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Wild Bee Decline A Sign of Europe's 'Ecological Disaster': Study


Wild Bee Decline A Sign of Europe's 'Ecological Disaster': Study

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Nearly one in 10 European wild bee species is facing the threat of extinction, according to the first assessment of the continent's bee populations, published Thursday.


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You’re never alarmed by anything, consistently marshaling your apology for the forces of authority and corporate power and profit.

i’m sure it’s not alarming that 50% of all animal wildlife worldwide is gone, in my lifetime. Not alarming that humans are causing a mass extinction event that, in the speed and acuteness of its inception, rivals any written in the geologic record.

i could cite any recent scientific assessment of field reports that specifies an extinction rate, or a percentage, of a class of life forms that are vanishing or at risk for extinction, and you would keep ambling along whistling your happy tune.

You are absolutely not credible in the least. i’ll stick with the scientific assessments and reports, and i’ll fight like hell against the predatory corporate machines that are dis-integrating the ecology. And against their rampant apologists, everywhere.


You pretend that “fight like hell” means blogging. You write an imaginary argument about Iraq, and you win your imaginary argument! Thanks for the laughs, please send another round.

As noted: You ignore the dis-integrating ecology, and continue whistling. Enjoy your time.


How about roundup, and other chemical pesticides and herbicides increasingly used in heavier doses and widespread all over the land called USA? And you are talking about studies funded by MONSANTO and DOW chemicals headed by phony scientists and phony experimentation designed to confuse the public? It doesn’t take any experimentation to know that the bees are gone the butterflies are gone, the dragon flies are gone and with the the song birds. Just get out and open your eyes and ears is all one needs to do.
Those who put profits before all else are making billions in profits they have no interest in seeing their deadly chemicals be banned that’s why the US based corporations keep inventing new corporate friendly rules like the TPP, their aim is to get the regulations out of the way so as to pollute freely anywhere they please and the public would have no power to stop or e en sue them that’s how nasty these bastards really are, their perversion and devious behavior have gotten a lot worse since the stupid movie actor elected president back in 1980.


how nice for you, that you are not alarmed. how nice to decide to trust studies done by offending corporations to justify spewing their toxic chemicals all over nature without regard for long term consequences. how nice that you dont need to consider those who need the food that will be denied them if the pollinators go. how nice to live in such a bubble. must be nice to hand select the sources of information you will believe and ignore the rest. nice to have such a comfortable, care free life.
have a nice day.


I thought you were just an apologist for Israel but here you are concluding that the extinction of one in 10 native bees species in Europe is “not alarming”.

Which is undoubtedly the conclusion those who profit from GMO’s and pesticides would like us to reach.

I’ve got to ask: Are you in favor of Nuclear Power too?


Should we be surprised? Yet another study was just released, this time by a WHO funded research institute in France, that found glyphosate to be a probable carcinogen. How can these poisons now sprayed all over kingdom come not be poisionous for the least of Earth’s creatures?


US News and World Report has the story. Search glyphosate and carcinogen.


To put the new IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) 2A (Probable Carcinogenic) rating for glyphosate in context, the IARC is such a conservative scientific body that it was only in February 2013 that they reclassified PCB’s from 2A to Group 1 ‘Carcinogenic to Humans’.


Gosh Pechorin, you keep forgetting to use your fake accent. I figure you’re from Ohio and hate your parents, so you get on CD and pretend to be an American hating foreigner - between bouts of playing on the XBOX One those parents you hate got you.

Now I could be wrong.

You might be from Wisconsin.


Notice how Pechorin, did not answer to webwalk’s discussion on the over all mass extinction that we are currently experiencing… instead, this person, decided to twist the discussion toward how stupid Americans are. Well, I would very much like to see Americans improve greatly in this area, myself… and me too. However, To turn the discussion away from our point about extinction and NOT answer webwalks question about whether Pechorin is “alarmed that 50% of wildlife world wide is gone, in my lifetime”… shows a particular intent. Gee what could that be? Oops, almost forgot my question mark… do not want Pechorin to think I have no grammatical skills at all… especially in punctuation. Oh, wait, all my( …) must really get to him/her.


i must tell you, i enjoy your use of non-existent chemical names: it is not neontides, it is neonicotinoids; it is not glycosade, it is glyphosphate.

It might seem that i am splitting atoms, but the least you could do when arguing in favor of the ignorance of another person, is to be at least informed about factual information yourself. Which brings me to the assertion that neither of these groups have been proven to be dangerous to bees; this is false. Not only have neonicotinoids been proven to be harmful, they have been causatively linked with colony collapse disorder. It is simple to find peer-reviewed data; try google scholar.

As to the rest of your comment, it seems that you are under the impression that we humans are in competition for favorable statistical analysis; this could not be further from the truth; competition is literally killing us, and killing the thin biome upon which we depend. It is time that we set aside differences, not point them out in a divisive manner.

One last thing: the educational slide into oblivion has a history far longer than the war in Iraq. The two things have, literally, nothing to do with each other. Education is primarily supported by the local tax base, and only partially supplemented at a federal level. Having raised children through much of the '80s and '90s, and now living, and working in Europe, to help others raise their children, i can say emphatically: things are not so very much better, and the system is on a downward trend that will progress much more quickly than it did in America; much like every other trend that originated in North America; from cellphones to unrepentant capitalism, once it comes across the ocean, the rate of its dominance becomes almost exponential.

i do not know you, so i cannot speak to your comment history as others have. Perhaps it would be good for you to speak WITH people as opposed to speaking at them. You might learn alot; and then find ways to use what is still intact in your own country, to the advantage of the general populace. Unions in Europe are a good place to start; they are intact, strong, and have a political voice. It is just a matter of getting people to participate.

As to the whole issue of what is banned in America; my suggestion would be to research tort reform. It has guided public policy for some time now. And keep in mind, the states are not at all like the EU; each individual state has a government that functions as a microcosm of the federal government. That is repeated at a highly local level as well; city councils, mayors, and local school boards are examples.

10% is more than alarming, it is utterly frightening.
Reminds me a little bit of the sea ice extent arguments that do not take into account that sea ice is not the issue; it is glacial ice that magnitudes thicker.
i know this is a tome, but it seemed necessary to address the bigger issues in your comments.


Wow, no childish ad hominem or ad populum attacks? Well, that eliminates most of your replies. And that speaks to YOUR character.