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Wikileaks Dumps CIA’s Hacking Tools

Wikileaks Dumps CIA’s Hacking Tools

Marcy Wheeler

Today, Wikileaks released a big chunk of documents pertaining to CIA’s hacking tools.

People will — and already have — treated this as yet another Russian effort to use Wikileaks as a cutout to release documents it wants out there. And that may well be the case. It would follow closely on the release, by Shadow Brokers, of a small subset of what were billed as NSA hacking tools (more on that in a bit).


Thank you Marcy for showing us why nothing is as it seems nor will it be ever again when intel agencies have become independent governments acting in secret within our governments and from within ‘their’ governments as well.

Trump now has access to these hidden surveillance tools’.

Someday we may yet say… “Shhh! The TV is off but it is still plugged in and may be listening!”

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A little nuance from Escobar. But as he infers, nuance isn’t allowed.

Of course just posting this piece makes me Putin’s useful idiot.



The entire article is discredited by this shill’s support of the lies regarding Russian hacking and any evidence that exists. No evidence exists. Even the NSA has said this. The CIA and Congress who say that Russia had any influence in our presidential election are liars. This is an entirely trumped up lie to discredit the president, full stop. Why this shill got published here is unfathomable and a disgrace to Common Dreams status as a reliable news source.


Remember, a few months ago trump was telling his crowds how much he loves Wikileaks.
I wish someone would give trump’s tax returns to Wikileaks to be leaked to the public.


Happened to hear Ellen Ratner this morning on Thom Hartmann’s show.

She said one of the elements of this latest dump is information about the CIA’s ability to hack computerized vehicle controls, and cause accidents. Also to turn on the microphone in a car to listen to conversations.

The “Internet of things” is very much a double-edged sword. i would think the risks are glaringly obvious, but it steamrolls ahead, and “we” keep buying it.


Thank you for the link Po.
’ Putin is not playing chess, he’s playing GO.’
‘the last refuge of the scoundrels is cognitive dissonance’ (played full blast)
Thank you Pepe Escobar

Is it my imagination or does the stench of Victoria Nuland and her ilk keep coming back?


The New York Times comment section associated with an article on this topic was littered with love letters to the CIA thanking them for keeping us safe and encouraging them to keep up the spying and mischief. Wikileaks, on the other hand, was castigated for being–of course–a tool of Russia, even as the article made clear that the CIA hacking methodologies were extremely vulnerable to exposure from any number of sources, including many government contractors.

Thus, I must congratulate the terrorists in their success. A once brave nation now cowers behind the CIA’s skirts and happily surrenders privacy and liberty at the altar of (in)security. We’re all suspects, we’re all under surveillance, we’re all victims of unbridled paranoia. Big Brother, so it turns out, is indeed watching you.


Who was that reporter a few years ago that had his car hacked into … Michael Hastings … kinda sounds now like the Crappy Idiot Association really did kill him!

On another note – I have a Samsung smart tv and an iphone so everytime I watch the idiot box or talk on my phone I’m going to give them the bird! Phuq the idiots and the drone they flew in on!


I, too, noted depressingly the comments from readers on this topic at the NYT.

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Very good article, it’s just too bad that even as adults far too many of our fellow peons insist on believing fairy tales (as in: Russia as big, bad wolf and the CIA as Little Red Riding Hood)


I’m so glad you said this. I was afraid a comment like this might produce hate mail but It is good to notice that you were not even the only one pointing out the Russian fake news story. It is sad that so many who despise Trump will overlook the lies because they want to be rid of him by any means necessary even if it means rallying behind the neocons. Divide and conquer appears to have won.

Also, did you notice Wikileaks password for some files “SplinterItIntoAThousandPiecesAndScatterItIntoTheWinds”. JFK’s comments about what he wanted to do with the CIA, not long before he was terminated.


or it could be part of a larger Russian op…

it really seems like almost every Democrat alive has fallen for this one completely.

And given that Wheeler so mindlessly feeds into the Democrats current miscommunication strategy to cover all of their imbecilic behavior, she reveals another casualty of the “Russia did it!” absurdity: to help discredit Wikileaks as likely the most legitimate and useful form of journalism on the planet right now. I know a lot of Democrats who used to hang on these releases for years, and now, they won’t even bother to read them. After all, “Russian agents” and all that.

This also means Assange is going to probably stay in his prison for quite a bit longer, since the people most likely to work on his behalf are singing the same Russian tune.

There are a lot of things I won’t forgive Democrats for, but this may actually rise to the very top. And that’s no small achievement. This party can’t die fast enough.


I had to drink 5 beers to stomach all of this- And NO, Marcy Wheeler is no shill-
This is not in any way about “National Security”…
On the contrary, this is about CONTROL…
So, I am trashing my smart phone and my smart TV to pretend I have PRIVACY!

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The NYTimes reports today that the FBI is discussing the leaks with hundreds of operatives with access to the hacking/spying/mischief methodologies. Hundreds.

But free of actual, hard evidence, the Democrats and their BFFs, Graham and McCain, will tenaciously cling to the Russia angle.

Then again, if they couldn’t busy themselves blaming Russia, they’d have to confront their own lack of a message. And I think we know that ain’t gonna happen.

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