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WikiLeaks, 10 Years of Pushing the Boundaries of Free Speech


WikiLeaks, 10 Years of Pushing the Boundaries of Free Speech

Nozomi Hayase

“To me, freedom of speech is something that represents the very dignity of what a human being is… that’s what marks us off from the stones and stars.” These are words spoken by Mario Savio, the spokesperson for the Free Speech Movement in the 60’s. Decades later, the power of free speech has surged onto the global stage and began reclaiming the dignity of humanity.


It was very amusing to see Assange con Trump and his entire political operation.
Trump and the rest of the far-Right are idiots and fools.


The people owe a huge debt of gratitude to Assange. He's no saint, but he's a real hero. At great personal cost, his organization continues to expose, with the aid of unnamed whistleblowers the world over, great wrongs governments and other power centers commit against their own people and those of other nations.

He's like Toto, the unsung hero in the Wizard of Oz, who pulled back the curtain to reveal the lie that was Oz. There's no doubt the great masses are deep in the weeds of an Oz-like existence based on cognitive dissonance and a struggle for mere survival, while our government officials and corporate rulers continue their military and economic carnage from behind the curtain of secrecy.


"Cognitive dissonance" you mean like wrestling with the opposite sides of the same issue in your mind simultaneously?
Isn't that the process that always takes place before anyone makes a decision?
In other words isn't the fact of "cognitive dissonance" a truth not requiring identification?


What you describe is actually the process of decision-making, or should be. More like maintaining (and even nurturing) thoughts and beliefs that are inconsistent with the reality of the current political and economic situation, which lead to the wrong decision as it relates to that individual's best interests.

Elections are a perfect example of cognitive dissonance writ large. One of the two worst presidential candidates in recent US history is about to be elected, and the electorate does it ever four years!

Granted there are powerful forces at work to reinforce this cognitive dissonance, and who will continue to propagandize the masses, which is why WikiLeaks is so important.


"In an era of universal deceit, anybody telling the truth is labeled a radical" - George Orwell

Impeccable timing that Wikileaks' evolved concurrently with the least transparent POTUS in history who promised to be the most transparent.


Thank you, Julian. May you one day be free of the Ecuador Embassy and may we all be free of this patriarchal death cult that runs the world.


As all media contionues sad ass excuse for 9/1!Q that four separate planes successfully hijacked from four pilots four crews and all their passengers wake up odds of four planes window an hour or less a fat zero.Explain why Rudy called a hero when first duty as a former DA preserve crime scene. Explain why EpA women claimed the pile safe when she as anyone with a half a brain awaRe asbestos at entire sight rendered in unsafe and we have seen many of the workers dying a slow painful death from asbestos as entire complex we all knew had a problem asbestos removal.She lied Rudy failed and why simple this was done by controlled demolition and fact jet fuel incapable damaging the steel as it all wrapped with fire proof product asbestos.Rendering entire area unsafe required expensive costly removal and why did they lie get riod evidence proof NIst agency assigneD to find causation three separate high rise building seven a 47 story steel and concrete reinforced high rise no jet fuel no plane so what caused it do collapse at five p.m. and why media refused discuss this fifteen plus years obvious elite total conspiracy.


"This video footage... became an international sensation"

But not so much in the U.S. where 9 out of 9 people hadn't seen it and didn't want to see it or hear about it, but pretended to know all about it. The same 9 out of 9 decided that Julian Assange should be punished or killed.
"9 out of 9" is hyperbole. But not by much. Preferred ignorance seems to have become the politically correct method of dealing with the war, and, of course, with Sept. 11.

Remember Hans Christian Andersen's famous story about the emperor's new clothes? It's a perfect tale for our times. Preferred ignorance has become a national way of life here since that day 15 years ago.


The government sanctioned murder and then put Manning away for 35 yrs.....You would think Manning committed the murder....The message she sent us was covered up by claiming top secrete...Murder was the message but giving the info to wiki leaks was the outrage.....No one considered the murder only that Manning was a traitor.....The murderers run free under the awning of top secrete....Manning is doing their time.