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WikiLeaks Publishes Trove of Alleged CIA Hacking Docs


WikiLeaks Publishes Trove of Alleged CIA Hacking Docs

Nika Knight, staff writer

WikiLeaks on Tuesday released a trove of purported CIA documents hailed by security expert Jessalyn Radack as "in same category as [the] biggest leaks of classified info by [whistleblowers] Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden."


I wonder if it is fair to say that anyone stupid enough to buy a smart TV deserves to be hacked. A smart TV is like putting out a sign saying "hack me."


So George Orwell's prediction of a 2-way "telescreen" for the purposes of both spouting propaganda and spying on the progagandee was prescient - even if more than 30 years late.


I wonder how many on the left are waiting for Trump to praise Wikileaks for this great blow for the people against the "Deep State" spies that opposes him.


Soon to follow. . . the inevitable unified voice of indignation by Republican and (Un)Democratic Party leaders regarding this leak.


I just brought this up two or three days ago. I think i said FBI, gut at tgis point, whats the real difference. If one has it, the other will too. Like I said, don't look at porn. Its the worst thing people can do with there computers. You have to have a script protector like NoScript for ANY web surfing. Funny it showed up on wikileaks this late. It was already on IntelExchange on the TOR network. The underground was saying and showing that some of these tools were making comps into "zombies" to set people up. Basically a zombie is a comp used for something tuat the owner is unaware of. Some programs can leave data that is illegal in case someone finds out and end up not going to the authorities due to what it could be like someone elses credit info or even more sinister like child porn. The CIA and FBI have masdive arcgives of either example and have been caught ppanting it on peoples computers over the past 5 years. So, beware, use the net intelligently and look at your data storage often for spikes and your internet traffic to be sure your not using data when your not on the net. A good rule of thumb for those that understand comps is to go into system management and actually turn off your card. It will kick the power so nothing can happen when your not on the net.


Stupid people get Smart TVs. I'm a Canadian musician; I just released a YouTube video entitled 'Police State of Mind':

Please check it out & pass it along. In solidarity with my progressive brothers & sisters to the south!

Matt Maxwell


Ah well. The Chinese government has been funding hackers for years..........A city council in the UK has tried to add microphones to its CCTV cameras............Why watch TV anyway? Damn, that fridge is reporting on me again! My car speaks to the CIA....I'll ride a bike.....damn, that magnetic bike speedometer is talking to someone...........


How many posters here at CD have been ridiculing Trump, saying Obama was not spying on him? Obviously, the Five Eyes were, since ex-NSA agent Russel Tice in 2005 and 2013 published that they spy on Presidents, Judges, Generals and Lawyers for Corps.

Can't you connect the obvious dots? Double-agent Barry Soetoro, as I have linked many times, was former See-Eye-Aye. Being the president, are you going to tell me that the former employee of See-Eye-Aye front bank Business International Corporation Bank never talks to "the company?" Presidents always talk to the See-Eye-Aye! I'm sure they were feeding the President spy info on Trump.

Eisenhower bugged his VP Nixon (a shocking documentary played those tapes where Ike said "Keep that SOB bugged! There's just no way to trust a person so dishonest!) (paraphrasing)
Nixon bugged his own office. (thought he was going to write a book later from it.)
FBI's J. Edgar Hoover bugged Labor Leaders, and pretty much everybody else.

All illegally.

If you think the DroneBomber was above that, then you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed.

By the way, it's just like the mob. You never leave the See-Eye-Aye. And my objection to this is that we as voters should have been told the truth about candidate Obama's spook past before we made our choice at the voting booth. Apparently, Obama has no intention of going into retirement.

Watergate is in the cards folks. But who will chair it? The GOP, that's who. And that means an intolerant religious wacko President Pence. Is that what you want?

Think, you fools, Think!
Your opposition to Trump will see us out of the frying pan, into the fire, imho.


Another batch of informational warfare, courtesy of a Russian military branch! I am a bit confused whether it is provided by FSB or another branch?!


Connect the dots? You've connected every dot to Obama but none to Trump. On other sites reporting about this article they mention malware" swapping " of a sort; where the CIA actually captures hackers malware. Then, uses it to attack some other parties service or system, leaving a phony trail, of sorts. Think 7 Old West bankrobbers being pursued by a posse: they simply send 2 riderless horses off into the woods creating a false trail, while all ride away on 5 horses.
Regardless, the Federal Police & Security State needs to be shrunk down to the size of a 8 person hot tub; where we could drown them all, alphabetically. Then start on the current corrupt UniParty Congress. We all have a list after that, your list may differ from mine.
Sail on, Sail on, Sailor! Just make sure you, and yours, have life jackets.


