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Will a More Dangerous Far Right Spring from the Corpse of Trumpism?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/12/will-more-dangerous-far-right-spring-corpse-trumpism


"Will a More Dangerous Far Right Spring From the Corpse of Trumpism?"

Not if we make room in the prisons for them.

First, create the legislation to define their illegal behavior, pass it into law, then enforce the hell out of it.

Yeah, something that we could have done decades ago.

As Far As Law Enforcement, fire every damn one, weed out the White Supremacists, and hire the qualified back on with stipulations like, “Thou shalt not murder.”

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The DNCistas, through their continued collusion with capital, will only douse fuel on this fascistic fire, which will ultimately engulf them, along with anyone who actually gives a shit about justice and democracy

Unless we shove them out of the way, rather than “push” them to be less of a lesser evil.


The evening news repeats all sorts of stuff that they hear.

You’ve seen that iconic guy with the horns and the tattooed bare torso in January? He was arrested in Arizona. Now his mother is objecting to the fact that her son has no access to organic food in prison.

I’ll grant the mother that certain people need organic food to be healthy. The question then is, who previously fed all of those little migrant kids organic food when they were permanently orphaned from their parents and put in cages? I’m sorry that your son has a medical problem, but right now we won’t have it two different ways based on people having two different skin tones.


Probably a safe bet.

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From Ryan Devereaux:

Since the events last week, “Boogaloo Intel Drop,” a channel on the Telegram messaging app with more than 6,600 subscribers, including some self-described active-duty U.S. military personnel, has pushed its followers to usher in a new epoch of political violence in the United States. Subscribers and administrators have called for the murder of police officers with increased fervor and elevated Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran killed by Capitol Police during the riot, to the status of a martyr.


This article, like many others on Common Dreams, claims that much of Trump’s base has been motivated by growing inequality. If so, they are sadly deluded, given that Trump and the GOP more generally have if anything contributed mightily to making inequality even worse, despite their at times populist rhetoric. I suspect, however, that the Cubans and Venezuelans who have lately helped swell their ranks are those who absconded from those countries to protect their considerable wealth, and they certainly have no problems with inequality so long as they stay on top.

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I just don’t see many out there with the pathology to attract the disenfranchised like The Donald (or The Hitler) could. That takes a stroke of coincidence not often found. Try to copy it and it would be obviously strained. But it will be tried to be copied because there is power to be had. Strange times behind us, strange times we are in, strange times ahead. Dog, I need a hug.

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“feelings of abandonment, isolation and betrayal”

And if those words describe the rest of us too, what do we do about it?

‘Trumpism’? Really. Why give this POS the satisfaction of going down in History with his own brand of ideology. His is pure and simple unadulterated Fascism…

It has.