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Why Would We Trust Plutocrats to Save Us From Plutocracy?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/11/why-would-we-trust-plutocrats-save-us-plutocracy


“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking used to create those problems” - Albert Einstein

Einstein has been proven correct on this one many times over.

Also recall how often Bill Clinton told us “I feel your pain” as he dismantled New Deal regulations that created and sustained the US middle class for more than half a century. Clinton’s “third way” exponentially increased the wealth of these plutocrats.


The day they link CEO compensation to average workers pay is the day I will contemplate taking them seriously.


On this matter – fighting corporate newspeak/horseshit – Bernie is the best, and Warren is suspect:


'Cause all critturs is equal, but them pigs is more equal than the rest of us??

In other words, don’t trust them AT ALL.


Bravo Jim, tell it like it is!

Not “one iota of sincerity in this sudden assertion of egalitarian sentiment by the soulless organizers of today’s corporate plunder.”

The concept of the Common Good does not compute for these self-serving adherents of vulture capitalism and their shareholder class, that profess a sudden epiphany - their realization of the wrongs of a lifetime of greed and advantage, and they promise to turnover a new leaf, and never do it again! Yeah, right, when pigs fly! That is a mass deception, and as Jim noted, BS!

Best answer is they fear and are trying to forestall real legislation and oversight of their predatory and criminal business models, up to and perhaps in a more perfect just world forced return of ill-gotten gains and evaded taxation, and so much more! Frell them all!


But make no mistake, Bernie Sanders is a threat. And he’s a threat precisely because his movement stands in clear antagonistic opposition to the material depravity of current structures. Sanders has been making the same analysis and argument for his entire political career. He understands that the ability to challenge entrenched power arises out of class solidarity and movement muscle catalyzed by the commonality of material needs.

This is why I trust Bernie exponentially more than the others. Including Warren.
On her, I remain skeptical.

But make no mistake, Bernie Sanders is a threat

I sure hope so. And the articles are coming out now about how much of a threat Wall Street considers Warren. I don’t buy it. She was (is?) supported by the 3rd Way - so she owes them. Is she dancing the Potomac Two-step?


Mr. Hightower refuses to mention Bernie Sanders as the solution to Plutocratic Greed.

I am not sure who he is supporting in this Presidential Race?



Of course Alex Gorsky sometimes feels like Thomas Jefferson. Gorsky has been fucking poor people for years. The rich are not at all interested in saving anyone, except themselves, individually. They will claw through each other to get away.


Any claims by Wall St insiders that they consider Warren to be a threat are straight-up bullshit.


“There were times when I felt like Thomas Jefferson,” Gorsky gushed.

Jefferson was a slave owner. Maybe that’s what Gorsky meant.


“Corporate elites won’t fix inequality for us; they’re the ones doing it to us.”

Repeat after me; “Duh, moo, now what should I do?”

Easy schmeasy; Join the corporate rountable and bully your way to the trough.

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I am sure that Gorsky did feel a lot like Thomas Jefferson when he penned his duplicitous screed. When Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal” he knowingly did not include the slaves he, Washington and many ot the founders owned. Gorsky, a part of the Medical Industrial Complex is apparently unconcerned that the products he sells are not only destroying people’s lives but causing many of their deaths. Addiction is in the very least a form of very cruel bondage in which any semblance of control over the addict’s life disappears and the suppliers of these drugs know this. Jefferson was cognizant of the fact that the people he did not include as equal could be killed by him upon a whim and the only repercussion he would suffer would be the loss of the economic value of his personal property. Jefferson could rape his personal property for his personal pleasure at will. So Gorsky could feel at lot like Jefferson as those addicted to his products die and neither he or his company face consequences other than an occasional fine. So Gorsky probably felt a lot like Thomas Jefferson. This is the side of Jefferson and others that we dutifully ignore to venerate him as one of the most exalted group of men upon the face of the earth. The truth is that Gorsky and his ilk are the natural heirs to the 1% Founders. The kind of men who founded this country. Think not? Most of the women in these “hallowed offices” or corporate America are still performing administrative task. What would Martha Washington say about today? My mother once wondered if Martha’s forced joining with George was rape or marriage? How many women signed this new declaration of our independence from corporate peonage? Over 225 years and freedom still only belongs to those who can afford it.


> Suddenly, 181 of these union-busting, tax-cheating, environment-contaminating, consumer-gouging corporate hucksters are asking us to believe that they stand with us in the fight against … well, against them.

I thought he was describing the leadership of Democrat Party.


