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Why You Don't Need to Feel Sad About Donald Trump Catching COVID

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/11/why-you-dont-need-feel-sad-about-donald-trump-catching-covid

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I don’t care about his suffering, nor the suffering of any other celebrity. I do care about the suffering of those I know and love, and I will do what I can to alleviate it. Let nature do what it will do with Trump. Others can feel his pain, but not me.


The author must be Catholic and completely out of touch with himself . People dont know how they should feel ? WTF ?
If you don’t know how you feel then you have some serious mental and emotional issues that need to be addressed .
Its 20 below zero outside and you are standing in a snow drift .
" How do you feel " - " well. I’m cold , but i’m not sure if i should feel cold . do think it’s ok to feel cold ? am i a bad person to feel cold ? Tell me , what should i be feeling "

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“Sadness” is what I feel for the 210,000 souls taken unnecessarily by the virus Donald Trump took no effort to control. Rather, he has advocated for it’s spread.

Disgust for him and his enablers is more in line with what they deserve.


Quite honestly I prefer he eek it out to lose the election and be convicted for a micro-fraction of the crimes that he has committed, along with the public humiliation and my personal SCHADENFREUDE. However, the bigger picture in my mind is what is best for the nation. Were he to simply croak soon, that just might psychologically disarm his terror cells who would have then lost their cult leader and have to scurry back under the rocks. So Fuck Trump, I say, I consider the national security implications to be of far greater concern. The guns are not going away, but perhaps a lot of the “bravado” would. It is time for me to think of the big picture and forego my dreams of vengeance.


The author states feelings are “ridiculous”. That is an unhealthy, false statement. Feelings are feelings and should not be called “ridiculous”.

He states at the end:

“Let us pray that he somehow finds his way out of the dark basement that he is in, and, in Plato’s metaphor of the cave, manages to glimpse some light.”

Now that, is ridiculous. It is not a feeling it is a false hope. Many here are atheists for starters and don’t pray.

Even for those that are not atheists and for those who do pray------the only thing we should be praying for (if it helped) would be for the behaviors of trump et al to be unacceptable in a civil society.

Additionally it is ridiculous and HARMFUL to think trump will change.


Denial of any kind of feeling or emotion by western christian cultures is the reason our current culture is so estranged and sick. We’re not allowed to feel; it’s a weakness. Instead, we’re supposed to immediately fall on our knees, kowtow to a sociopathic god figure, and pray for forgiveness of our imaginary sins.
It’s also why our per capita rate of mental illness and drug use is so high.
Feelings are like pain; they warn us of an imbalance. It’s human to cry, to laugh, to feel anger, to savor delicious real food, to love the beauty of a sunset, to feel sadness. It’s also human to apologize if your action hurt another being.
Trump is the uber-example of the depths of degradation of our culture. His family inculcated horrific punishments for any feeling of pleasure or if a member became ill. First born Fred Jr. had friends, he loved to read, to have real gatherings of friends and family, loved to go fishing and be outdoors. But Daddy saw it all as weakness and abused him in every possible way. Fred Jr. had no choice but to do drugs. He had no other way out. Whenever he tried to escape to another job or another place to live, Daddy called up favors and blocked him. In my opinion, Daddy Trump and the rest of the clan killed Fred Jr.by refusing him medical care, food, or decent shelter when he had pneumonia.
No, if and when (Death, after all, is the one Truth in life) Trump dies by whatever cause, it will be a bandaid on the bleeding artery of our terminally ill culture.
Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy the splendid autumn colors, play with my cat, and read some great books while listening to Glenn Gould play Bach’s the Goldberg Variations.


Thank you for your thoughtful post, Gretchen.

This is one of my favorite pieces of music and Itzhak Perlman is extremely moving. Then the MJQ who are brilliant.


Perlman has polio and suffers physically a great deal but how he handles it are clues to livingness that I hope to approach one day.

A famous quote of his after a string snapped on his violin while in performance and continuing to play without skipping a beat for which he received a standing ovation: Make music with what remains.


I hope the light Trump sees is the freight train that runs him over on Election Day. Easily half or more of the Americans (US of A-type) who have died from COVID shouldn’t have if the Federal Government under Trump did what they should have.

Trump post-presidency will be a never-ending series of come up-pence for his criminal behavior.


Feeling sad for Trump would be like feeling sad for a malignant tumor. Just excise it, flush it, and heal the body from which it was thankfully removed.


It is indeed sad to see a fellow human being so unloved and unprotected and to hold the highest office of the United States government…shit himself silly on a daily basis for the world to see. Sad, indeed.

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I feel very sad for an unhappy country that increasingly wants and needs some serious changes and reforms, but because Donald Trump is so obviously unsuitable for his responsibilities as President most people in that country feel that they have no choice but to vote for the Neo-Liberal “back-to-normality” and “more-of-the-same” candidate. I feel sad for the Americans, and for the citizens of other countries, who as a result will continue to suffer under the heel of the Neo-Liberals.


This made laugh out loud even before I read the last 7 words, Bigcanary.

A “real” freight train would be fitting. If only.

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You’re right. The man deserves a fitting send off. Make it a coal train.


A Hellbound Train. credits to Savoy Brown

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And for the rest of us, Ozzy’s Crazy Train.

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