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Will Biden's Billion Dollar Plan Help Central America?


Will Biden's Billion Dollar Plan Help Central America?

Alex Main

On January 29, the White House announced that $1 billion in assistance to Central America would be included in its budget request for fiscal year 2016.


Interesting article but this plan is really all about trying to neutralize China’s increasing influence in the area. The new Nicaraguan Canal which being built by the Chinese will reduce Panama’s influence and therefore US influence in the area. That won’t do!!! Biden’s plan is ALL about re-balancing that.
Lets face it when the US gives money it wants something back-- either oil (ask Biden’s son on the Ukranian Gas Board) or a geo-political base. Seen this kind of plan SO many times before.


Good article, Mr. Main. Always the policies that further rape the poor are dressed up as what’s best for them. As if the War on Drugs or NAFTA for that matter did anything but spread misery throughout Latin and South America. Definitely, the new protocols have Shock Doctrine written all over them. More weapons and policing. Sure. That’s JUST what the world needs now. Ask Dionne Warwick.


Main states, “While a major increase in funding for economic and development aid may have some positive repercussions, the fact that it appears designed in part to bolster a neoliberal development plan for the Northern Triangle sets off alarm bells.”

First, economic and development from the US always has strings attached that render any benefits of the aid useless.

But the second sentence in the quote is really disturbing. As reported by Thom Hartmann, there is a neoliberal plan to essentially turn Honduras into a slave state owned by neo-liberal “investors.” I will try to find the story from Hartmann to reference.

Last, if the Biden plan is modeled on Plan Colombia, it is nothing but bad news.