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WikiLeaks Dumps Excerpts From Paid Speeches Hillary Clinton Sought to Bury


WikiLeaks Dumps Excerpts From Paid Speeches Hillary Clinton Sought to Bury

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Excerpts of Hillary Clinton's paid speeches to Wall Street institutions, divulged by WikiLeaks late on Friday, show why the Democratic presidential nominee was reluctant to have them publicized during her primary battle a


Thank you Wikileaks and Julian Assange, a real people's hero.

Politicians don't care what the people want, but about how much money they can get to finance election to their permanent cushy jobs. And the people don't have Big Money's bribing and staying power.

If its not direct, its not democracy.


In before correct the record defends the neoliberal Clinton revealed for all to see by these excerpts. Of course, they won't admit that she is a neoliberal. These excerpts are already being spun as liberal and progressive, but if that were true, she would have released the transcripts when asked.


Wonderfully ironic how this e-mailed synopsis of the worst things Clinton said in her speeches was undertaken by her campaign in order to investigate whether it would be harmful or helpful for her to release the full transcripts.


Who is claiming this stuff is liberal and progressive?


It's all over the comment sections on MSM articles on the leaks and Reddit. Clinton people are out in full force with it. I'm just getting in before they spread it here.


Don't blame me...I voted for Bernie!


The only MSM channel that is keeping up with this story is FOX news.
I guess they can't be all bad.
It wouldn't surprise me to find out that the Clinton campaign has been sitting on this story for a long time, just waiting for a major email leak to be released. If it weren't for crazy Trump, the Clinton emails would be the big story.


Pretty ignorant of them to try and claim that. The whole email was written by her staff to show what in her speeches made her vulnerable in her primary contest with Bernie (i.e. where she was most anti-progressive).


Not true - I see this story as a main headline on essentially every outlet.


Why not vote for Stein if you feel that way.


"She also lamented as "onerous and unnecessary" requirements that political candidates divest from certain assets and sell stocks before entering government, saying "there is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives.""

That's what all the plutocrat's say. Poor little rich me, boohoo. Its not you or your rich neolib and neocon pals. Its the system that produces them at everyone's expense.

Direct Democracy


Trump is getting 10 minuets of coverage for every 10 seconds they give to Clinton's email leak, I would not call that the main headline.


From what I've read so far, it's beyond me why anybody would pay any more than 50 cents for such drivel. The U.S. citizenry has three choices. Take a gamble, (Trump), vote for war, (Hillary), or vote for peace, (Jill Stein). Nothing could be clearer. Voters have a month to figure that out.


VOTE The Jill Stein-Way...... A new way , a new path.
The reason that most Americans are forced to choose between either Thump or Clinton is because that is the likely outcome of a Rigged "democratic" system embedded within an extremely opportunistic, capitalistic e-Con-omic system. When making money or monitizing everything from nature and human labor is the priority, (and if you are a stock market investor or rentier - you are part of this mindset), we will see the outcome come down to a choice for President that represents this mindset ; afterall Thump is of the "billionaire" class, or so he says....And Ms Clinton, is also of this class or serves this class...... Nope...these choices are a reflection of the US or the powers that be that control it...What is needed is real change, not Thump Change, but real change that most Americans want.....We know what Clinton will bring, more of the same from Obama if not more, and with Thump....that kind of change we may not want to seee......I vote Jill, the Steinway...a new way for me....


Yep, but you will also get more war with Thump as he has thin skin and is for a great increase in Military spending, as is Clinton..... Jill will bring much more than only Peace, but a way that leads to better chances of survival on this rapidly changing planet......


I said "a main" not "the main" and I was referring to the online main stream media. You are right about the TV coverage - not a big play there.


Check your state's laws. Unless you live in Vermont, Wyoming, Oregon, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Delaware, or Alabama write-in votes are not counted unless a candidate has registered as such (and Bernie and Beth have definitely not registered as write-ins in any state).
Thinking of voting for Stein as merely a protest vote ignores the movement building possibilities that can happen if she gets over 5% and the Greens become eligible for Federal matching funds.
Also, if you want to show support for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party then don't look at the top of the ticket to help with that. I'd look for down-ballot candidates who are in that category and vigorously work & vote for them.


.....And don't forget the loss of freedoms in addition to more austerity... Canada, Iceland....sounds better...


You should vote however you want. But in case you don't know, the Hillary PAC "Correct the Record," which pays people to troll online for Hillary, is behind the "Bernie write-in" campaign. This is because most Berners are refusing to get in line behind Hillary, and are turning to Jill Stein.

This is a bad thing, from the Hillary camp's point of view, because if Jill Stein gets at least 5% of the votes nationwide in 2016, the Green Party will get the federal funds and permanent party status that will enable a strong progressive challenge to Hillary in 2020.

I called my state's Election Division a few days ago, and learned that we can write in candidates, and our votes will be tallied, but unless the write-in candidate carries the whole state, his vote total will NOT be available to the public. So Bernie wouldn't even know that we voted for him. It's like throwing that vote into a dark hole.