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Will Aijit Pai's FCC Probe into Hawaii False Alarm Expose Role Telecom Giants Played in Blocking Emergency System Upgrades?


Will Aijit Pai's FCC Probe into Hawaii False Alarm Expose Role Telecom Giants Played in Blocking Emergency System Upgrades?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Pai's claim that lack of "safeguards" is responsible for the false alert comes as he is working to dismantle rules safeguarding the internet from corporate manipulation


The photo this glib token-of-a-place-holder as slap in the face says it all. How convenient to prepare a visual messaging of an FCC head being a non-existant ho-ho-ho meister with a weapon in one hand and a ‘spin’ toy in the other under fake snow (snow job).

This is a travesty just aching for a comeuppance.


Read Thomas Franks’ [2008] The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule and you will see what the regressive a$$holes do to our world.


If Aijit Pai has his way:

This is your Telecom company. We have an urgent alert for you, but since you did not pay your bill, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot inform you about the alarm at his time.


Nothing is l-Aijit-imate about this prick.

Agitprop Pai.


I long since stopped believing in Santa Claus…


Have any of us considered the possibility that this incident might have been a deliberate ‘test’, rather than an accidental ‘false alarm’?

I’m NOT saying I think it was a ‘test’. I’m only saying that the information that could have been gathered during such an incident might be useful in the future to certain powers in government and in our monopolistic telecommunications industry. If the usefulness of the information was valuable enough, then motive could have existed.

There’s no evidence that it was anything but an accidental false alarm, and we should not believe things for which we have no evidence. It’s not a matter of believing it was something else, (besides an accident). It’s just a matter of realizing that the powers that rule over us are ruthless, and that it’s possible that this kind of ‘test’ might have been useful to them in some way.

I don’t ‘believe’ it was anything other than an accidental false alarm. I just realize that it’s POSSIBLE that it could have been a deliberate experiment, just to see what would happen under those circumstances.


Hello RZwarich, The warning went on too long for it to be an accident. It was another bullshit fear used to wear down the public to stop thinking and just run around and yell “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”!!! We are being trained like Pavlov’s dogs!!!


I’m wondering something similar as well. Suppose the button was pushed by a whistleblower? Why would someone do that? What might they be warning us about?