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Will a Mega-Billionaire Rescue America from GOP’s Insurance Mayhem?


Will a Mega-Billionaire Rescue America from GOP’s Insurance Mayhem?

Ralph Nader

Before recommending a practical way to reverse the devastating impact of Congressional Republicans’ attempts to strip tens of millions of Americans of health insurance coverage, and the non-stop anxiety and dread that comes with such cruel and vicious legislation, note the impact of having gerrymandered (the politicians pick the voters) Washington rulers.


The Swiss and the Nordics don’t need billionaires to have the best healthcare. Why must we?


Sad article. Tells us all it is to know about our system, when even for Nader, the last hope is a billionaire. Indeed, 500 people decide for 300 million others.


535 people deciding for 300 plus million ?

Fake news when you consider that most of the 535 are owned by billionaires and make no decisions. The billionaires who own them make the decisions for them.


I’ll think better of billionaire Warren Buffett the day he either divests his holdings in BNSF railroad, the nation’s top hauler of fossil fuels, or, using his position of control over that company, dedicate an overdue portion of its lines to passenger-rail service. Amtrak’s Empire Builder - Chicago to Portland/Seattle - keeps the least reliable timetable and through Montana on a route with least population centers. Like most billionaires, Buffett employs philanthropy as a means to protect his questionable public image of benevolent concern for the well-being of others. BNSF, the Engine that Connects Us, my ass.


Yes. Know philanthropy for what it is: a method used by capitalism to dribble down a little money to a few of the needy while advertising the magnanimity of the donor. A poor substitute for the social support provided to the entire needy population by socialism. One of capitalism’s dismal ploys designed to keep socialism from the door.


FYI, I am reaching out to Ralph Nader via his web site as the author of the Nine Inch Bride series of political novels, which feature an enlightened billionaire heroine with an agenda much as Mr. Nader has has described in this article and elsewhere in his writing. These novels seek to evangelize the concept that ‘revolution has never been properly capitalized,’ to quote the heroine Sa, who dedicates her formidable talents and resources toward transforming America, including the very plans noted in this article. Though fiction, this concept is no fantasy. A billion dollars is a finite and achievable number—‘With imagination and will, there is always a way.’

Book one in the series, An Epiphany On Wall Street, deals with the duopoly’s domestic policy, and the heroine’s plans for dealing with it, while book two, Suited For War, exposes its foreign policy as she and her allies grapple with it globally.

Book three is in progress… For more information, please visit NineInchBride.com.



Microsoft magnate Bill Gates holds stock in oil companies. He also makes charitable donations of computer hardware to schools and libraries mostly to see a return on the investment with new users. I don’t spend much time decrying capitalism. Instead, I make a sort of equitable contrast between rightwing individualism vs leftwing socialism; a sort of Yin/Yang balance between ‘individual’ liberty within the context of societal ‘interdependencies’ that we take for granted but couldn’t live without. This argument appeals to Moderates from both sides of the political aisle who happen to be the democratic majority. Certainly, an extremist minority of republican leaders hold total control over that political party and business interests. If there’s an extreme leftwing whatsoever, it is powerless to make progressive change.


Watch this entertaining and informative documentary that shows how tax free foundations have used their “philanthropy” to create and control our modern world tothe advantage of the .01%.


no. there will be none, or very few.

i cannot see billionaires such as koch brothers and their group consenting to give even a penny.

they are pathologically greedy, insensitive and have no ethics.

and, as long as we frame ourselves as recipients of charity we have already lost the fight for equality.

give us? it is our right to share equally in the resources of our world. food, clean air, clean water, fresh air, renewable energy, medical/health care, education, clothing, shelter, land use…

they have taken our resources from us. we should stop asking them to ‘give’ these back to us.

we need to start working twoards TAKING BACK what they stole from us.


well, ralph, i do realize that you believe “controlled” capitalism can become an effective tool for creating income equality. i think you are a man of virtue trying to figure a way to make the system work better for all<b. all that is needed is for some worthy and most ethical billionaire to put his wealth to work countering the very system which rewarded him with more money than he can spend in a lifetime. you can understand why i remain skeptical. capitalism, by definition, creates a highly competitive and exploitative economic system. so? where did the wealth for one who loves equality more than money come from? i found a list of the forbes top 500 companies. as you can see investment firms which use money to make more money, wal*mart, which used nefarious practices to destroy mom and pop business from coast to coast, real estate firms, responsible bringing us the housing bubble and crash of 2008, make that list. chocolate manufacturer’s also make a good showing. hmm, “how sweet it is!” however, i feel sure my small sweet indulgences contribute little to their vast wealth–the manufacturer who can secure a government contract can be assured of a booming business as long as they remain loyal to the status quo.

the über-weathy truly believe that their relentless quest for money and property somehow helps the overall economy, but they’re fooling themselves. any of us who pay attention see that the wealth of the entire world is slipping into fewer and fewer hands. as long as we the people play their game by their rules the inequities will grow! life and happiness should not be expressed in monetary terms. we cannot afford to empower this hot-off-the-press, human construct by giving money the power to provide security by putting our faith in money. let’s state our priorities and goals in a new language. the über-rich and their political servants will not change the system which supports them lavishly. the change we desire must come from us!


A very interesting proposal from Mr. Nader. As I read it, I began to wonder, why not just buy the legislators directly to support Medicare for All? This might be a cheaper solution, although it could just have the effect of bidding up the price for legislators as people like the Koch brothers respond.

Mr. Nader’s proposal’s brilliance is in proposing doing something that the Koch brothers can’t: mobilizing thousands of volunteers. Such a network could deal first with Medicare for All, and then move on to other progressive causes. At one time, this would have been the work of political parties, but we’ve seen how that worked out.


“life and happiness should not be expressed in monetary terms.”