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Will Americans Reject Trump and the GOP Death Cult This Fall?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/14/will-americans-reject-trump-and-gop-death-cult-fall


Even though I had ten years of university education under my belt, my employer, a university itself, classified me as a “human resource”. Well, tickle me silly, ain’t that nice. Up theirs–I walked away. I am not fungible!


Yes Thom, the trump regime and its rotting ugly head are a death cult - servant of exploitation, usury, vulture capitalism, the MICC for-profit war-machine, the subversive apartheid entity Israel and its fifth Column AIPAC, the fossil-fuel and chemical conglomerate, police-state violent repression, and for-profit health-care parasites, but mostly trumps own self interest, racism, and malignant pathology!

That said the Democratic Party entrenched faux “opposition”, its DNC and so-called leaders, and the current chosen shill in this election, Joe Biden, are not far behind, and out-front in several critical areas - a "kinder and gentler screwing, but still servant of big-money, corporate greed, the war machine and apartheid Israel that openly meddles and subverts our sovereignty and elections with impunity why is that treason even tolerated, much less coddled with craven subservient obedience and boot-licking?

Once the DP was an actual political party, not as today a wholly-owned private club using the public sheep as needed to elect some new cog in the wheels of capitalism and business as usual! The current anointed figurehead no damn different. Is this the best America and our politicians can do? Hell no!

The two dominant political vehicles do not serve the people or environment or a sustainable future only their own interests and those of the big-money the SCOTUS has certified as “free speech” - a distortion of monumental consequences that maintains the charade and domination of big-money and those that control it…

Will Americans reject the subversion of both parties and politicians and wake-up to the threats to society and Constitution both corrupt entities and players represent?


The extent of “normalcy” in New Zealand is a matter of opinion.

From the New Zealand Inmmigration website today:

“The New Zealand border is currently closed to almost all travellers to help stop the spread of COVID-19.”

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The problem is that there is little in the way of a meaningful alternative to the death cult. Desperate humans do irrational things, including looking for someone else to blame for their misery, and rejecting basic science in favor of comforting mythology.

They embrace things like death cults.

So we’ve all lived through Obama’s presidency, during which the U.S. was fracking like it was going out of style, black people were also being murdered in the streets, children still shot in classrooms, Americans watched their jobs and job security disappear and their real incomes fall. People were still going bankrupt trying to pay for health care, etc. Black people lost historic amounts of wealth during the mortgage crisis, and nothing was done except handing money to the banks and multinationals. We wasted trillions in stupid wars. Clinton’s presidency before that wasn’t remarkably different, and Biden - should he manage to win from his basement - won’t be either, unless there is a revolution.

It may make a massive difference to financially secure and affluent liberals that we have a president and Congresspeople that say nice things and speak in complete sentences and don’t embarrass the country. They make an effort to be incrementally less savage than the death cult. But when you’re living at the sharp end, well, there is a reason why Americans don’t bother to vote in such large numbers. It’s called learned helplessness.

Neither party is willing to blame the class that gets richer and richer while the rest of the planet suffers. At least Trump is willing to blame someone; even if it’s the wrong people, the weakest and most defenseless.

Since the Democrats are not willing to offer reasonable solutions to any of the problems you listed… like say, universal healthcare during a pandemic… the answer to your question Thom, is

WTF knows?


Oh come on Tom, really?! What part about the Democrats and all their wars do you not understand. The Dems do death just as well as the GOP. What about the Democrats refusing to give us M4A do you not understand. They are fine with us all dying off as their corporate masters steal every penny from us. The Dems under Obama were fracking fiends on behalf of the fossil fuel industry. It’s all death. Just fucking stop it with the BS of how bad the GOP is compared to the wonderful humanitarian DNC party. They both serve Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex. They both serve their corporate oligarch masters equally. The real question is whether the citizens will reject both corporate parties and get their asses into the streets with massive general strikes and boycotts. Voting is sheer insanity now if you vote for either party. They are BOTH DEATH CULTS.


Glad you said it.


Well said. Tired of DNC apologists pretending that Dems are good because Trump is bad.


No kidding; it’s deplorable.