None of this is surprising as logically anything connected and digitized is fair game. As so many items are made overseas the conspiracy is obviously global. Remember, CIA is not the only national intelligence agency, many other countries share. What we can not do directly, other countries we cooperate with can, and they share information. So other countries may influence their manufacturers to cooperate,or perhaps our large retailers are behind it.

More important to the story is the idea CIA inadvertently lost control of the hacking tools. Thats BS. Most likely they outsourced the hacking to some other country or private contractor so are covering their tracks.

Not reported in this article is the leak shows they are able to disguise their hacks to make it look like it came from some other country like Russia. An interesting oversight here given the little proof we have that Hillarys email hack was Russian because it came from an entity with a hidden Russian language signature .

Perhaps soon someone comes out with evidence the Hillary email hack came from CIA and they will blame Russia for using their lost /stolen hacking tools


I would probably put "1984" together with "Brave New World" and "Fahrenheit 451" as a combination description. The first for the oppression, just not as obvious as was thought then and corporate as much as or more than government (government as corporate agent) - the second for the insidious nature of hooking us on the pleasure drug, in this case not an actual pharmaceutical but convenience and social media and "smart" devices and internet of things - and - third the full wall-width televisions which allowed interaction between viewers and the story on screen along with earplug radios (the "sea shells") all of which kept the public barely aware of the massive ware going on until the end of the book when a few people escape while atom bombs rain down on the rest.
Unlike movies with their eternally grim and gray depictions of living under dictatorships even the most overtly oppressive regimes offer daily life and cultural events to their citizens. Here we think we are "free" even while being tracked and tailed and hacked on our daily personal devices ("phones") and other devices around us, increasingly, not to mention losing our lives to rental space in "the cloud" which effectively removes ownership and direct control over the physical material of our own lives. Software no longer is purchased installed, it is now controlled through monthly rentals or it stops working. We are becoming indentured servants and tenant farmers in our own lives.


watch this video:

Sam Halpern: Did you ever see any pieces of CIA?



I really, really, hate to tell you this. It's a lot worse than that. Your clothes all have a passive chaff strip that resonates door sensors where ever you go. RFID chips with no batteries smaller than a human hair (don't look it up, you'll be running through the streets naked screaming about the Englishman's Bill of Rights!)


No, I don't just pick on Obomber,

I have connected mob dots to Trump. You must have missed those posts of mine. So this appears to me to be another JFK situation. Once again, a rogue president, this time from the right (but not unlike Sen Joe Kennedy Rum Runners, since Trumps Grandpappy ran brothels in Canada) , against the spy machine.

It's MOB vs Spooks all over again.

Where's the presidential convertible? (No wonder Trump doesn't trust the Secret Service. They always desert the car on the Grassy Knoll.) Calling Jack Ruby. Calling Jack Ruby. Get to Dallas, immediately! The Single Bullet Theory Gang is on the way!


Bill o'Rights? Wasn't he Irish? Do we have a Bill of Rights? I thought we were just semi-emancipated serfs. If we have a Bill of Rights it would go back to around 1660 when Charles II mounted his throne and numerous mistresses and cwertainly wouldn't carry reference to the internet.

As for JFK. I once saw on TV an interesting forensic reconstruction put together by a retired USAian marshal,

Key facts were:

Two shots were fired from the 6th floor, the second hitting Kennedy and Conelly.

These shots were low velocity large rounds as per Oswald's rifle.

The third shot was a high velocity bullet with flat trajectory that made a small entry wound in the back of Kennedy's head, smaller than the size of ?Oswald's bullets, and which exploded in Kennedy's head as do such bullets from such rifles.This shot was fired from a low angle implying it was fired at ground level and not from the 6th floor of the Texas bookstore.

There was a Secret Service agent in the following car seen and I recall filmed waving around a semi-automatic rifle of the appropriate type which had been lying on the floor of the car. The people in car behind the SS vehicle had reported the smell of "gunpowder". The SS agent allegedly fooling around with the rifle had only been on duty for 6 months and should have been driving the car as that was allegedly his job.Apart from this one agent, the rest had been partying and boozing all night till around 5am-6am, The interviews with the Secret Service boss had some interesting obfuscations. It would seem that the SS agent accidentally shot Kennedy.

The grassy knoll was not in the picture and interviews with peple on the knoll suggested no shots were fired from there.

The other matter the film brought out was the utter confusion in the hospitals that Kennedy ended up inand the fact that critical evidence got lost.

So that was then.


This proves Russia and Putin doesn't have anything over on us and our elected terrorists! I'd say it's way past time to stop accusing Putin's Russia of the dirty work our own government spooks are guilty of!


Partisanship is irrelevant with respect to this story. The duopoly created this nightmare with full cooperation from "both" parties.


Good point and if the previous administration was indeed spying on Trump during the election, they would have most likely done so through proxies like GCHQ.