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Wikileaks Drops E-Reader Version of Clinton Speeches Alongside New Email Dump


Wikileaks Drops E-Reader Version of Clinton Speeches Alongside New Email Dump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

WikiLeaks on Monday dropped its second tranche of the so-called Podesta Emails, laying bare what members of her own inner circle believed were the vulnerabilities of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, from her emails and ties to big money, to her scandal-laden husband and propensity for saying things that are "untrue."


So now according to Ms Clinton , Environmental groups opposed to fracking are funded by the Russians?

Apparently not only is Donald Trump a Russian stooge but so is the Green party? This woman is a loon and makes Senator McCarthy look sane by comparison.

Has she no sense of decency?


What is the point of releasing all of these emails, etc.? Nothing that is shocking and it certainly isn't going to sway my voting. I'll still vote for her. Otherwise WikiLeaks is just adding to the 26 year Republican campaign to smear her. And CommonDreams is supporting it by giving it more significance than it deserves. Is CommonDreams now beginning to support Trump?


During another speech, in 2014, Clinton blamed "phony environmental groups... funded by the Russians" for sowing opposition to fracking and fossil fuel pipelines.

When I was a junior in HS, 14 of the best and brightest of our school decided to print our own newspaper out of disgust with the official school rag produced from the journalism class. Very inoffensive and only very mildly political it contained original art and poetry, but the "crime" we were "convicted" of was passing it out in the hallways. We were all suspended for two weeks and the story made headlines in a major paper 30 miles away. We too were accused of being influenced or controlled by communist operatives. None of us had any communist or socialist leanings, or for that matter could even succinctly elucidate any socialist ideology. The cold war was at its height and the civil unrest generated by the Viet Nam war was at its peak. This is my Ohio, and goes a long way in explaining how it will vote in November.

Joe McCarthy's fetid spirit lingers in the US psyche.


Reporting news is supporting Trump? Well, at least the MSM isn't guilty of that.


Hillary appears to have a sick fixation about the Russians. Which seems to be being fed by Samantha Powers and others of her ilk.


Hillaryites are now saying that e-v-e-r-yone has both a private and a public opinion about every issue.
That's outrageous and ridiculous.

I oppose abortion, but I support a woman's right to choose. That is both my private and my public opinion on that issue.
I oppose war and the death penalty. That is both my private and my public opinion on those issues.

Apparently the Hillary cultists will try to justify anything that Hillary says or does.
Including lying to the public about her real position on issues as important as war and peace.


"Smear" implies defamation, i.e. knowingly spreading false claims. How is the publication of facts / communications a smear?
I resent the frequent equivalence of those who promote transparency and fact-based critique with those who are truly spreading lies, and those who practice this false equivalence only further weaken the case for supporting Clinton.


My old man, a navy vet before he turned 20 (lied about his age to enlist in the late 1920s), traveled the world, served as a merchant marine in the WW II Pacific, was torpedoed twice, survived without serious injury, returned to raise a family, replied accordingly to my question as a junior high schooler about the Cold War (i.e., Why are we contesting the Russians like we are?): It's all bullshit, he said. The Russians care about one thing and one thing only: Mother Russia. Leave the Russians alone; they've got enough to worry about without us poking at them, surrounded like they are.

Sounded like good advice then, sounds like good advice now.


I really, really enjoy a good conspiracy, but this one is even hard for me to connect all the dots too.
First of all the Clinton's aren't all that smart.
Second, Trump isn't all that dumb.
You might convince me otherwise about #1 and #2, but #3 is where the entire conspiracy falls apart.

Why would the Bush's allow Hillary to become the president when they had Jeb in the race?
A Hillary is as good as a Bush? That's a stretch.


A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.
The only sane thing to do is to,
Vote for Jill Stein.


Why is Wikileaks publishing this stuff now when the race is over given that Trump has all but self-destructed? Why wouldn't they publish it during the primary when Bernie was a challenger and it could have done some good?


Looks like Russia and Wikileaks is out of luck trying to get their man Trump elected. His campaign has now imploded to such a degree that the Podesta hacked e-mails will surely be largely ignored. And there isn't much there anyway. Looks like the Green Party is going to have to suffer through four years of another Clinton and then put another unqualified candidate in 2020 and waste their votes on him or her. It has become a ritual carried out every four years. Fortunately it is usually harmless but once it played a role in giving us George W, Bush and everyone know what happened next.


The "facts" that are these leaks by WikiLeaks are factual is now being challenged by a reporter by MSNBC, or somewhere. In the greater scheme of things, the Trump campaign and the Republicans in general are trying to blow these way out of proportion. To me they are worth only a casual glance - beyond that I have no time for them. Similarly, I enjoyed a concert last night and missed raising my blood pressure watching a debate.

I think at this point in time when the choice is between Trump and Clinton that the choice is clear. The other 2 candidates or writing in Bernie won't go far, even if it makes you feel better. We just can't afford Trump at all costs. Once Clinton is in there, then perhaps we can judge her by what she does and keep a close eye on her - make sure she follows her promise regarding the party platform on issues that matter.


From the Simpsons - rather a prophetic given the current situation we're in now...

Opting for Jill myself.


Another good post L. I agree, those stupid Russians are as bad as those Green party losers. I too am glad they'll be suffering for four (make that four-ever) more years. Let's just hope the green's pathetic ritual proves harmless this year. I can't understand why Hillary isn't ahead by fifty points. Any thoughts on that?


hi hi

Knowledge is power.

If you see a discolored spot on your arm and don't want to go to the doctor to see if it is cancer or not, that is entirely up to you. But telling other people they are wrong for wanting to have all the information to make an informed decision is, in a word, authoritarian.

I'm not going to judge anyone for voting differently than I do. People have their own priorities, and their own point of view, but don't look away. Don't say it doesn't matter what happens, so long as it's not the absolute worst possible thing. These things may not matter to you, but for some people it is literally a matter of life and death.


Mr Assange suggested the reason for this was because they had to ensure all of the information vetted first and that it was pristine. What happnes very often with such leaks is that "poisoned" information will be included as a means by which to question all of it. He suggested if this vetting did not happen the media would select the elements that were wrong or incorrect to dismiss all of what was leaked.

They already try and do that .


Ever notice which way the arrow points on her campaign signs?


Oh yes, we can keep a close eye on her as she and Victoria Nuland prepare for war on Russia...and send lots of protesting emails. That will surely be effective.