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Short answer-No. We were founded by a death cult and brought in an entire tribe(The Borderers, the shock troops of the British Empire used to great effect in Ireland)to eliminate the Indians. Alas, these folks settled in and settled down. The late Joe Bageant’s book, Deer Hunting with Jesus, describes them and their culture. Albion’s Seed by David Hackett Fischer has a chapter describing their tribal ways in depth. Then there’s Nancy Isenberg’s book, whose title I won’t cite since I was put in FB jail for using it. Finally, one book that praises this invasion and their ways is by Joseph E. Dabney, Smokehouse Ham…
Add to this our out of control death worshiping religion and its sects…no, we are incapable as a society to break out of the ossified two headed hydra. The young voters might try, with the Greens and Democratic Socialism, but it’s a forlorn hope. No, this is the Trumpster Fire devouring us. Even our Canadian neighbors(Oh, Canada, please put your border just ten miles further west, and I’ll be very happy to swear allegiance to the Queen) refer to the US as a dumpster fire.


Capitalism, especially corporate capitalism, is THE Death Cult of humanity, responsible for the accelerating Climate Catastrophe which will doom most life by 2050 (if not earlier), and BOTH corporate parties are greedy and eager accomplices to the mass murder now occurring due to it.

A True Movement For Life would be frontally attacking corporate capitalism and naming all its enablers in politics, media, economics, the military, and academia. Instead, we stumble on into the abyss.


Will November bring the kind of change necessary to put an end to unnecessary death as a routine way of life in this country?

Yes, so we can continue with unnecessary death as a routine way of life in this country under Biden.


I logged on to post something identical but after reading your post it was
not necessary. Thom is a cool guy (I met him once in Germany) but
when it comes to the Democratic dysfunction he continues to wear blinders.
I am wondering if it is deliberate?

It would be easier if the Wall Street Dems were offering something more than Status Quo, No We Can’t, nothing will fundamentally change, and, vote for Biden he’s not Trump.


Excellent reply, Thom is nothing but a sycophant and a fawning parasite for the fake opposition party.


Follow the $$$$$$$!


Biden vs. Trump is like going to a casino. The show is flashy, the games can be fun, but the house always win. Both Biden and Trump oppose Medicare for All, and neither Biden nor Trump will prevent irreversible climate catastrophe.


Near finished with “A Consequential President The legacy of Barack Obama.” His accolades are to the point, where he succeeded, where he fell short. I stand by his and other democratic White House accomplishments, not perfect but better than any republican agenda for dealing with people of color and the poor. Sleepy Joe might need a VP to take over in 2024. Who’d be VP to Madam President? I’m sick of the duopoly BS, as if both parties equally suck big time. Someone once put it succinctly: “The Republican party is a Death Cult. The Democratic party is a Protection Racket.” I’ll take protection racket over death cult any time. THANX THOM - Che Goose-vara says honk.

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On the other hand, the Floyd Rebellion is the first US American phenom I’ve seen in my lifetime which pulls the other way, rejecting the lessons of learned helplessness in favor of collective self-reliance: leaning on each other for help, with amplified assertions of brother/sister power from the streets. Martinez is a Bay Area example, where we saw “the backlash” to rising BLM awhile back, and now the people are lashing back at the backlashers. There’s a case to be made that this movement cannot be stopped, because it provides its own fuel, and because police and backlashers fuel it even more.

Should the GOP deathcult get the rejection it deserves, there’s the Dim PTB deathcult so appropriately represented by Mr Mass Incarceration himself to keep fighting against. What else is there to do?

(Great comment from you, btw.)


That seems a stretch to me. I’ve heard from Hartmann for years. Maybe TH is a suck-up, but “nothing but” a suck up? It’s not as if he’s a founder of Move On or something (at least, not so far as I know). Hartmann has always impressed me as someone with an amazing grasp of history, and also excellent writing and literary mentoring (editing) skills.

Orangeman’s extreme assholitude is driving everyone nuts, to the point where if someone like Chomsky recognizes a special extra push toward real fascism originating from our dictator-for-now, commenters around here respond by accusing Noam Chomsky of naivete.