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Will Bernie Sanders Take on Hillary?


Will Bernie Sanders Take on Hillary?

Ralph Nader

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is off and running after his formal announcement for the presidency this past Tuesday before 5,000 cheering supporters in Burlington, Vermont. He is starting from the region that launched the American Revolution and he is promising tobegin a political revolution to transform our country economically, politically, socially and environmentally,” with “the support of millions of people throughout this country.”


It’s so easy to tell progressives whatever they want to hear, then do the opposite. Why does Ralph think Bernie is different? His lip service is pretty good, but so was Obama’s once.

Black Agenda Report covered this: “Bernie’s job is to warm up the crowd for Hillary, herding activist energies and the disaffected left back into the Democratic fold one more time.”


C.D. it’s nice your doing all these Bernie Sanders articles. But it would also be nice if you also do articles about the Green Party or Labor Party. Even if the Bernie Sanders articles out numbered these
other two parties by a ten to one ratio. I would still be happy.


I don’t think Bernie is there to warm up the crowd for Hillary. I don’t think Bernie is lying and commentary like that will not keep me home. I think Hillary loses the nomination for sure if Elizabeth Warren backs Sanders. Bernie knows that equality is the only path to freedom there has ever been, and debt is the path to enslavement. He is real.


That would be key, if Warren endorses Bernie over the Bride of Monsanto.


A debate on if Bernie should run. Ashley Smith won this debate hands down.



Listen up, Bernie. Ralph is handing you a worthwhile endorsement, some more small donations for sure, and a bunch of young voters who could possibly make a big difference, when properly motivated by the real cost of attaining a decent life in the 21st Century. My fellow employee, and his new bride, face 140K in student loans and make about 72K per year. They both have bachelor’s degrees. With rent, food, insurance, auto loans and the rest; their first home is going to the gov’t and bankers. They paid for their own wedding and work a combined 400+ hours a month. Nice young people with good intentions. I gave them a burned copy of Jimmy Cliff’s " The Harder They Come " and they were polite enough to send a thank you. Bernie, those are the people you need to get onboard. They get it but they, and millions like them, need a messenger who will fight the good fight, regardless of the outcome. Which only tea leave readers, dittohead pundits and phonay’ progressives seem to know, for sure.


I think Bernie can best contribute to an authentic progressive movement if, after his almost certain defeat by Hillary, but having gained some name recognition in the process, he teams up with the Greens.


I don’t agree. Any person like him that is a Senator. That didn’t come out to condemn Israel’s wholesale slaughter of Palestinians last year. Doesn’t deserve to be the next President.


Thanks for the link. I hadn’t heard of Ashley Smith before. He was really good.


Did Hillary win out over SCOTUS justice Elena Kagan to become the Bride of Monsanto or is Monsanto into polygamy and both of them won ?


Bernie is not perfect, but I trust Ralph Nader’s judgement and I’m voting for Bernie, though not necessarily for other Democrats.


Well that’s what you’ll be voting for other democrats.


“this backed by nothing but crystal ball prognosticating from the aforementioned cynicism.”

Its backed by none other than Ralph Nader, a man whose prognostications have saved millions of lives on the highways alone.


Lotsa luck - the only choice prog media seems to allow is that among Dems - never mind that there are better indy candidates , and the irony is - prog media is perpetually criticizing “the MSM” for its failure to cover, or its dismissal of, such “upstart” candidates as Bernie … Prog media will praise Bernie for his “progressive” positions - never mind that the Greens put many, and more, of them out in '12 with no acknowledgement - folks keep saying 3rd parties “can’t win”, and one reason is the press won’t cover them - well look in the mirror - if the so-called prog press would give as much attention to prog candidates of all stripes, THEN we might have a REAL choice …


I don’t think Warren will do either - but bide her time and “let the process unfold and the people decide” - then come out for whoever wins … She, like Bernie, now, is a Dem - and that is the overriding consideration …


I’d happily vote for Ralph Nader again, because I don’t require perfection. I require a candidate not to be an active participant in the Democratic Party organized crime family.


That “fact” you speak of is only “fact” as long as we choose it to be so - right now, Bernie has, in effect, chosen to run on the “lesser evil” line - a self proclaimed “independent” running as a Dem - who has said he will support the Dem nominee, as he “always has” - even when there are better candidates running …


So where was Bernie when Ralph was running?


And if Bernie doesn’t win? Will he support the Dem nominee even if there is a better candidate running as an indy? Yup … He is too tied to the party to make any real waves …