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WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange 'Dragged Out' of Ecuadorian Embassy, Arrested By UK Police


In addition to NOT supporting candidates who condemn whistleblowers, it is necessary to develop concise responses that address the nature of the revelations of criminality that they oppose.

The persons, institutions and system are so weak, twisted and contorted that they MUST use criminal methods. The premise of embracing being paid to be a ‘lobbyist’ when one’s oath of office as representative IS TO THE CONSTITUTION and TO THE PEOPLE is fundamentally sociopathic. and somewhere in there is a notion of TREASON

These premises and their consequences need to be articulated so clearly that they cannot be denied their veracity.



I was thinking similarly as I watched that video. I often ask myself what those ‘tasked’ with obeying the orders of the fascists must be thinking as they involve themselves in unethical acts.

Sadly, I would expect a large number of them to be misinformed, like the majority of people, and might go on about their days after dragging a journalist out of the embassy, ‘cause the U.S. wants it’, as if it were just like every other day.



Also Australia, showing no interest in protecting their own citizen. Australian journalist Caitlin Johnstone has been outspoken about her disgust for her country’s subservience to the U.S.



How sure are you about that? Santana spoke of “Evil ways.”



So, lets start branding Fox News as a hostile intelligence service and see what happens.

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Fascists live by going in a circle. They gather power, then they get the payoffs that come after. Money then buys more power, etc,etc.

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They will just say that we can’t handle the hypocrites. Well?



"Intelligence Service," really?

The shear amount of brain matter at FOX is staggeringly miniscule.



Yes, to paraphrase Santana, American people! You have got to change your evil ways!

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We can stop voting for capitalists, fascists, and war mongers for a start.



Who in the Duopoly will be left to vote for?



Nonsense. Obama helped paved the way to this by using the Espionage act to prosecute whistleblowers at an unprecedented level. The only reason he didn’t prosecute Julian was because even he could not hide the backlash that would bring. Yes Mitch and Trump are at the fore front of this debacle but ignoring the fact that Obama’s actions paved the way for them is naive.

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Thank you for this, and I thank all those who voted me up…

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Well, that’s a very good question.
In the “Lord of the rings” series I heard Gandalf say in a couple of different movies, “Run you fools”. Maybe there is something to that.



Run for your life indeed…



Your enemy is still Mitch Mc Connell.