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Will Biden’s Dog Whistles for Racism Catch Up with Him?

Will Biden’s Dog Whistles for Racism Catch Up with Him?

Norman Solomon

In a party that officially condemns dog-whistle appeals to racism, Joe Biden is running on Orwellian eggshells. Whether he can win the Democratic presidential nomination may largely depend on the extent of “doublethink” that George Orwell described in 1984 as the willingness “to forget any fact that has become inconvenient.”

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The Democratic Establishment is certainly trying to make it necessary for this Progressive Independent to take a barf bag to the polls in 2020 as I did in 2016. Bernie 2020!


Yeah, yeah, yeah…Except the only thing that matters to the d-party base is electability.

As of today, they think Biden has it.

And they’d be happy to sub in a more subtly racist president for our current blatantly racist president.
And ladies and gentlemen, that’s how the Tweedledum versus Tweedledee meme keeps chuggin along.

File this comment under reason 532 that I’m not a Democrat.


Beside his history of racist pandering, Biden’s entire career has been a fraud and charade to serve “centrist”, AKA corporate, banker, predatory financial interests, and big-money, not civil rights, our civilian republic, or the 99%. He was chosen to defeat not the trump regime, but progressive issues and reforms and the true progressive, Bernie Sanders! Chosen to preserve the status quo!


Biden has been a stooge for the status quo his entire career, and quisling to Republicon “middle” issues - “working across the aisle”.

Biden’s dangerously weak position on Climate Change mirrors climate deniers and would doom us to its deadly consequences including extinction of countless species and habitats.

Biden is NOT the candidate deserving any respect, but a DINO Clinton/Obama establishment business-as-usual functionary, Biden is the Hillary of 2020.

Jimmy Dore laid-out the manipulated fraud of Biden’s BS “front-runner” status and his ridiculous claim of being the “most progressive” candidate, here are only some flagrant betrayals of progressive issues by Biden.

1981 - attacked and failed to protect Anita Hill - a racist fsilure on many levels
1984 - wrote the Crime Bill that victimized so many poor and people of color
1995 - wrote the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Act that became the Patriot Act
1996 - Voted against gay marriage equality and and civil rights
1999 - Voted to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act leading to the economic meltdown and victimization-of and theft from millions - except banker parasites who were “bailed-out”!…
2001 - Voted for the Patriot Act and all its treasonous, neo-fascist consequences.
2002 - voted for the iraq war and all its deadly, costly consequences!
2005 - voted against requiring credit card companies to provide more effective warnings to consumers
2005 - Voted to end bankruptcy protections for students enabling more usury by loan industry parasites.

Hopefully, there will be a group formed not connected to any particular candidate who will make its business to publicize Biden’s record. There is video of Biden speaking to a crown of white anti-integrationists telling them there is nothing positive about racial diversity in schools. That video, along with follow-up information about Biden as Judiciary Committee Chair pushing through the Senate legislation to limit enforcement of the Civil Rights Act, should be put on as an independent advertisement on TV channels in primary and caucus states, with particular emphasis on states where a large share of the Democratic votes are African Americans. Doing so I think will crash his support among African Americans and doom his candidacy.


Racism and Bigotry while disgusting and unacceptable are the least of my concerns regarding Joe Biden.

He is an outright insane Warmonger.

He not only voted for the invasion of Iraq, but as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee he vociferously promoted going to War with Iraq.

He gave W and his henchman Cheney a free pass to Bomb and Kill as many innocent Iraqis as they wished.

Iraq had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with 911 and the UN inspectors on the ground assured us that they had no WMD.

Knowing this info he went ahead anyway and gave his blessing to the slaughter and murder of Iraqi Women and Children as though it was insignificant.

In other words he completely endorsed the Shock & Awe bombardment of Civilians who did nothing to deserve this barbaric obscene massacre.

Why is it that BERNIE did not support the Iraq War?

Sorry, but I could not vote for Hillary because of her support of the Iraq War and I will not vote for Joe the Barbarian because of his promotion of the Iraq War.

If BERNIE does not get the nomination then I guess I will have to vote for the Peace Monger Jill Stein again.


If Biden wins the Dem nomination, we will basically have a re-run of the 2016 campaign. An older conservative, wealthy white person with a lot of “political baggage” running against Trump who has a base that is rigidly behind him and will go out and VOTE for him AGAIN. I firmly believe that a lot of Dem voters will stay home and Trump will win.


Or better, write Bernie in.

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Trump is a racist. Joe Biden, by comparison, is a “kinder, gentler” racist. But still a racist. And most of the loyal Democrats I know are just fine with that.


Candidate 1: “We’re going to war and slaughter 2 million men, women and children.”

“No, that is unacceptable. I will never vote for that.”

Candidate 2: “We are going install democracy and slaughter 1 million, 900 thousand people.”

“Okay, I can live with that lesser evil. There. I just saved 100,000 lives.”


Vice President during the bombing’s of Libya, I guess he was OK with that too.


But he doesn’t and the d-party leadership and their fully paid mainstream media sycophants all know it, but they also know that it is the one thing they can use to get the d-party base to vote against its self interest.

The leadership and their media sycophants know that Sanders is the more electable candidate (and if they actually are paying attention that Tulsi is even more electable if she actually won the nomination) and that Biden is a loser.

But they’d rather lose with a tried and true Warmongering Wall Street shill than win with a candidate who will work for the people instead of the plutocrats, and worse, put a halt to the American Imperial Project.

They sold and sold this same stupid idea in 2016 to convince people to support Hillary Goddamn Clinton over Sanders when every single poll showed Sanders always did better against Trump than Clinton.

“I understand you feel really ill. I believe you have bacterial pneumonia. We should put you on a course of anti-biotics.”

“No thank you. I want to get well. I’m not all into this science purity test. So I’m going to have a friend who’s done it before bleed me, that should let out the bad humours that are making me ill.”

“Every single scientific study in the last 200 years proves that bleeding does not help, it makes things worse, and ever since their discovery, anti-biotics have saved lives.”

(Sticking fingers in ears.) “I can’t hear you! I want to get well. I’m choosing my treatment based on wanting to get well, not being ‘scientifically correct.’”


I read these kinds of arguments on the Next Door threads here in Portland from scared little yuppies who are forced to deal with Black people walking in “their” neighborhood. It’s this screeching “zero tolerance” kind of message that Biden is seen spreading in these videos for middle class racists to repeat while loudly claiming that they are NOT racists. It’s absolutely nauseating!

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I’ve repeatedly stated that the difference between the 2 halves of the duopoly is negligible.

But what truly unites them is their fear and loathing of liberals. And the derision they aim in our direction is all the more absurd considering how little power we actually have.


…because they’re taking bribes from the same sources, and they don’ want for stop the gravy train

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Trump has Made Racism Great Again and unfortunately that will rub off on the republican-lite democrats eventually. I’ve already run into a couple.

Hell look at the DCCC dumping millions into a couple of ‘democrats’ who do not believe that a woman should control her own body. What does a Party stand for when doing things like this? And when push comes to shove these guys will probably pull a Lieberman and vote to kill the right for women to control their own bodies. The ‘democrat’ leadership is pushing to become the New Republican Party. They seem to think that as long as they are ‘left’ of the Fascists, it dosen’t matter how far that is. Appears they want to make Reagan Great Again

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You’re so right, and it’s been going on since Nixon, PNAC and The Dick Chaney.

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you are OBVIOUSLY a white woman, since you have never known the struggle of the non-whites in amerika

If anything they will probably boost his ratings, at least if Trump is any indication.
Culturally America is on the fast track back to the 1800’s, racism and all.