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Will Any Presidential Candidate Support Banning Handguns?



Like father, like son. Do as I say, not as I do. While banning certain types of weapons would be a positive step, having our government refrain from mass killings itself would be a better first step. I really don't see how a government like ours sets much of an example for the public.


To reply to this message seems such a waste of energy, but ...

What is "ludicrous" is your intransigent position reflecting so much self-certainty of the inevitability of the need for handguns.

Just ... look ... around. Break the US mind-set bubble for an instant and SEE how many nations SUCCEED at doing just that. THAT is the proof we all have, but is held in check here by an enormous set of paranoid, narrow-minded fools, not "patriots."


Obama did not run on banning any guns if he had he knew he would not have gotten elected...Believe it or not many democrats and liberals like me are all in for gun ownership...I dont believe in the anti gun lobby...Those democrats are the fringe just like the teabagging religious nuts are in the GOP party...Candidates have to tip their hats to them and give them lip service but to downright say you are going to ban guns will not get you elected president...Most might try something after elected it always fails...Obama is just pandering to his base right now he knows he cant change gun laws.



Your very question, "Will Any Presidential Candidate Support Banning Handguns?" points out a core problem of our mainstream so-called "media" — and problems within our very electoral system.

Dr. Jill Stein and other Green Party candidates fit this description.

It should be quite clear that for many reasons way too few of the citizens here get to HEAR or know about Agendas outside of the Duopoly.

  • they don't get "covered" by commercially-oriented media
  • they don't get seen in the debates
  • their arguments are thus not made public in any useful way

We are DEPRIVED of discussion and dissent on handguns and on MANY useful and essential topics. Yet so many still play the "democracy game," pretending we have choice and free speech, when it is so controlled and manipulated.

How about REPORTING on those candidates who DO support banning handguns, and asking

  • why THOSE voices are silenced??
  • why so few alternatives can be heard??


Adolescence is a time of biological paradigm shift. Suddenly, all those hormones are surging through young bodies before the life experience or critical judgment is in place to channel "the force." Add to the mixture, a media absolutely awash in violence and often using people like Bruce Willis or Tommy Lee Jones to "sex up" the use of firearms; and it's a dry forest awaiting a spark. Lethal firepower happens.

Some posters like the anti-depressant item. It certainly IS true that our culture, under the influence of Big Pharma is prescribing a chemical cocktail for every real and imagined condition. And anti-depressant drugs DO carry sinister side effects.

In borderline adult shooters, although seldom mentioned, these young males are not very macho looking or muscular and it could be that they feel that the only way they can prove their manhood within a culture that has been, of late, conditioned to prize militarism and soldiers is to let the bullets rip...

The other thing--and I think it is playing a huge role in the uptick in weekly shootings--is the financial condition of not just our nation's economy. Most people feel "potent" if they can pay their mortgage, car payment, and put food on the table. When these BASICS of life feel threatened, some people lose it.

And with so many corporations cutting jobs or off-shoring them; and with so many jobs paying a pittance or using temp. work to forego the payment of any benefits, more and more people--particularly male people--are feeling they have nothing left to lose, so they let loose on the nearest crowd.

I don't have an issue with guns kept in people's homes to keep them safe. But this idea of "carrying" a weapon--with or without a license, and carrying a weapon that can kill MANY persons in a matter of seconds is SICK. It's about as sick as a nation being inculcated into militarism as its way of life with half of all discretionary funds going towards soldiers, military bases, ongoing wars, planned wars, and the weapons for air, ground, and sea to launch them. SICKO.

Mars rules needs a lobotomy!


Sometimes you shill for Shillary and now it's O'Malley. Someone is no doubt paying you to say whatever you can to kneecap Sanders. I don't trust your comments on this subject.


The problem with handguns is that they make arguments somewhat final.

If neither of us have a handgun, then even if we have a nasty fight we're both likely to live. That is not the case if either, or both, of us have a modern handgun.

