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WikiLeaks Releases Third Batch of Podesta Emails, Including Planned Attacks on Sanders


WikiLeaks Releases Third Batch of Podesta Emails, Including Planned Attacks on Sanders

Nika Knight, staff writer

WikiLeaks released the third installment of its cache of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta's hacked emails early Tuesday, revealing the inner workings of the Clinton camp's efforts to spin news items and influence


It’s all about winning …
What a sick travesty …


In light of this one has to wonder what might have happened if Bernie had taken the gloves off early in his campaign, exposed the truths about the Clintons, and put her vileness on the defensive.


Had Bernie “taken the gloves off” at any point he probably would have been Wellstoned. The only recourse the DNC has now is to blame the Russians.

My long time neighbor who ascended to a high rank during his 30 year US military career was selected to be among the military personnel who toured the Soviet Union upon its collapse for the purpose of determining the true extent of the Soviet military threat.

Despite his entire career being driven by the cold war against the Soviet Union, this officer (who is no lefty and has always voted GOP) told us that based on the observations of his entourage that the Soviet threat was exponentially overblown during the 1945-1989 cold war.

The DNC is blaming the Russians now because 1) they know many Hillbots were brainwashed during the cold war to fear the then Soviet and now Russian faux “threat”, 2) contrived fear of Russia has always proven to be a good distraction from issues of consequence, and 3) the military industrial complex (MIC) has missed out on a lot of easy revenue since the cold ended a quarter century ago and they know Clinton will enable restarting the cold war, enhancing their revenue at US taxpayers’ expense post haste.


Well, Democrats, I believe congratulations are in order! You managed to secure the endorsement of Glenn Beck! Good job!

So this lesser evil thing, we should talk more about it…


I’ll happily confirm that from before the Soviet empire collapsed. I was an analyst stationed in Berlin until October of 1989–timing, I know! The Soviets were powerful, but there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of them defeating us on a conventional battlefield. I know this from first hand observation as an on-the-ground collector.

It was the beginning of my own personal awakening; the realization that I’d given the prime of my life–and the health of my body and mind–over to an astonishing lie.


Americans (the average poorly educated) have a history of voting against their own best interests. Any clever pied piper can have them marching in line. Eliminating Sanders fraudulently was the biggest mistake the Democrats made. There is still a month for the vote and much can happen in that time. Expect surprises right down to the wire.

One thing this campaign proved was that there is no shame here. Story told of the young student from overseas whose mom keeps writing and asking what she can send him. He replies, “Nothing mom, they have everything here.” She keeps asking, "There must be something they don’t have? He finally responds, “Send some SHAME. There is no shame here.”


What is the true motivation of the “Blame the Russians” strategy.

I find it hard to believe that any even slightly informed voter will buy into this or that even if it WAS the Russia (which i do not believe it was) that it would change their views on Ms Clintons campaign. They are not going to suddenly rush from sitting on the sidelines, or supporting Trump or supporting Stein, or not voting at all because of Russians.

Far too many of the younger voter are internet savvy. Far too many of the older voters recognize they were conned for decades during the Cold War about the “evil russians”. There certainly a group that would believe it the Russians but this would not shift support to Clinton.

My own personal opinion is this.

The “Blame the Russians” strategy is simply another step in the ongoing attempts to demonize that nation state so as to further isolate Russia in the World community and to try and justify further sanctions, increased military spending and or outright war. In other words those that continue to support Ms Clinton will in effect move the World towards and even more dangerous time.

Part two of this is to set up an out should the elections not go as expected. If a handful of states go Trump that were expected to be Democrat they can claim without any evidence “Russian Hacking”. While Obama indicated the very notion that groups in the USA would ever hack an election (Americans are too GOOD and the nation too exceptional apparently) was just to wackball crazy to contemplate , he goes out of his way to suggest Russia (inherently evil) might well do such a thing.


Many of my co-workers have been worried during the past 8 years that Obama would be snuffed by some racists. i always assured them that the Secret Service was fully capable of making sure that nobody would take Obama out as long as he continued to pursue his regressive agenda.

I also mentioned that if Obama failed his 1% paymasters that nobody including the Secret Service could protect him if he was caught in the 1%'s crosshairs.


From my perspective, if Bernie had taken the gloves off and not sold out his constituents " THE PLANNED ATTACKS ON SANDERS" would have escalated to point where instead of being verbal attacks they would likely be threats to Bernie and his family.


It’s going to take a lot more than this to stop Trump’s freefall. Given the fighting among Republicans that is giong on now maybe Wikileaks should have held this until the Democratic primary in 2020. Perhaps it would have had an impact then. This is a case of serious bad timing of foreigners who are trying to influence the US election in favor of Trump. Too little too late sums it up.


One option is for Bernie to disavow his support for Hillary and get back in the race if at all possible, considering that some votes have already been cast.

Another is to file a class action lawsuit against the DP and the DNC for electoral fraud and cancel this election.


According to Hillary Americans fall into one of three groups; her donor class, the basket of deplorables, or the bucket of losers? Which one are you in?


If he had done a trump he would have gone down in flames. Bernie is so much smarter than his erstwhile supporters.


Bernie did extremely well in large part because he ran a very positive campaign. I think that going negative would not have helped him.


If the bucket fits…


Drone, this quote from Oscar Wilde is for you:

The only thing I do not regret are my mistakes.


I’m sure Wilde would approve of my path since…:slight_smile:


If Wilde was here today and wrote a script on the 2016 election, it would be censored.


Well, Mr Assange, it sure would have been a hell of a lot more effective (for Bernie) to have had these emails during the the effing primaries.