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Will Bernie Sander’s Political Movement Have Life Beyond the DNC?


Will Bernie Sander’s Political Movement Have Life Beyond the DNC?

John Light

Along with the Democratic party officials, delegates, lobbyists and members of the media who flocked to Philadelphia this weekend came tens of thousands of activists — a number that will likely continue to grow during the four days of the party’s presidential nominating convention, officially kicking off Monday night with speeches from first lady Michelle Obama and former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.


When I define myself as a Progressive, I identify with the term PROGRESS and there can be no progress inside the belly of a War State.

Therefore, to see militarism not only not topping this “Progressive” agenda, but not mentioned at all is more than troubling:

“The products of months of input, submitted through the internet, and months of drafting, led by Pollack and East, the People’s Platform that the alternative convention ratified Saturday afternoon contained five planks: economic justice, health care as a human right, racial justice, climate justice and “creating real Democracy” — which dealt with decreasing the influence of money in politics and increasing access to the ballot. All of the planks will be reopened for amending in August.”

There are important points of intersection among the matters that count most to most. However, since it is the Military Industrial Complex that pollutes the domestic reality of this nation by pushing guns and police all too willing to use them (particularly against the Black Community); and that same MIC that cannibalizes so much of our nation’s financial (and brain) resources… it makes sense to stop the hemorrhage where it’s bleeding fastest.

Once that triage is put into place, there will be money to fund the things that matter. The People’s Platform priorities list needs tweaking!


Insofar as there is a movement, it is Sanders’ no longer.

Let’s thank Bernie once for what he did, tell him once that he’s being stupid shilling for Clinton, and get moving. The game is outside the party.


It is no longer Bernie Sanders’ movement. The movement is alive and well.The question should be: Will Bernie Sanders survive without the movement?


Excellent point SR. And or course, the damage that the MIC does to the natural world is incalculable on top of the brutality to humanity .

A world without war and the machinations of war has always been the ideal for the planet and all living beings upon it.


Barring a political miracle (and as an atheist I don’t believe in those), lying, cheating, crooked Shillary is going to be the Dem nominee, and it will be time to move on to Jill Stein and the Greens. Hillary MUST LOSE this election, period. I’m not saying I want Trump to win, but I sure as hell want her to lose. Hillary losing is the ONLY way the left can ever take the party over for The People. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


I’ve said this before but a first step might be to stop calling it “The Bernie Sanders Movement” because he whose name should now not be spoken has publicly opted out. Shows to go the problem with naming a whole movement after a person who is seen as the embodiment of that movement. The Jill Stein Formerly Known As the Bernie Sanders Movement doesn’t work.

I think if through some miraculous outburst of nationwide self organizing instant karma, a groundswell of support for Jill Stein happens she is unlikely to be able to get elected this year. I think she’s for real and wouldn’t sell us down the river in exchange for all the rewards the System has to give. I would hope not but all that can be asked for reassurance that that won’t happen is words. I strongly for all the small weight my ideas carry suggest that the movement, if it survives as one, not be labeled with her name.

I have no good idea at this moment what it could should be called. It needs a name that could somehow draw in and unite all the various single issue impassionados into a united movement, but I have no current brainstorm. My mental skies are sadly clear.

The goals enumerated in the posts on this thread are good goals but no one seems to me to have much in the way of ideas as to how to get started moving towards achieving them.

Someone put this Suzanne Vega song (from 1992) on another thread but they’re good.

When heroes go down
They go down fast
So don’t expect any time to
Equivocate the past

When heroes go down
They land in flame
So don’t expect any slow and careful
Settling of blame

I heard you say
You look out for the feet of clay
That someone will be falling next
Without the chance
For last respects
You feel the disappointment

When heroes go down
Man or woman revealed
You can’t expect any kind of mercy
On the battlefield

I heard you say
You look out for the feet of clay
That someone will be falling next
Without the chance for last respects
You feel the disappointment

When heroes go down
Man or woman revealed
Do you show any kind of mercy
On the battlefield?

When heroes go down


We can all thank Bernie Sanders and his youth movement for proving to every voter in America, once and for all, that the Democratic Party cannot, will not, be changed from within.
Now walk out of the convention and start your own party!


Bernie did an amazing job of energizing millions of people with his campaign. And I emphasize the word “campaign,” not “movement.” He’s passed the baton onto us (he always said this was not about him, but about the movement). The movement is us and it continues. And it involves a lot more than a political revolution.

For a taste of what I am referring to, go to youtube and type in the word and number -Commonbound 2016. You will see an array of videos from a recent national conference held in Buffalo on efforts to build the alternative to the current corrupt system. There is some really cool stuff going on. And it is amazing how far things have progressed over the last few years.


Below is quote from an article I came across today. It speaks to the realities of a revolution. Though the article is directed specifically to anarchists, the underlying "principle" applies to any group advocating a revolution.

