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Wielding Critical Leverage, Sanders Poised to Endorse Clinton


Wielding Critical Leverage, Sanders Poised to Endorse Clinton

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Bernie Sanders is set to endorse Hillary Clinton for president next week, the New York Times reports.


Bernie… you really believe that Hillary has moved to the left?
Do you think that endorsing Clinton will make your supporters vote for her?
After the things Comey said that Hillary did, you will endorse her?
I said I would follow you to the end, but the end is where you endorse a war criminal.
I will never vote for Hillary.
Jill Stein 2016


Looks like the Revolution that survives the stuffing into the Clinton directed DNC envelope, i.e., those that refuse to abide, are going to have to cause a raucous at the Convention.

The Revolution sparked by Sanders, and I give him great credit for this, is going to have to revolt against this stuffing.

Sanders could have continued right into the halls of the Corporate DNC Convention, to truly honor his own message, and the Revolution that he apparently wanted to spark, but here he is, strategically stuffing that Revolution inside that Clinton campaign, and Corporate Owned DNC envelope in a timeline such that the Corporate DNC can manage yet another Corporate Funded Brand of BS which will just further stymie any chance of any Revolution against Corporate Governance succeeding.

I have a LOT of problems with Sanders on this. Time for the unstuffed to revolt against this Sanders strategy.


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Well, it looks like Bernie’s Political Revolution will move on in new directions and without him. Thank you, Bernie, for galvanizing a whole generation of new political activists, we can take it from here. You let them down by endorsing the H. Lesser of two evils…again. No more for me. The Green Party now needs our support for President. They will select their nominee in August in Houston. Also support all the other groups that have sprung up around Bernie. He is obviously committed to changing the D’s, as fruitless as that will be. Go Independent, go Green, go Socialist, go United Progressive Party. Dump the Dems. Now is the time for the Left to really get down to the grassroots and organize like there is no tomorrow, because their may not be. We need a way to work together in each community to make the most of all the energy from the various progressive groups… https://www.totheleftoftheweb.org/index.php/discussions/rise-up/36-progressive-center

EDIT: I hope the New York Times is wrong.


We will be moving at a snail’s pace right to oblivion.


There are no words adequate to describe my disgust for him doing this to us.


Max, so what?

Trump is talking about rounding up all Mexicans who are here illegally, tripling the number of ICE rednecks, and of course expanding the redneck Border Patrol. Ever dealt with Border Patrol?

The super dickhead Donald Fucking Trump intentionally stokes xenaphobia among his followers, including his stoking hatred of Muslims, including stoking hatred in the form of cheering crowds responding to his calls for more and more extreme measures of torture, and to make it illegal.

Why the hell would you support Trump?


I figured it was ultimately going to happen, but him winding it down so methodically to ensure the Corporate Party at the DNC Convention comes off smoothly is really insulting.


Bernie said he would endorse the Democrat candidate whoever it was, from the beginning. He stuck to his word.

We trusted his judgement throughout his campaign and now we are angry because he will not go back on his word.

What does this say about us?


Clinton is opposed to the TPP so I don’t see how she can move any more left on that. She has moved on college tuition but still has not said how she would pay for it. I believe she has already said that we wants to push for the public option for Obamacare. Bernie still hasn’t endorsed her so poised or not it hasn’t yet happened. But his tweet shows that he has moved in that direction because for the first time I think he said we need to elect Hillary Clinton. If he does finally endorse Clinton there will still be the issue of whether it is an enthusiastic endorsement or not. If it isn’t, it may not mean that much.


Yes, and I acknowledge this in my criticisms of Sanders’ move on this. However, it is completely valid to criticize Sanders for not marching into the Convention with aggressive demands in tact with the many people that would have flocked to the Convention to support him.

A lot of people viewed Sanders’ promise to eventually support whoever ended up being the Democratic nominee, as a necessary political maneuver by a man that seemed determined to actually become President, thus there was room to hear that promise on the one hand, but hold out great hopes for his commitment on the other.

The fact that he did not make any big deal about the fact that he probably won in California, coupled with this premature, obviously methodical, winding down the Revolution so it can be packaged nicely prior to the Corporate Convention, is evidence enough for an absolutely valid reasonable base of criticism to be leveled against Sanders for this action.

He could have stormed the damn Convention with energized followers to force an even wider audience to witness just how Corporate the DNC has become.

But no.

He has chosen to play nice.

And you are good with this? What does this say about you?


Oh really Lrx, she wants to push for a “public option” eh? And there you go again, feigning wonderment of how possibly the US could afford basic college tuition for students.

Where is your wonderment, how the US could possibly afford the military actions that Hillary will undoubtedly engage in, on behalf of her corporate sponsors?



It says that I won’t take the ball and go home.


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How stunningly insulting to think that if “Bernie” says so, we will abandon our strongest convictions to bow down to the Clinton right wing! All Sanders did was to destroy his own record and reputation of standing up with ordinary people, the poor and working class. In short, he has disgraced himself with this display of an absence of integrity.

As we’ve been pointing out since 2015, if Clinton is selected, a Republican will be elected. We rejected the Clinton right wing in 2000, we rejected it in 2008, and we still reject it in 2016. Short of a miracle, we can safely say that Obama is the last Dem president we’ll see for many years.


I am disappointed that it apparently will be before the convention. If there were a contested convention, and he lost, then OK. I still won’t vote for her though.


Clinton’s record of support for military aggression is quite long and consistent.


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