dishonest and repugnant scam, ever. One that fuly intends to steal everything of value from the people of this nation, as it has no compassion whatsoever. Look at what it does, NOt what it says. Itis not the friend of anybody any group. It can be seen that this thing breaks all promises to everybody. Its already caused two MAJOR disasters. (the deths of countles Americans fromrigged healthcare, and the financial crsis of 2008 which was caused by deregulation and then a massive theft by ultra insiders who knew the taxpayers had to make good on the scams. Since it was never exposed and efforts have been ongoing to conceal it we can be certain it will happen again. Soon.

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I am sorry, I gave the wrong name for the Services Trade Restrictiveness Index, or STRI. There are now multiple trade resrictiveness indices… Also in the US we face another HUGE barrier that applies to all fincncial servies (meaning health insurance is included also all kinds of income support - and banking and any “like” services which might be able to act as a substitute for banking, in other words, reduce the amount of banking people consume for money is forbidden, except under the most narrow of circumstances (such as an ongoing emergency that prevents most people from working and keeps them indoors) everything that might cut into the possible profits of banks including the foreclsures they have come to expect when people fuck up, that is viewed as a gain, that economic activity, if its profit. This document also requires that all services be limited to those existing on that date, (the standstill rollback date) and that all nonconforming services be eliminated or reduced in scope. Anything that exceeds that can be challenged by a country that sees its interests as having been hurt in any way, The outcome of this challenge if they win could be rolling back the offending situation to the situation on that date, in this case one in february 1998 or perhaps 1995, the effective date whatever it is. Its even possible that such date might be as early as September 20, 1986, when a previous standstill was signed.

So all of the proposals for postal banking, for 'basic income" for grants of any kinds forgiveness of college loans alll are blocked at the Feb 1998 level of regulation, officially. Because they might stand in the way of freign banks profits which they are expecting. Oce a foreign financial service enters our market then escaping becomes orders of magnitude more expensive. And punitive such as to make it potentially prohibitively expensive getting out.

Anything more generous, including the ACA is supposed to be the most minimal possible to address any pressing policy problem, and must not be a better deal than the worst deal offered by commercial providers anywhere to that group of people. What this means in pracice is that the kinds of public options" politicians promise cant happen because the vast majority of people who want it are deemed as already covered if their employers have any kind of insurance plan at all. Its likely to only be offered to people who literally have no other options, and it may be fine tuned so as to be almost impossible for actual sick people with chronic medical conditions to manage because its goals are totally different tha their goals of health and being able to afford the madications they need. This was showed very clearly by the Massachusetts healthcare plan that was the model for Obamacare. - In this context, things like Social Security and medicare are on the verge of being GATS violations but seem to be allowed only because they are predated G (are existing on those dates) and because they are for retireees only. So the scope cannot be expanded to people who are not in a statutory system of social security. Period. under the Gs constraints its not possible to do anything more. Unless we leave it.

Also, whatever they do do cant solve the problem sustainably because its only supposed to be temporary (no mater what they tell us, one must remeber this is being concealed because nobody would agree with it)

Its likely to only be available to those poor enough to not be able to afford it, almost.

Nor will it be available to people who make too little, as these programs are supposed to keep people in low paying jobs and reduce wages. They are supposed to be minimally trade restrictive which means encourage people to buy something else.

Even if it is not announce to be (I would expect they never would announce this) its likely to be time limited, (possibly a maximum of ten years, I dont know and it may not even be formalized in writing what terms apply because the G is still a fluid document, and they use ambiguity to sneal in more and more deregulation) scope limited, and has to phase itself out and never be expanded just fade away. The time they are allowed I think may be ten years,In sme cases, maybe longer. For example, I dont see them as announcing to the UK population that the NHS has tobe phased out in a decade or so, although that may definitely be the base, now that they are no longer in the EU and no longer protected by the pathetic “public utility” carve ot, and possibly not the grandfathering, and we should see its obvious that the governmental authority exclusion does not apply even if it is free, because they still sell health insurance.