The strength of anarchism is its moral insistence on the primacy of human freedom over political expediency. But human freedom exists in a political context. It is not sufficient, however, to simply take the most uncompromising position in defense of freedom. It is necessary to actually win freedom. Anti-capitalism doesn’t do the victims of capitalism any good if you don’t actually destroy capitalism. Anti-statism doesn’t do the victims of the state any good if you don’t actually smash the state. Anarchism has been very good at putting forth visions of a free society and that is for the good. But it is worthless if we don’t develop an actual strategy for realizing those visions. It is not enough to be right, we must also win.
Chris Day


A revolt will certainly exist. That cannot be stopped. However, a movements can be crushed. Since the first Clinton administration, the Democratic party has marginalized and stepped on leftists within the party. They totally took down Nader in 2004 and he is done. OWS was eventually violently put down by coordinated actions between the FBI and Democratic party mayors. Bernie was essentially cheated. Some stat guys have done an analysis and found very suspicious voting tallies. In Baton Rouge BLM inspired protesters were put down hard. Baton Rouge has a Black Democratic mayor. From what I can tell, the Clinton campaign is waging a dedicated war against Jill Stein. As Hillary turns rightward (witness Kaine), any bleating by Dem law makers will be quickly put down. BLM will be around as police shootings will not abate, but there will be harsher and harsher reactions to BLM protests by the Clinton administration and allies…Clinton or surrogates will conflate BLM with support for cop killers. John Lewis will be marched out and proclaim this very thing. The revolt will show itself with a crushing defeat of Dems in the 2018 midterms.Maybe 2018 can be the year of the Green Party as Dem voter turnout will be utterly pathetic.


time for a pukefest

betrayed by the hopey-changey Obama for 8-years
now HRC and the guy from VA
emails that show the utter corruption of the Dem party in stealing the nomination from Bernie
and Bernie neutered in exchange for not being punished in the Senate. . .

how can the leadership of the Dems in their wildest dreams expect
the progressive base to roll over for HRC in November ?


I understand your sentiment…but this is not a time to be living in a fantasy world. Hillary losing would only happen if Trump wins…you know that, right? Maybe we’ll be lucky and the rapture will happen before the election. ; )


I disagree with you emphatically!

The following serious crimes have been reported and are likely provable if legal officials would do their jobs:

  1. Financial incentives (bribery) to state delegates and/or state officials/parties to endorse Hillary.
  2. Collusion between DNC officials and the Hillary Machine to rig and/or steal the primary/elections.
  3. DNC emails proving or strongly indicating #2 above.
  4. Voter suppression and voter registrations tampering.
  5. Votes stripped and flipped.
  6. Big discrepancies between exit polls and vote results.
  7. Huge discrepancies between the size of Bernie’s and Hillary’s rallies – and vote results.
  8. Bill Clinton repeatedly violating laws against electioneering at voting sites on election day.
  9. Voting site volunteers being wrongfully told to give Independent voters Provisional Ballots (which are often not counted) instead of Crossover Ballots.
  10. Voting sites in districts likely to vote for Bernie closed in massive numbers, in several states.

Also, search online to see other legal charges against the DNC in the class-action lawsuit filed in June 2016.


Here’s a link to an article on the legal charges filed against the DNC in June 2016:


Here’s a statistical article on vote discrepancies in California during June 2016:


Sanders just went from thrusting and slashing his sword at the dragon to willingly stepping into the belly of the beast.
If there is a Sanders political movement beyond the DNC, it will be without Bernie.


Read the article that you are commenting on. You will find the answer to your first question there.


‘Pollack (said) “I think the mistake that a lot of people have been making is to think that they needed to look to him for this movement. The movement is us.”’

Yes, but, as with numerous left wing grass roots movements I have experienced, the diverse voices inherent in such efforts eventually dissipate the energy to nothingness. We have here a once-a-lifetime capable guy, who, even after a bitterly disappointing defeat, stands willing to continue to guide us. I will take him at his word, and continue to send him my little checks. He is our best and only chance to turn our society around.


The fantasy is thinking there is such a thing as “The Rapture”, which is superstitious nonsense. Wishing for a terminal meteor event has more basis in reality. Since that is also extremely unlikely, the reality is that defeating Clinton is THE ONLY way we ever begin the process of taking the party away from that faction. They will never give up power voluntarily, it must be taken away from them. It is also absolutely necessary to support the Greens in swing states, like Ohio, where a lot of us made the effort to support the Greens in the Governor’s race in 2014 so they would be on this year’s ballot. The swing states are where we defeat Hillary. No, Trump is not a good option. He’s also not the end of the World. He would be a bumbling and ineffective President because he is incompetent. Hillary is evil and a war-monger, and because she is competent, would take this country to WAR, an illegal, immoral war of opportunity and empire somewhere in the Third-World. That must not happen. So, no, my nose is sore from holding it for the past 25 years voting for lesser evils. Never more!. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!