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'Widely Violated' Syrian Ceasefire Collapses


'Widely Violated' Syrian Ceasefire Collapses

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

On the heels of U.S.-led airstrikes that killed scores of Syrian soldiers, the Syrian military has said that a week-old ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia is over.


One week was just enough time to get ammunition to Washington's terrorist armies. Smile John Kerry.



The Bush Administration & their damn NEO-CONS are still with us. They are in our government & the Pentagon. They represent only the Military Industrial Complex. They set forth their agenda in the PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY. After the USSR fell they decided the US should be the world's ONLY super-power & we must build up our military until no one, friend or foe could ever compete with us miltarily. They realized the Amer. people wouldn't throw tons of money into this buildup "BARRING A NEW PEARL HARBOR" (their words, not mine.) Bush even quoted this line after 9/11.
They knew damn well who they were bombing. General Wesley Clark when he was running for pres. stated that he had been told they were going to overthrow the governments of 7 countries in the Middle East. Iraq, Iran, Libya Syria, etc. you know the rest... their objective from the beginning was to get rid of Assad. Nothing has changed.


And there will be no change until Hillary has fully implemented the " Project for the New American Century


The new NYC police commissioner spoke about terrorism on CBS. The ex-police commissioner's lawyer wife spoke BS about Chris Christie. It's still distraction from what happened in Syria over the weekend. Meanwhile:


Please help us from Hillary and Trump. Jill Stein 2016.