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Why Won’t the Charter School Industry Acknowledge Its Documented Failures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/10/why-wont-charter-school-industry-acknowledge-its-documented-failures

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Passing Proposition 13 in 1978 provided fertile ground in California from which to accelerate the charter school scam as it evolved in California and other states. What we are reading here is not a surprising outcome.

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“Why Won’t the Charter School Industry Acknowledge Its Documented Failures?”

Because they are profiteering corporate libertarians who salivate at the billions of dollars of public money they can funnel into their accounts.


A better question is Why won’t the US Government acknowledge the documented failures of the Charter School industry and put a stop to it?


Good piece, and an eye opener for me as far as CA. The states residents are lucky that there are public school options still available to them. The public school take-over that dramatically accelerated after Katrina in New Orleans is almost complete. A story the other day claimed that the NO school system would be 100% charter schools by 2022. Where will the parents of children turn there, when the charters fail or decide they are not profitable enough anymore to stay open?
This has become another national disgrace, in our race to the bottom of Industrialized countries.


A school above a Buffalo Wild wings. Never had shit like that when I was a kid. Profit (privatization) just does not work in certain enterprises. Water, post office, SCHOOLS, health care (evidenced by pretty much the whole rest of the world). Enterprises can work if they are non-essential to life or liberty AND are competitive (through regulation & anti-trust enforcement). Certain things should NOT be privatized and public schools and public universities are just a couple.


Simple answer: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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I don’t think that we need to get past the systemic in this. A for-profit industry does not acknowledge its failures because doing so becomes an expense.

It may be fairly countered that government does not acknowledge its failures as well, which may tell us something about the extent to which government is done as a for-profit enterprise.

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The Lil’ Jimmie’s needed smaller class sizes.
Arne Duncan gave them privatized schools instead.

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Some charter school systems are just another form of exploiting children for profit and personal gains. Our public school system is the gift of a benevolent society. We can collectively fix any problem our public school systems identify. Most charter schools seem like cult behavior that hide behind a Dominionist agenda.

Why Won’t the Charter School Industry Acknowledge Its Documented Failures??

That is only a secondary benefit so far as the majority of Charter School proponents are concerned — see below.

Because Funny-Dementalist “Christian” Theocrats Within “Our” Government Want A Captive Audience!

The real driving force behind charter schools isn’t money, it’s the far-right “religious” movement – as exemplified by Betsy DeVos, Mike Pence and others of their ilk – who want to turn Amerika into a “christian” Theocracy.  They want to take over our public schools so they can brain-wash all of our children with their bull-shit notions; any profits that they can extract from our taxes is pure gravy or frosting on the cake of their long-term political goal. Those who are in the Charter School game only for the easy money are a small subset of the proponents — as in many other areas of politics these days, the real villains are the hypocrites on the far right fringes of our society.