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WikiLeaks: US Bugged More Than Two Dozen Brazilian Leaders


WikiLeaks: US Bugged More Than Two Dozen Brazilian Leaders

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Just days after Brazil President Dilma Rousseff's official working visit to the United States, during which she and President Barack Obama issued a joint communique affirming their "mutual respect and trust," WikiLeaks and The Intercept on Saturday, July 4 published a "top secret U.S.


NSA spying has never been about terrorism. Wave that flag today while you remember the false one.

Happy Independence Day.


Rural peoples all over the world are in the fights of their lives not to be eaten up by the dynamics of transnational corporations. As the corporate feeding chain encounters people awakening to the fact that the WE includes all of us from indigenous peoples to family farmers, everyday jane and joes, and all in between, as variations on ‘externalized costs’; ie: uncounted

In Brazil the Agribusiness interests having been trying to get an Amendment to the Constitution - called PEC 215, which would make Indigenous rights to traditional lands subject to, you guessed it, the same legislative representatives rather than a formal ratification of stringent documentation of those lands. Lets see, that’s legislative interests paid for by corporations like Monsanto, Cargill, JBS (cafo meats - check it out in the US), VALE and other mining companies from Canada and China, MASSIVE damming of the Amazon for hydroelectric power, mining on its coattails and industrial shipping waterways to handle all that, meat and grains etc. Truly breathtaking in the scale of WHAT and WHO are ‘externalized’.

So, if the majority of the taps are on government persons involved with “political affairs”, Cui bono? Might it be those who are buying political “representation” - perhaps in both ‘nations’?

One of the more recent responses to this travesty of PEC 215 in Brazil:

And not to forget “Operation Carwash” - still not settled in Brazilian investigations and court cases.


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This story seems to be of major importance to me. There is little said about it in the main stream media. The big story of the day is how they are working so hard to insure our safety over the holiday weekend.


This comment syatem still need some fixes. The “likes” need to be shown under the original comment - not the often-nutty comments that follow it.


Our government has no right to call out any other country for hacking. If you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones.


Hats off to Wikileaks. I love the way they time these releases for just after these greasy politicians come to Washington to do their ritual obeisance to the Empire.


American hoard the wealth conservatives spy on everyone in their ongoing effort to control the world economically, militarily, and above all stamp out every single instance of share the wealth liberal thought and governance. The conservative ruling power elite claim they are doing what is best for America…False, they are doing ever thing possible to stay in control of the wealth and power including killing millions of innocent Muslims, destroying governments and economies, printing trillions of dollars for themselves, giving themselves bailouts while denying debt relief to average Americans, restricting health care for profit, violating the constitution, torturing people.