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Why Young People Are Joining Unions Again


Why Young People Are Joining Unions Again

Hannah Finnie

At the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., rays of sunlight break through an unseasonably cold March, through the ordered, brutalist buildings that line Pennsylvania Avenue. Hundreds of thousands of people crowd the avenue, just as they have been crowding legislators’ phone lines and email inboxes in recent weeks. On a stage strategically positioned in line with the Capitol building, 17-year-old Cameron Kasky, a Parkland shooting survivor, delivers this proclamation:


Good to see young people acknowledging that the US middle class has not always existed, that it was a product of union organizing and FDR’s New Deal that flourished from 1935-1985, a blip on the radar or western civilization.


Union yes!!! Among a whole host of economic & social programs the Democrats should be pushing going into the 2018 midterms, the one big thing should be EFCA (remember the E mployee F ree C hoice A ct?) making it much easier to form a union.


Thank you for posting this informative piece. Learning about Know Your IX movement, tuition equity campaigns for undocumented students, #ByeAnita and Campaign Workers’ Guild builds hope for important changes that are necessary in todays world.

We the citizens have power when united in cause/deep commitment.


Maybe because they are smart people and see, that not everything is so good and bright as we want to see? Maybe because they don’t like all these politicians and stupid laws? Maybe they want to live in a great country and don’t want to think about their future as about the nightmare? Maybe their only problem should be what writing service to choose, but not all these unions and problems? i think our young people should spend their best years with fun, but not with protests and wars.


Why Young People Are Joining Unions Again?
Well duh. With a Supreme Court in the thrall of the Corporate personages and a congress that is forced to become their supplicants in order to raise an amount of money that surpasses the GDP of more than a few sovereign nations unions provide a chance of developing a block vote that is large enough to be heard by the corporate tools they have to vote for. It is self preservation.


Finally! Do not count on this in the third world of the US ( the South which should secede,) but this is great news for the rest of the country. Non union workers should think about this: You would not have ANY rights without unions!