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Why We're Protesting Trump's Visit by Flying an Inflatable Trump Baby Over London


Why We're Protesting Trump's Visit by Flying an Inflatable Trump Baby Over London

We all have the odd laugh-or-cry moment, and nations are no exception. Trump’s visit to the UK this month is just such a moment.


The “Trump Baby” needs to be shown shitting his pants.



Trouble is, Trump won’t be in London for any of his visit - he will first visit the Queen at Windsor Castle outside of town, then on to some country estate to visit PM May.


Dealing with Trump must really be frustrating for people in the UK who do not support racism and fascism. At least we can vote for Democrats here to try to counter his power but in the UK they largely have to hope that Americans do the smart thing at the ballot box. Hopefully Americans will come through big time in November not only for American who are fighting racism and fascism at home but for everyone in the world who fears what further havoc this wrecking ball propelled by hate and greed will render


My ancestors were British. Can I sign on their behalf?


This is a serious question. Why is May still PM. It was my understanding that her election was very close and not even quite ethical. I don’t have a good working knowledge of the Parliamentary system but I was under the impression that PM elections could be called at anytime? What has happened to Corbyn? Is his influence still growing?


The Tories currently hold about 48% of the seats - plus there are other conservative parties (N. Irish-Unionist and the economic liberal LDP) that side with the Tories to provide an effective majority. Unlike the fractious US system, all party members have to vote their party line in most cases. A new law passed in 2011 made “no confidence votes” more difficult and a 2/3 majority is needed to call a new election. It’s unlikely that there will be another election until the next mandatory election is in 2022.


The Guardian reports Trump will be met with protests in several locations during his visit starting next Thursday. Apparently a group called “Together Against Trump” has a Facebook page with details of the protest. Here are some planned events:
Thursday evening at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, and in Regent’s Park, London, near to where the protesters believe the president will have dinner, and then at the US ambassador’s residence, where they believe he will stay the night.
FridayThe Trump baby balloon flies in the morning with more protests near Chequers, where Trump is expected to meet Theresa May for breakfast. The main demonstration in London starts outside BBC’s headquarters at 2pm and ends in Trafalgar Square at 5pm. Organisers are hoping tens of thousands will attend.
–Trump is also expected to visit Scotland where he owns two golf courses. Glasgow is planning a protest Friday evening while Edinborough is throwing a whole carnival protest Saturday with games like “Toss the Welly at Trump”

Maybe a “Hands Across the Water” Concert and Protest could be put together…hmmm


Forgot to add: THANKS, LEO!!!


Well, the little baby can still have his tantrum…:grinning:


“[B]eing rude to Trump is respecting the office of US president, which he brings deeper into disrepute with each passing day.”

But “personal insults” as such just further enrage him and his base, which is the reason they must be clothed in the garb of humorous ridicule, at which no one excels like the British.


From the article: " If this generation is going to have to fight fascism again, we may as well have a bit of a laugh while we are doing it."

Pity that these words even need to be said after WWII, but I am glad Leo Murray said them. Here in the gun-lovin’ USA, that thing wouldn’t be aloft for 10 minutes before some gun-nut shot it down.


Thank you from across the pond in your efforts to shame this corrupt garbage as he stains your country. May should be ashamed. Perhaps fly a pig with lipstick on it next to the orange shit stain.