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Will Biden’s America Stop Creating Terrorists?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/14/will-bidens-america-stop-creating-terrorists


The B&D tag team for truth go undefeated; as you
two consistently expose the American corporate state’s military industrial
complex, showing that the “buck doesn’t stop” as long as the military
controls the government and Wall Street drinks the blood from its
gravy train.
And Biden has always played the vassals’ role, hardly a
foil to the CIA, which has shown all presidents since 1963
where its loyalty lies. And what happens to dissenters; while
the ghost of JFK haunts those who remember a president
who got in their way.


Evidently continued militarization is the only way forward for the United State of America. Extremely well organized, with it’s own medical services and educational system and believe it or not air transportation network (your family can be flown anywhere, anytime); the USA has the most modern, extensive military in the world, second to none. And spoiling for a real fight where they can use all the hardware they have developed.
It’s a rabbit hole and there is no turning back, we’re a nation of cowboys and gunslingers with well honed skills to justify the need for a military in readiness. High School ROTC, Military Colleges and a continuous farming of the population for everything from tech talent to grunts who can be educated to carry an 80 pound back pack and the world’s lightest rifle into combat if some can be found, if not there is a crew working on creating some.
The future will require such a force as resources diminish, success for those who hoard money to continue to hoard money depends on taking those resources from those that have them. The people of Nations like Venezuela will have to give it up or be bombed into submission real soon. Americans have 1.7 trillion dollars in auto loans currently, creating 50 million new auto loans each month to the tune of 54 billion dollars and the population is only 328 million or so.
The military will continue to grow, we’ve been warned, we can see it happening and we can see what it is costing our Nation.

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Well, the CIA is still hiring, even publicly, and the poverty draft will see a surge when evictions return. So the US and the Biden Administration will continue to create terrorists foreign and domestic–in bulk and for both domestic and foreign markets, at a wide range of pay grades, and for a wide range of purposes.

Maybe the question is rhetorical.

Either way, I am convinced that Medea Benjamin will be out protesting, as she did in Republican and in Democratic administrations before. But this goal will require a major reorganization of Western society to achieve: you do not get empires without terrorists or crocodiles without teeth.

In an odd sense, we may really have a long time to resolve this one, barring various looming apocalypses. After all, in this case the beatings really will continue until morale improves.

I agree with everything Benjamin Medea says, but she keeps quoting people that say that our Global War of Terror is a “mistake.” That all depends on who’s perspective you’re looking at it from.
From the mainstream D.C. politicians and the defence contractors that employ them, the global war of terror is a huge success. Despite the fact that not a single country in the world has the ability to wage war against the U.S., much less any desire to do so, the U.S. is spending more than the rest of the world combined on military hardware. Great news for Wall Street. Terrible news for humanity and the planet. Strong leadership can now be defined as anyone who can stand up to this cabal of traitors and show that a real leader is someone strong on peace and not… “strong on defence” as warmongers like to frame it.
Not only that, but the defence contractors can spend that trillion dollars a year using a ‘made in America’ workforce that hovers slightly above the $7.25 federal minimum wage and then convince those same workers to vote for the only two political parties that those same contractors employ… the Democrats and the Republicans!

“We hope Biden will finally renounce hare-brained, militarized policies that destroy societies”.

I love you Medea and Code Pink but that is wishful and sophomoric…to say the least! You have to know that if Joe was not a war monger and a MIC stooge, Joe would never be allowed to become POTUS.

True it all depends on your perspective. If you are a war profiteer, how can you call a $ 740, annual war budget a mistake.

Protesting peacefully for better policies, is a better alternative than world war. The balance must be favorable to the citizenry or the democracy will fail due to lack of patriotism. Freedom from oppression and economic oppurtunity is getting harder to find in this world. Change!