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'Wild and Timely' Report Details Infiltration of Far-Right Militias and White Supremacist Groups in US Police Departments

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/wild-and-timely-report-details-infiltration-far-right-militias-and-white-supremacist

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Sounds like police in the U.S. are corrupt on the fundamental level, are unreformable, and need to be abolished and replaced entirely.


I’m sure the Federal, State, County and City officials will immediately hire the best landscaping companies available to freshen up the look around the courthouse and police stations. Maybe even put in some nice new flower beds, too. Plant some trees and add a comfy bench.
Meanwhile, all the weevils, borers, nasty beetles and their toxic buddies will hang out in the well-nurtured and well-groomed underground, the subsoil of these nice new buildings. Doing what pests always do best, controlling their own turf.


Centralized recruitment and training of police forces may have some chance of changing culture, but while the police forces are constituted from and trained in thousands of petty fiefdoms there is little chance of overall reform.

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What else do you expect when you staff civilian police departments with the U.S. military veterans who’ve spent the last two decades fighting (and torturing… mass-murdering) “sand niggers” and “savages” (the latter term was American “hero,” Chris Kyle’s preferred epithet for Iraqis… the former is simply standard military “jargon” for millions of Middle Eastern corpses)?

Apparently, civilian law enforcement in the United States has been infiltrated by modern Nazis (quelle surprise! How unlike us, Americans – following decades of putting people like J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles in charge of our “security” – “Kill yourself, Martin Luther King!” and “JFK, don’t bother killing yourself – we’ve got it covered!”).

If video after video of American police officers murdering unarmed black children, unarmed black men and women – shooting them in the back, planting weapons afterward – hasn’t convinced you, it’s time to WTFU: From coast to coast (whether you’re in “liberal” San Francisco or conservative Jackson, Mississippi), American police forces have been infiltrated by the same violent, white-supremacist organizations that President Barack Obama removed from the DHS “Watch List” (appeasing the far-right, early in his administration) and which Donald Trump has shamelessly incited and encouraged with his barely-coded racism (a longstanding tradition in the post-Southern Strategy U.S., thanks, primarily, to Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton, who relentlessly signaled to neo-fascist bigots that they are 100% right about people of color: they “deserve” to be disproportionately “policed” – persecuted – and turned into modern slaves… they’re simply “more violent” than “we” are… That’s the white-supremacist, Chicago-obsessed Fox “News” narrative… beloved by Trump-Republicans and Biden-Democrats alike, when it comes to The New Jim Crow).

Does anyone else remember the naivete and innocence of the American public that saw Rodney King’s beating in the early 1990’s and was genuinely shocked that such a thing could take place in America? Today, Americans see unarmed human beings ruthlessly gunned down by Nazi cops… and are divided over how to respond.


Mainstream news sources reported during the Iraq War years that this term of abuse was common in the ranks of the U.S. military serving in the Middle East. That and “Hajis.”

From the perspective of an ex-Marine: “The dominant culture’s ideology is firmly at work during training. You must implant the seeds of dehumanisation in order to convince 18-year-old kids to fly half way around the world to murder people. Therefore, Iraqis and Afghans were referred to as hajis, sand niggers, camel jockeys and towel heads.”



But, I thought US police WERE our right wing, fascist, White Supremacist militia death squads (since WAY before 1619?) Just imagine what demographic change, armed drones & predictive enforcement will be like, once brainwashed, poor soldiers become militarized cops MAGAnazi & refugees?)






Well it’s nice to have corroboration. But of course this has been known for decades.

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Here the thing. In the USA unlike most other Countries the “Sheriff” is elected.

Sheriff David G Beth was elected to office by the citizens of Kenosha. If the citizens of Kenosha see nothing wrong with electing a racist to office and in fact use that fact as a reason to vote him to office then a racist will be elected to office as Sheriff.

It should not be a mystery as to how these police forces are “infiltrated”.

Donald Trump is also a racist. He did not “infiltrate” the Government to become President. People voted for him .


Indeed, as this subject has been written by such writers as Kristian Williams in his powerful book Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America and Alex Vitale in his book called The End of Policing.

Apparently you need to read books such as The End of Policing and especially Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America as those books persuasively inform the reader that it is the entire system of policing which has been, for over a century, corrupt to the core and which has had a vile history of oppression against minorities and people of color.


Our last sheriff is in prison for 10 years and our present one is on his way. Bullying is what got them both in trouble. Our county is electing progressives to state senate and house, but no progressives want to run for sheriff. Who can we vote for?


I do not know how to answer that. I am in Canada and we do not elect sherrifs, DAs or judges.

I always thought that (electing them) was wrong.

Justice should be blind and non partisan , when someone runs for one of those offices under some political banner it becomes neither of those things.

As example a guy elected sheriff and the guy who donated 10000$ to get him elected has a son said sheriff stops for impaired driving,. Does that guy thats DUI get treated the same as any other person stopped for the same? it unlikely.


So true. And, nepotism plays a part in this, too.

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I found it!
This is a vid clip from Kenosha, where a young militia member is explaining to protestors how the KPD told militia members they(PD) would push the protestors towards the militia members because the militia “knew how to deal with them”.
Outrageous, and someone needs to investigate this, if true, fire and charge every freaking cop in that town.

"Were Kenosha Police Aiding a Civil War? "



You’re fortunate to live in a more civilized country. A big part of the problem is the electorate doesn’t educate themselves about who is running, yet vote anyway.


Sorry you had a bad experience here, but I’m not sure what you’re reacting against.

Clearly, the police in the U.S. have been institutionally racist for decades, targeting people of color for non-violent crimes (mostly drug-related) that African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans commit at no higher rates than Caucasian-Americans (in fact, whites are statistically more likely than blacks to be drug dealers, as Michelle Alexander points out in her essential book, “The New Jim Crow”).

Police in the U.S. relentlessly target communities of color and utterly destroy them, incarcerating and enslaving millions – more than were enslaved at the height of the antebellum South. And in recent years, they’ve stepped it up, acting like a modern gestapo, treating black men like the Nazis treated Jews, murdering them in broad daylight, facing no consequences for their actions the vast majority of the time.

Are people who acknowledge this reality somehow doing a disservice to the police? Are we demonizing or persecuting them?

Or are we simply pointing to an injustice that has gone on for far too long?

(Sure, thousands of police do their jobs in a decent and fair-minded way – but virtually none of them blow the whistle on their murderous, racist colleagues, thanks to the “Blue Wall of Silence.” What should our society do, but condemn the whole, vicious lot of them for allowing their institution to be turned into an instrument of fascism?)


Typical charming right-wing machine-gun discourse. Ratatatat! US American children do this with playing cards laundry-clipped to make noise on the bicycle spokes…

Speaking of crackpots:

As the momentum to excuse Rittenhouse’s crimes as justified spread online Thursday, amplified by far-right figures around the globe, Jamelle Bouie called it “the single most ominous development of the year."



I’m guessing, it’ll take a while before we learn to question viral phone video clips, mysteriously popping up on media, “clearly showing” this or that facile narrative. Remembering agents provacateurs @ Pgh’s G20 or NYC Occupy’s mass arrests (before ubiquitous streaming, with Sony’s 12MP low light cameras or video editing apps). It’s likely more than protestors being herded about like distraught lemmings? Cui bono? Who’s agenda do these facilitate? How did “our side” record video & audible dialogue, amidst the havoc?





Yes. They bare terrorist organizations. Just like the MAGA cult.