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Why Were the Saudi Streets So Quiet?


Why Were the Saudi Streets So Quiet?

Medea Benjamin
With the world’s media focused on President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, it’s curious that the streets of Riyadh were so empty. Unlike most of Trump’s public appearances, there was not a protester in sight.


Because the only people in Saudi Arabia not sucking at the royal teat are too busy scrubbing those others' toilets?


How do you protest an idiot? With Groucho Marx glasses/mustache?


No wonder 45 is so happy there. He wants to replicate the practices used in SA and Russia, right here in the U.S.
He thinks Putin is "smart and tough," and 45 has always seen himself as that. Now that he's "president," watch the f*ck out.


He doesn't realize there's not enough money to replicate SA practices (paying every citizen enough to live in luxury) all across the US. And he needs to ask the Sauds where all their working people come from. They're not Saudis, but "guest workers," aka immigrants, and mostly nearly slaves.


As if 45 cares about small details.


You said it Medea! "Why Were the Saudi streets So Quiet?" We out here in "Poverty-ville" ask: "This is what America (will) look like?" George Orwell - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Orwell_bibliography ~~ I ask, "How the hell did he know?"


Wrong question, though the piece gets around to the right answer. A better question is why aren't the people of the US and UK in the streets demanding an end to the end to the fascist Saudi dictatorship that enforces control over oil for Western oil companies?


We're too busy dealing with our own shit at the moment.


I don't know, but in 2016 US GDP per capita was around $54k. A family of 4 then 'generated wealth' of about $220k. Although GDP is not a real measure of wealth, it does appear there is plenty to go around in the US if it wasn't dominated by a load of greedy assholes who will never be satisfied with enough. We could all be living in luxury like the Jetsons if our system were set up more fairly.


Well, that's the thing. The Saudis did set up their system for quiet, but it's no more fair. It still depends on an underclass. The big difference is that their underclass isn't permanent or citizens, but can be sent home and replaced with other poor people, and is in an endless flow.


Kind of hard to hold protests in a country that seems to be all too willing to mass execute such protesters for their dissent.


I'm all about a guaranteed minimum income, and I think it should be more than just a bare bones income.


That is our own shit.


Speaking of dissent, where is the Democratic outrage over the Saudi arms deal?



Where is the Democratic outrage over ANYTHING???


Trump and Pence want to replicate the Saudi system here. Rule by a few families and theocratic rule. Sad thing is that we are supporting it through our taxes and each time we fuel up at the gas station. If you can afford it get an electric car and power it with electricity from renewables. At the least get a fuel efficient car and use public transport more.


You need to separate djt and Pence. The former just wants to make money for himself, and frankly he'd be glad to be freed of the office and its burdens. P doesn't really want to run a theocracy himself; he expected to face down the NKoreans and be raptured from the DMZ on Easter weekend, with his wimmen. It's nothing but disappointment in the White House. djt enjoyed the visit with the Saudis because he got to act like royalty, from blingy award to the orb ceremony, those few men controlling the globe. But I'm sure he got away from that as soon as he could.