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Why We Will Win the Fight to Cut the Pentagon Budget

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/31/why-we-will-win-fight-cut-pentagon-budget


For inspiration, let Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle sing it:


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Are the lack of comments indicative of disbelief ?
The military budget will be the last budget in the government to be reduced .
Even the most leftist anti war democratic voters will still
“ Support The Troops “

Being on the left, anti-war, and still registered as a Democrat (just makes it simpler to get the primary ballots in the mail in CA though I could be registered no party affiliation and request them each election), I say your statement is false. Plenty of progressive democratic voters support smaller military budgets - I’m sure it’s just like with health care - the voters are way out in front of their representatives - the challenge is to get voters to be more ruthless and not support politicians (like Biden) who don’t agree with us.

Recall the “Support the Troops - Bring them Home” bumper sticker. To which you could add, give them health care, counseling, job training. You don’t need to support the troops with more big weapons projects, so of course you can defund the military and support the troops at the same time. Plenty of voters (though perhaps not the majority yet) get this.


As long as the congress is controlled by AIPAC and their propagandists in the media, no war budgets(profits for certain groups) will ever be cut.

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I wish I shared Erica Fein’s optimism, but, after working with various anti-war groups since 1967, I am too scarred by decades of experience to believe we have a real chance at significant cuts to our bloated National “Security” budget (which also includes 17 ‘intelligence’ agencies, the military parts of the NASA and Energy Dept. budgets, the Overseas Contingency budget, and the secret “black budget”).

Joe Biden, like both Clintons, is a mildly ‘liberal’ neoconservative who supported the illegal Bush-Cheney war on Iraq. Susan Rice, one of Biden’s possible V.P. choices, is also a ‘liberal’ neoconservative. Kamala Harris? Her record as CA A.G. indicates she favors force, if not violence. Pelosi, Schumer, my NY Congressman Tom Suozzi, and too many other Democrats are also ‘liberal’ neoconservatives, especially when it comes to AIPAC and Zionist Israel.

Having war-profiteering contractors purposely placed in every Congressional District, employing millions of workers, makes it extremely unlikely that significant cuts to bloated military spending will happen until we finally do something about the all-pervasive Military-Industrial-Congressional (and now, Media) Complex Eisenhower warned us about in January, 1961 (after he benefited from it for decades).


All right Erica, now I will explain why We Will “Lose” the Fight to Cut the Pentagon Budget.
Though you are correct that the majority of Americans would rather see cuts int he DoD spending, this has been the situation since the Civil War. Americans had a minor voice up to the turn of the twentieth century, but after that, the 99% no longer had a say in defence spending despite being completely aware that “War is a Racket”. Once the lucrative contracts that major networks and print media received for peddling corporate propaganda, they actually were able to convince a few people that tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, endless war and military coups and of course an ever expanding military budget was actually a good thing for average Americans. Some of that propaganda still has many followers, much to the delight of defence contractors, but because both party’s have sold out to the MIC, any suggestion that the military might scale back a teensie weensie bit, is just more hyperbole aimed at reinforcing their base. A handful of progressive Democrats are allowed to have their say and rant and rave about the injustices of a bloated and corrupt MIC, simply because the Democrats are still trying to lure the so called “independents” to the dark side.
Until ‘We’ can rid Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House of corporate sycophants, it is just more of the same ole rhetoric that we have been fed for centuries. Most Americans are simply too busy or too brainwashed to consider the well established fact that both Party’s do not represent their constituents most basic demands for social equity and justice. “Bread and circuses” (the Roman version of ‘food stamps and professional sports’) is just as relevant today as it was in Cicero’s time. Without a functioning democracy, the federal treasury will continue to feed the insatiable appetite of the MIC until it sacrifices all of our young and poor for the ambitions of the elites.


In the final paragraph Erica mentions that possible upcoming “Democratic governance” will cut military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) corporate welfare, while in the previous paragraph she mentions the “2011 lock”…enacted when we had “Democratic governance”.

Am I the only reader seeing the disconnect here ?


Sometimes, optimism is justified.
This is NOT one of those times.


“let’s dream big and end the era of massive defense spending.”

I guess there’s big and then there’s BIG. I dream of helping to create heaven on Earth. At least a peaceful world, where we’ve abandoned war, established a robust set of international laws to settle disputes, and recognized the absolute necessity of working together to solve our real problems like climate change, an unsustainable economic system, and pandemics.


The US is collapsing economically, collapsing politically, collapsing socially. The US military is the only real power left, so Trump, Biden or anyone else coming to power is going to prop up the military. These people believe in the US manifest destiny, remember Obama’s words the indispensable nation. This is how America built itself, through violence, genocide, war, destroying nation after nation, carpet bombing Vietnam, reducing Iraq and Afghanistan to the Dark Ages, smashing drone missiles into wedding parties. A powerless left wing lobby will not reduce military spending. America is not a democracy, and so what does it matte what the people want or need. The Plutocracy will rule with an iron fist.


And what would be the fate of those who do not want to work with you?

That’s my dream, too. fairley7, and on this site it’s our common dream.

Probably that’s a good question, Senior, as “those who do not want to work with you” are presently in charge of things here.

Can I refer the question to RFK: “Some people see things the way they are and ask ‘Why?’ I dream of things that never were and ask, ‘Why not?’”

JFK also urged us, “Each person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” That was also a staple of RFK’s message in his presidential campaign in 1968.

And yes, they were both assassinated.

Let’s move to New Zealand and get this started!

I hate the idea of coercion. I used to support the need for a revolution, but I think we humans need more than that – we need a change of heart and a change in the way we see ourselves and our relations to each other and the world. I dream that it’s possible.

You talk like a Christian. Christians see themselves as children of a loving God, equal and called to love their enemies.

Why We Will Win the Fight to Cut the Pentagon Budget

Sorry to rain on your parade Erica, you do not seem to realize that when you live in a fascist military, dictatorship to cut the Pentagon budget in any appreciable way… will never be allowed!

My Nephew moved to New Zealand after Shock and Awe and claims it is one of the best moves he ever made. But unfortunately, a very difficult country to move to unless you have a skill they want or have a million dollar bank account.

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