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Wife of Imprisoned CIA Whistleblower Looks to Obama for Pardon

Wife of Imprisoned CIA Whistleblower Looks to Obama for Pardon

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The wife of former CIA analyst Jeffrey Sterling on Thursday publicly called on U.S. President Barack Obama to pardon her husband—who has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for, in her words, blowing the whistle and standing up for his rights.

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By this reasoning, Petraeus should be in prison.


“Does the government have no shame in destroying one man’s life and wasting tens of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ dollars…” This is a statement that has been asked before to the same gov’t. The answer is “No”, the gov’t has no shame. This is the seperation that is incorrect. Gov’t is run by citizens, therefore, its the citizens that have no shame. Look around you, people carry weapons like they are in war, Wall Street is the new Federal Reserve, and Corporations are your new ‘public servant’ running Congress. Society has been flipped, when are we going to get it? Even the CIA Factbook says this isnt a Democracy, the same govt that this poor woman is talking about even openly admits its not a democracy. How many sheep does it take to destroy a country from the inside? Answer: Too late, its happened. Our citizens have done more damage to this country than any Egyptian or Saudia Arabian flying planes into buildings that led us to Osama Bin Laden, so we had to go to war witha Iraq…f u c k i n sheep in this country. (If this is offensive, then look it up yourself)