People need to wake up we have been undermined by those in positions of so called authority and power .
We have been played like fiddles. Time to change the tune and the instrument .
Truth time for humanity .We must all be stewards of the truth .
Transparency is another word for truth .
Nothing changes inappropriate behaviour faster than the light of public scrutiny .That’s what these people fear the most .The plain and simple truth .
Ours is not a better way just another way.
We are all One.

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Hey Alex, hop on this and spin while.

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Why would we trust Hightower to save us from plutocracy?

He does a great job of pointing out all the bullshit the plutocrats spew, but doesn’t offer anything to do about it.

Common Dreams also does a great job of publishing articles like this.

But it seems that these accurate proclamations are just a cynical ploy to make people think someone “feels their pain” and allows people to vent their frustrations in the comments so citizens won’t organize against the plutocrats in hopes of fending off actual changes being offered by real reformers.

It a living, I guess.

If the plutocrats won’t save us from plutocracy, it stands to reason that a non-plutocrat would be a good place to look for a way to fight back.

During the 2016 election I wrote to Hightower about One Demand, a way for citizens to get the big money out of our political process that requires no legislation at some point in the future so it can be implemented and begin being effective right now. All it requires is minimal citizen participation.

Despite sending me a reply that it is a good idea, Hightower has not written about it.

I also submitted articles to Common Dreams that were not published despite their claims to offer perspectives not offered by the MSM. (At least they allow me to post in the comments, which is slightly better than nothing.)

What is wrong with Hightower and Common Dreams?

Why do they ignore the very thing they claim they want from the very people they claim to want it from?

I am probably not the only person that could make the same complaint.

Venting in the comments about the plutocrats on articles like this will not solve any of our problems.

Letting Hightower, Common Dreams and other journalist/activists and publications know that you want them to offer ideas/possible solutions like One Demand instead of empty proclamations without any possible solutions. ( I have also been working on Ralph Nader, so letting him know he should have me on his Radio Hour as he said he would on Washington Journal in the fall of 2018 wouldn’t hurt either.)

A nation founded on slavery and genocide as the model for its expansionist theft, built on the mental slavery and dogma of Christian religion exclusively, and racist white supremacy, turning to the fraud of vulture capitalism and financial usury without limits, to turn the public into wage, debt and interest slaves, tolerating any “free-enterprise:” con, or sale of poison, or theft of public resources for private gain, exploitation and pollution of the common environment, is our history; a history that must be challenged and totally reformed/altered to present realities and demands; the climate crises the/a paramount example…

In our history there are words that at the time of writing had a meaning less than what we now demand they hold - meaning then, for wealthy white men only, but regardless the original intent or status of author as slaveholder, or perceived hypocrite, we now demand the words expand to encompass what they hold between the lines - what we say they hold - their latent true meaning as we demand they represent today. Words are not frozen in time but must represent the needs of the present.

We must, IMO, believe and demand our historical documents live-up to the meanings they hold within, and government act accordingly for the Common Good, not private interests…

The words hold power if we demand they mean what is latent in them; the words of John Adams and the Constitution of Massachusetts for one.

"Government is instituted for the common good, for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people, and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government, and to reform, alter, or totally change the same when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it"

“All power residing originally in the people, and being derived from them, the several magistrates and officers of government vested with authority, whether legislative, executive, or judicial, are the substitutes and agents, and are at all times accountable to them”.

“No man nor corporation or association of men have any other title to obtain advantages, or particular and exclusive privileges distinct from those of the community, than what rises from the consideration of services rendered to the public, and this title being in nature neither hereditary nor transmissible to children or descendants or relations by blood; the idea of a man born a magistrate, lawgiver, or judge is absurd and unnatural.”

Words are only what people demand they and our elected voices represent, and we have the education and whole-truth to understand…

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Pardon me while I throw horse-shyt onto those plutocrats! I did read the statment that the Business Roundtable put out and it sounded to me like the “bank robbers” saying with crossed fingers that they won’t do it again!! I’m starting to believe that “the French” were right with that guillotine…

Next time the banksters crash the economy - bail out the citizenry and let those banks FAIL!!! Then we can separate the boring banking from investment, limit the size of the corporate oligarchy and fully enforce “anti-trust” laws! WE need a government that WORKS FOR US - e.g. - the FDA actually need to test those drugs to ensure that they work and actually see what those “side affects” really are!!!

And those politicians standing on the side of BIG BUSINESS need to be voted OUT of public office and shunned!!