My bet is on ten years being the time frame that may apply, but I have no idea and infact even they may not know or maybe its based on what they think can get away with, its also clear that the leeway countries are given in this specific are is shrinking an dthat they are coming under more and mre pressure to privatize, especially from the US. EU, and likely even the UK too, as well as countries like India which want the outsourcing business… (whenever something is subsidized, if its committed in GATS that meas it must be thrown open to competitive bidding thats skweed in a way thats likely to have the lowest paid developing countries win the bids, with their skille workers… This means that their workforce is almost all what we would call wealthy people, even if their on paper income may not be huge, in these very poor countries it puts them in the very top of the 1%, because thse countries are very poor, rarely have much in the way of public education beyond primary scool, and in many cases may barely have that, especially for girls. So their workforces are people who dont eed our help, unless the help is expressly being given to prop those regimes up, because the people getting help are the very same ones who might otherwise be pushing for reforms of a lasting and substantiative nature. get it? We are in effect - in gats, buying them off with the jobs of our own working people.

Time limits on exemptions to standstill? I dont know and I dont know if such exemptions clearly have formal limits, for certain. I do know that its the intent however to have them be limited and that the siple fact that omething is partially subsidized trigges this scrutiny and potential challeges from the Third World, for what I have got so far look on my site under subsidies. In particular look at the various publications from indian think tanks on my site.

Anyway, this is running on too much… sorry…

So also, please forgive me for the many spelling errors. When I submit a post I invariably see things that need correction and may often make multiple edits in quick succession. I have to tye fast when I am doing that, way too fast, My monitor is not large enough and I am also very myopic, so oftentimes I dont see spelling errors until its too late to correct them. I hope people can forgive and see through to the content understanding that. So again, the trade restrictiveness index is STRI. And there is at least one other, maybe more. And other factors like the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services (standstill, rollback, etc) and the Annex on Financial Services (potential trap for the unwary who might try to expand public services - think Medicare For All or Basic Income or similar - without leaving G…S first) serving as an escape clause that could force the privatization of social security and medicare in a hurry. Dont make the mistake of thinking they would not do this, if you dig a bit you’ll find that this stuff is basically evidence that they intended to do something lke that, or at least have the option, all along, since G was created. so it should serve as a wake up call for us that we dont live in a democracy any more and have not in a long time. because they would not have done this had they not known they could rig the system and prevent any real debate of it reliably. So we didn’t have democracy, or they would not have done that. This is obviously a world wide problem.

If that’s the case, maybe we should just commandeer people’s homes and businesses. How about we take care of them when there isn’t an existential crisis?

Thanks to China a 32 inch TV, which works fine as a monitor as long as your computer has a HDMI port, can be had for $100 at Walmart. You can also use a free word processing program, such as openoffice, and type your response there and, after careful editing, copy and paste it here. That is what I have and do.

They cant unless its a major emergency because in the 1990s everything changed, there is a very good, very short explanation of how it all works in this video. At the very end he describes what not more burdensome than necessary means. This fundamentaly changed the political process when it comes to Democrats, making the normal kind of interplay that used to exist now pretty much impossible, now it only goes in one direction, an emergency after the 2008 crisis allowed us to have Obamacare, which violates all sorts of parts of the deal, I am pretty sure its supposed to be temporary, just to act as a bridge to something market based, even though another emergency came along, I hope I am wrong but I see the US as being so attached to these rules that we largely wrote and so dependent on them in our interactions with other countries to try to get them to liberalize, I just dont see us as suddenly turning one hundred and eighty degrees and suddenly changing. Right now we basically see public healthcare and its price controls, etc, as a sort of cancer or virus we are trying to eradicate. How could we possibly get other countries to dump their public services, how could we claim to them that privatizing everything was the wave of the future and the only WTO-legal option if we ourselves were not following our own core ideology? Its just inconceivable.

So the not more burdensome explanation is at 5:55 in this video, aand it comes very quickly, if you want to learn a lot about this huge thing watch it carefully, several times, This is legal testimony by an well known expert to the California Legislature. So that counts for something. Also note that he states for the record that this all is not conspiracy theory, its fact, its the most information about G crammed into the shortest amount of time Ive ever seen… Most of it is applicable to almost any G subject.
see youtube dot com/watch?v=BY2tUTA4mzM