If I'm going to jail for getting in a fight, I'd rather it be for 5 years than for life.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Another aspect of the gun problem which needs to be recognized is that guns, unlike other consumer goods, last virtually forever. For example, a .38 caliber revolver from 1915 is still as effective as ever and the ammunition is readily available. This means that when gun owners die, their guns outlast them and fall into other hands. Background checks and new controls over gun sales are irrelevant unless the new owner chooses to comply with whatever laws exist in that state. Anyone who is responsible for the estates of deceased relatives or friends needs to be aware of weapons that are left behind and should take steps to safely dispose of such weapons. I recommend contacting local law enforcement as to how to do this. (People also need to be aware of any weapons owned by elderly friends and relatives who become senile or otherwise unable to keep their guns from falling into other hands)


Those nations aren't America. Given this nation's history & current conditions of killing and abusing it's own citizens, I disagree. No, I don't own a gun and don't want to, but I do see future generations falling under control of a (even more) sinister ruling class that would relish the idea that the natives have no "protection"...at all. The truth is, we're trapped in a nation that there is no escape from the mindset that has reached new heights since 9-11. Whether it's a sinister "plan" by TPTB, or just the nature of our kind as humans and capitalists, we're in it...and I hardly think there's anyone person, leader, group or nation, that's going to rise up (enough) to change our course or reduce our firepower. We (or they) have full control of the planet at this point. Only an astroid or similar catastraphe will change up the game. Just my opinion, I could be wrong. But I just don't see it. Maybe someone perhaps along the lines of Anonymous might pull something off, but even
that's a stretch...


The real question is whether any candidate (or any politician for that matter) will support an official commission (non-partisan, un-biased, comprehensive and transparent, and composed of scientists, reaserchers and advocates, NOT shills for big-pharma!) to investigate the links and evidence between big-pharma's psychotropic drugs increasingly pushed on kids, our Vets and civilian adults in America? This is an ongoing criminal enterprise and conspiracy of silence resulting in tens of thousands of tragic consequences and must be stopped!

A petition on the White House website was silenced in 2012 and taken down after only a week - apparently the campaign-contribution bribes paid by big-pharma to protect them from liability for mass killings and Vet suicides caused by their damn deadly junk reaches well into the WH - well, duh! also deep into Congress and includes most politicians! IF this WH petition had pushed politicians and the WH to create an investigative commission on the links between deadly violence-inducing psych drugs, would some of the later killings and suicides been stopped? This is often called collusion and conspiracy.......and is a serious crime.



Only because we're not socialised to avoid having a "nasty fight". How many people do you know who've been taught how to negotiate a fair solution to disagreements?

Once upon a time, the only firearms were bombards, big suckers that fired stone balls to knock holes in castle walls. Yet people still killed those with whom they got into "nasty fights".

Teaching kids how to reach fair solutions by negotiation and mediation is a much better solution to violence than trying to get rid of violence by getting rid of replaceable tools!


Sad as it is for me to accept, Amurkah will NEVER give up the gun.
The Gun is the American Religion of choice in my lifetime.
The rest of the world looks at us, says...ohh, Fundamentalist monotheists up the yinyang and a buttload of guns for each and every one? What the hell could possibly go wrong?
The hell with mass shooting as we see them on the news, the real bulk of mass shootings (gun violence involving 3 or more victims) are in the homes of the shooters and the shot.
And, as many willl point out, the American Family is a small potatoes death machine compared to that of our foriegn policy.
We are crazy. We'd rather spend a million dollars to make sure some low-life can't get welfare, and we'd rather sacrifice all the lives we lose every day to hand gun violence...suicide, homicide, and general mahem...than give up "the protection" of having any and all guns at our disposal, no matter how unlikely it is that all those guns could protect us from anything real inculding all those guns just being available to all.


Yes, let's model ourselves after a country that has spent the last 50+ years in a permanent state of pseudo-war with its neighbor to the north. A nation whose policies are literally based on paranoia and fear.

I'm so tired of this shit. I'd tired of the killings, I'm tired of the whinging and excuses and attempts to find the 'perfect balance' regarding the second amendment. Abolish the second amendment, full stop. Take the damn guns away, all of them. Hideyoshi-style sword hunt on this nonsense, fucking enough is enough. Your little metal death tools are not worth a single human life, and we lose ten of thousands of lives every year to this bullshit.


A culture of violence,militarism,consumerism,and fear-an Afghan hospital fire bombed for over an hour and this carnage has been going on for fourteen years-and yes Mr. Obama it just becomes routine. And how many die each day in the presidents hometown of Chicago each day.There are deeper issues here than guns-and militarism should be front and center!--Obama should call for a day of silence against all violence-everything should be closed-we should have community events reaching out to people in need and encourage all to come together.--its strange how we have these holidays focused on buying things and not focused on things we as a society are dealing with.