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Why We're Losing the Planned Parenthood Debate, and How We Can Win


Why We're Losing the Planned Parenthood Debate, and How We Can Win

Erin Matson, Pamela Merritt

On Monday, a procedural vote on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood's non-abortion services failed to gather the votes required to move forward. The Republican-sponsored bill was a special blend of magical thinking and outright misogyny. Few observers expected it to pass – but its inevitable demise was exaggerated as a meaningful victory. Pro-choice leaders have been making this mistake for years, and it's why our movement is losing.


Oh, PLEASE!!! Why don’t you take the time to talk to some women who have had to end their pregnancies and become informed about the various stressors that push women into those decisions. These are not casual choices done on the spur of the moment, they involve considerable personal risk and a lot of thought and soul searching. In every single case I am personally familiar with (and there are plenty), the male pushed for the abortion. Every time!!! That’s not to say that is what happens ALL the time, but I am talking 100% male-instigated and paid-for procedures in all of those I know about. The situation is so much more complex than the simplistic wishful thinking scenario you are trying to paint.


Politicians massage their constituencies and try to guess which way the wind is blowing to keep their well paid and benefit-rich jobs. They are not the voice of the people, but of their own selfish interests. So–no, you won’t hear clear unequivocal support for women’s rights from those sell-outs.


The pro-choice folks have a legal right to their abortions, but not the right to define terminating a fetus as morally or ethically correct -- just as meat-eaters cannot define morality for vegetarians who subscribe to the ''sanctity of life'' principle.


Proof that what they want is to control women’s bodies lies in the fact that they are also against contraception, the best way to prevent abortions.


Right on!

i read this article expecting to react with “No that’s not the reason!” but this is good clear strong thinking.

Fight back! Do not accept the delegitimized, dehumanized terms that the anti-humanists in the “pro-life” movement smear us with. Define the terms that we fight for. And focus on direct action organizing, not politicking.


Bullshit, we define our own terms and stand by them and fight for them.


No, there are no souls involved.


This is total bunk. If I’m confronted by a man with an opinion I’ll tell him straight out: unless you have a womb, shut the fuck up, nobody cares what you think in this case. Oh and by the way, don’t you ever get one either!

Now if it’s a woman who espouses this drivel then it’s more this tack: What do you know about the procedure and many woman’s need for the procedure so she does not die of septic shock? And in cases where it is purely the woman’s choice, hey, it was simply stated there: it was her choice! And if you deny the procedure to everyone because some women choose to not move ahead to full term, then you are condemning women to death.

The only difference I can see, and try to get this: In almost every case, and on every level the VALUE of the MOTHER’s LIFE is in all cases GREATER than that of the infant.


A man, not all men, just one individual man, with an opinion


Right on! I agree with this article 100%!!! It’s time to stand up for what we believe, and stop
apologizing for our rights as citizens and women of this supposed democracy. Yes, abortion is
not an easy decision to make; I know because I had one many years ago and it was an agonizing
decision!!! But I still feel it was the right one for me at the time under the circumstances. I’m really
glad that it was legal, and I was able to get it done it a hospital. Without access to contraceptives and
abortion women cannot be free to live their lives and become full participating members of our society.


I think what the conservatives are trying to say is that women should not be having sex at all except for the purpose of procreation. They don’t give a damn about children being born to incompetent or mentally ill moms (and dads), or women too poor to provide for themselves let alone one more person. They don’t care about the child being abused or neglected once she or he is brought into the world. Nor do they pay much attention to the conditions of foster homes, which is normally where these kids end up if they are not adopted. They don’t care about the health of the woman nor the quality of life the unwanted child will have. They are motivated by an extremely antiquated religious mandate which should have petered out with the dark ages.
Planned Parenthood also offers gynecological care, some clinics with a sliding scale - so women can maintain their health so they can have healthy babies when they are ready. They are not only about abortions and contraception.
What is with these people? I live in a town where childless women beyond a certain age are treated with patronizing attitudes and scorn. Too many of these people follow the mandates made by preachers - the same mandates being promoted in the statehouses that don’t need to be making their way outside of rural areas and the church!