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Will a War With North Korea Be Our Political Leaders’ Greatest Regret?


Will a War With North Korea Be Our Political Leaders’ Greatest Regret?

Lisa Fuller

Top nuclear security expert Scott Sagan warns that the risk of war is far higher than during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and predicts that one million people could die on the first day.

"Government officials should follow the leads of lawmakers like Sen. Chris Murphy and Rep. Ted Lieu and speak out frequently and loudly to mobilize public opposition to a potential war." (Photo: Richard Engel/Twitter)


It is hard to believe anyone in the military or any civilian military leader would be in favor of a war with North Korea. It is even hard to believe that Trump would be that stupid to launch a first strike nuclear attack. It is hard to believe that none of these people have the least common sense. The US got gradually involved in the Vietnam War. Kennedy sent so-called military advisers to Vietnam who probably did more than advising. At that time probably most Americans did not know where Vietnam was or that there were military advisors on the ground. By the time Johnson became president that US was fairly involved in preventing another domino from falling. The Gulf of Tonkin incident that resulted in the Congress declaring war therefore took place long after the US had been involved in the war in South Vietnam for some time. Bush invaded Iraq without any good reason. He seemed determined to carry out a neocon plan to create democracies in the Middle East. UN inspectors had concluded that there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction after running around the country following leads given to them by the US. Clearly Congress never should have given Bush this authority which he abused by invading without UN backing. A majority of Americans opposed invading without UN authority but Bush went ahead anyway. It was only after the US began bombing that majority supported the invasion. Are there any Americans who favor a war North Korea. I haven’t seen any polls on this but I would doubt it could be more than a few percent. Such an attack would quality as being insane.


Yes! Any attack on North Korea would qualify as insane…but that is the whole problem!


The Fourth Reich now has it’s Amerikan Hitler. Trump needs to be committed to an asylum for the criminally insane before he murders millions. According to some reports, Trump intends to attack North Korea by March 2018.


Why do We the People continue to give the greatest responsibility on Earth, to the least responsible, least qualified humans?

Perhaps it’s because they talk “strong” and make us believe that they couldn’t be pushed around.

Compassion and expressions of peaceful coexistence don’t seem to resonate as well with voters.

What this says about those of us who keep making the same mistake over and over speaks volumes about our chances of seeing the human race persevere.




Perhaps, Their “Greatest” and perhaps their “Last.”


Don’t blame, I voted for Hillary.


Well, if you are waiting for applause, you are needed in the psychiatrist’s office…STAT!!!



There was never any formal ‘declaration of war’ in regard to U.S. military activities in Vietnam. The ‘Gulf of Tonkin resolution’ specifically, authorized the President to do whatever necessary in order to assist “any member or protocol state of the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty” - including deployment of armed forces.


Stuff and nonsense, Scott Sagan.

Do they pay you well to play boogeyman to the American people?


3M, GM, Chevron, IBM and Citigroup currently have around $35 billion invested in South Korea. We might suspect that they would lobby for not doing anything that might lead to Kim nuking their capital assets there.


Headline sez: “Will A War With North Korea Be Our Political Leaders’ Greatest Regret?”

That crowd doesn’t do ‘regret’.


Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, Thomas Frank, Robert Reich, Robert Kuttner and Joe Stiglitz will be accompanying me to psychiatrist’s office.


You will be in good company then. However, I question a couple of the names you furnished as bullshit.


And came about as the result of a Black Flag incident by the US.


I agree with your post, except for the sentence above. I am willing to bet it would be (and is) in the 25-35% range.


If Trump and his fellow plutocratic oligarchs are the “leaders” referred to, no there’ll be no regrets if their bitcoins and mansions are left intact. If their comfort is not diminished. If they still can live in their fantasies of wealth and power, there will be no regrets. These sorry excuses for human beings care for only one thing, themselves. Not even the loss of their families will evoke regret in these monsters. They are the culmination, the full flowering of capitalism and they know it. They are supreme, not even death can impinge on their all knowingness, their infinite power. In their fervid, demented, twisted, minds.


Ah yes, good ol’ peacenik Hilliary.  She voted FOR the invasion of Iraq, IIRC . . .