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WikiLeaks Release Of Clinton Campaign Emails Smeared As Russian Masterminded Plot (Again)


WikiLeaks Release Of Clinton Campaign Emails Smeared As Russian Masterminded Plot (Again)

Kevin Gosztola

With no specific evidence, President Barack Obama’s administration explicitly claimed the Russian government was responsible for stealing emails from the Democratic National Committee and other individuals and organizations closely linked to the Democratic Party. The accusation came just as WikiLeaks published emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.


Last night Hillary blamed Abraham Lincoln for her email predicament. And the Russians.
Hillary will blame anyone for everything except herself. She's the real creator of her own world of lies and duplicity.


Clinton's Lincoln diversion was a very clever way to not answer a question that asked why she had different agendas with corporations than voters. Instead she described Lincoln's using different approaches with various Congresscritters to appeal to their priorities, something every POTUS has done and Kevin Spacey frequently portrays in House of Cards.

Hillary is getting slicker than Slick Willy.


It's clear the emails are damaging to her public image (as opposed to her private image) per her emails. But what everyone should be very concerned with is the drum beat for confrontation with Russia. Russia blaming is becoming louder and more frequent now, the closer she gets to the White House.
The back story is far more than what is being told. She wants a no-fly zone in Syria which will kill many civilians, one of her comments states. Her and the generals are already beefing up the PR for it and she is dead serious about regime change.
While Trump is a bloviating child molester as is Bill, the fear of Hillary as president is far more serious. She plans to continue the neocon/neoliberal policies that have demolished the Democratic party and will bring us face to face with Russia over Syria. She will kill thousands and she admitted it. She is as much a psychopath and Trump.


At the very least Clinton's Russia stories will restart the cold war with Russia, restoring one of her military industrial complex's (MIC) favorite profit centers of all time. Those additional profits will give the Democratic Party even more corporate money in 2018 and beyond.


Voting for Hillary means an escalation in Syria and more war. A vote for Trump is like rolling the dice, we could get war, maybe not. I think war is the worst of any human problems, so which candidate is most evil? Voting for Stein will result in a government which makes peace a top priority. People have less than a month to figure this out.


But it's perfectly okay when Americans do it....

"The most closely-guarded documents allegedly stolen were codes used to hack into the computer networks of foreign governments, including China, North Korea, Russia and Iran, according to the New York Times."


This excellent article shows how politicians once wiggled their way out of trouble, before the internet became the major source of news. Hacks like HillRod would simply divert attention, blaming the Russians or Saddam or other convenient enemy for leaked government secrets or bothersome grassroots activism. A news service or prominent newspaper would mindlessly pick up the diversion and write the story as a threat against the USA, and the scare story would go nationwide. But there are too many news sources now, available to anyone with internet access. We can't be diverted from the truth! It's good, though, to see the NY Times published the latest leaks without parroting HillRod's Russian cold war diversion mythology. They are struggling at the Times to regain some relevance after making fools of themselves during the W administration. The Washington Post is, of course, beyond repair.


Jeff Bozo's Washington Post keeps lowering the bar, making it easier for the NYT to regain at least a little credibility.


...America it's them bad Russians.
Them Russians them Russians and them Chinamen. And them Russians...

-- from Alan Ginsberg's 'America'

60 years later and we're still in the same sad place.


Damn those pesky Russians. How dare they make Hillary say all those things to Wall St? Only in this election would Democrats be complaining about voters getting too much information. When did we become the Party wanting low-information voters? The whole idea behind a democracy, is that the more informed the decision we make, the better it works. Our founding fathers understood this, which is why freedom of the press is part of the 1st Amendment.



I'm no Clinton fan (I will vote for Stein, but in California that's an easy choice), but if you look at https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/927 you will see that Clinton was referring to Lincoln in the original speech she gave, she didn't introduce the idea in yesterday's debate as is implied here. That said, I still disagree with her - we aren't in the times of Lincoln, and I believe we should be striving for the most transparent open government we can have - definitely not the public/private position idea she is advocating.

I haven't finished reading the leaks, but there are some things I didn't expect. Hillary comes out as MORE for single payer in the leaks than she does in public. Not that I think it is high on her agenda to move towards.

It's really a bummer that the Trump released video is overshadowing the Clinton emails. I'm pretty sure we are going to be stuck with Clinton for 4 years so it would be good if as many people as possible understand what she really thinks so we can oppose what is against our interest and support what is in our interest but she doesn't want to push for.



Damn the Kremlin! It figures those godless commies wouldn't know anything about democracy. How the hell can you run a political campaign if the damn Ruskies keep exposing what's really going on. First we learn through WikiLeaks that the Democratic National Committee rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders. Now this! We learn that
"Clinton told a summit hosted by Goldman Sachs on October 29, 2013 that 'WikiLeaks was a big bump in the road, but I think the Snowden material could be potentially much more threatening to us.'" She argued Snowden gave adversaries a blueprint on how the U.S. operates. 'Why is that in any way positive?'"
You damn betcha! Our politicians do their best to keep the electorate in the dark, only to have the Russians come along and spoil their work. If the Russians keep this up, Americans will lose faith in the democratic process.


Pretty standard. The Clintons do not accept personal responsibility for anything. Blame Russia? Why not?

Putin is as much of a megalomaniac as Clinton or Trump,. so whatever happens, we could be facing a catastrophic Battle of the Colossal Egos. Meanwhile, China stands ready, watching.


I'm pretty sure we're going to be stuck with Trump. Much of the Republican voting base deeply opposes Trump. However, Dems and liberals disregarded how much of the Dem voting base deeply opposes Clinton. They began rejecting the Clinton agenda in the 1990s. They rejected it in 2000, rejected it in 2008, and even more reject it in 2016.


Isn't it interesting that nobody says very much at all about China.
Could that be because China holds a very large piece of our debt and if they demanded immediate repayment our economy would collapse?


Pertinent reference, abi.

A favorite of mine is "The Russians are Coming!" Norman Jewison's sensible though spoof 1966 movie. Gads, it's been 50 years, and we're still playing this insane game of blaming the Russians.

Last week I noted there are several references in the movie "Snowden" to "Russian hackers," and Ed Snowden is speaking of surveillance powers of NSA. In a way it's quaint though dishonest to still blame the Russians for the hacking.

Some good comments here, far from the Clinton-US corporate media propaganda.


This article demonstrates how the Media works in Conjunction with the Clinton Campaign to manipulate public perceptions. Here we have a person with CNN caught on Mic coaching a supposedly "neutral audience" as to what they should talk about when they came back online. She forgot her mic still on.

Wikileaks exposes more of this relationship with some of the emails they released.


This an article as to how the media is already citing documents they KNOW are false and claiming they were released by Wikileaks.


Even after one organization apologized for claiming the article cited was from the Wikileaks release another reporter from that same organization made the same false claims later.


Does not the Clinton mob realise that Russia has modified its T34 tanks to be able to swim across the Atlantic and invade New York? And that 100 000 marinised T34s are poised on the Kamchatka coastlineto float over to California and take over San Diego? That is, if their water cooling intakes don't get blocked with plastic rubbish in the Pacific?

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! AAAAAAAAAGH!


No, China is not standing; it is buying.