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Wildlife Wiseacres, Still Here (For Now)


Wildlife Wiseacres, Still Here (For Now)

Taking a break from a world of woe, we present the winners of this year's Comedy Wildlife Photo Competition, founded by two wildlife photographers working in conjunction with the Born Free Foundation. The images, culled from entries from 86 countries, serve to raise awareness of conservation issues and remind us of nature's grit and grace and exuberance - which, despite our daily calamities, still abounds. Just lookit these guys. There must be hope.


First one is adorable; last one is surprising!



Can’t beat the Beaver. Although I feel bad for the odd owl out


Awesome… very badly needed reaffirmation…


“Lookit”? Sad.


I like the clickbait picture; it is otterly hilarious.


Thank you –

In order for the few to be able to exploit Nature – and animal-life
we all had to be persuaded by Christianity’s "Manifest Destiny"
and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” to permit it –

i.e., our spiritual connection to the earth and animal life had to be broken.

In fact, it may have happened even earlier in the Garden of Eden where
animal-eating may have been introduced as “sacrifice” to gods.

Despite the still standing warning from god to “eat only what grows in the

Plants are not only our nutrition … they are our medicines.

Women were punished and murdered by “Christianity” for their knowledge
of plants and their use of them to keep their families and communities healthy.


I believe that is an Otter.


And when homo sapiens eventually becomes extinct, nature and its wildlife will still be here.


Sadly many of such nature and wildlife currently will die as a result of our actions as well. We are in the Sixth Great Mass Extinction after all. Still though the Earth will recover and new life will evolve just as it always has.


On reflection, you may be right. Still, it seems to be having way more fun than anyone else…


And according to some thinking, they are our ancestors as well.


That sea otter floating on his back with all of that seaweed across his belly just needed a beer can on his chest to be complete.


I thought so too, that it was an otter, so I looked it up. Turns out that otters do have more fun. Beavers are very hard working critters.


I liked the polar bear pic. Every mom has one of those days in one way or another. The good thing is that information (plants as medicine) is not completely lost it just needs to come into present time. Cheers!


Next life, I’m coming back as an otter


Excellent choice, we need a lot more otters. :slight_smile:


Yes! As in legal pot in every state! :hugs::hugs::sunglasses:


he he he…yes freedom for all weeds, I mean indigenous plants. Cheers!


Polar Bear Mom and Cub - Obvious title: “Bumming a Ride”