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Will Biden's Trade Policy Record Come Back to Haunt in Him in Midwest?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/06/will-bidens-trade-policy-record-come-back-haunt-him-midwest


Too bad there isn’t a debate this week.

With Biden’s Joementia on full display, Bernie could have regained front runner status.


he’s had 40 years of baggage and it didn’t stop the people he’s made a career of hurting from voting for him, so I’m going with…no.


Biden will be trounced by Trump. Any of the ex candidates now throwing their support to Biden know this and demonstrate that each and every one of them was a fraud only concerned with protecting the status quo.

The best chance to defeat Trump is Sanders which is why the 1 percent ordered the DNC to ensure he does not get nominated.


Updated polls with just the remaining candidates do not look good for Bernie. The media will do their best to shield Joe from his voting record and deterioration of his mental health, but without an endorsement from Liz and enough opportunities to go one on one against Joe in front of the cameras, it’s not looking good.


The illusion of America continues to be exposed upon Toto’s yank.

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Does Bernie not know how to deliver a solid punch? Reading this article I couldn’t help but notice how Bernie literally took several paragraphs to say that Biden voted for NAFTA and that he didn’t. C’mon Bernie!

It works this way >>> “I’m Bernie and I was against NAFTA. He’s Biden and he voted for it. Trump supported it. I don’t. Biden made the wrong choice for us. Look at Michigan and Pennsylvania etc. I am against it - Biden is for it and so is Trump.”

Bernie is talking to people who already agree with him and will listen and the cheer AT THE END of his paragraphs long speech. But now he needs to start off talking to the people he wants to convince to support him. The people who aren’t already in his corner but need to be. Those people very likely shut off by the third paragraph and didn’t even hear the somewhat tepid shot at Biden. Geeze Bernie. Time to win a few rounds decisively. Lead off with a few hard hitting combinations from the start.


Where is the results from the California primary? Ans: The Clinton fix is in the works.

Bernie won the California primary but you will never know it, at least in time for it to matter.
The counties have thirty days to report their final tallies…meaning at least one will use the full thirty days to prevent the next clock from starting. California Secretary of State, Padilla, a closet Clinton ally has another ten days to stall.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:
I wonder if Joe is sending out hints that those who support him will have great jobs in his administration…LOL Joe, you won’t be the one as Trump will use what’s left of your mind to wipe the floor with you. It will be vicious , Joe, and you have nothing except your own lousy record to stand on… Oh Oh, Hillary alert! Bill and Hell are discussing the Monica affair… OMG-------are there drugs in all, the water systems… this is insane!

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They are who we thought they were. No surprises here. Wall Street versus Main Street. Same ole song and dance. The failed Trans Pacific Partnership promoted by Obama and Wall Street had many flaws but among them it allowed foreign corporations to operate domestically without being subject to environmental and other laws. It was a platter of American treats and it failed with DNC’s Hillary in flaming disgust. Abject failure, enter Frankenstein. Here we are again, the big loop. Will Americans vote for Wall Street or Main Street? We know this. The corporate mass media was wrong about Biden being last and wrong about Biden being first but they’re great at demonizing Bernie and getting fired for it. Have a nice weekend.


I relented today, gave Bernie another $50 (making it $750), but now regret it. Bernie is NOT in it to win it. His press conference was UNACCEPTABLE. He seems embarrassed as he spoke, with eyes darting right and left, and with a lack of conviction. It’s clear that he is under orders – to pull his punches. It’s very sad. But from here on out, count me out in terms of financial contributions. I just don’t get his reticence to speak truthfully about a whole range of issues. He IS sheepdogging – something I was unwilling to countenance before.


The lame stream media and the Party can bury his record in the primary. Trump will not allow it in the general.

The nation is in an antiestablish mood and the democrats seem set on running an establishment candidate. Clearly, the Party prefers Trump over Sanders.


Bernie won’t beat Trump and he won’t bring us a Democratic Congress. That’s why Putin supports Sanders.

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I doubt that a 1994 vote on trade will influence many voters. It would be more interesting to hear their views on the current version of NAFTA just voted on, and on trade going forward. Be aware, there are winners and losers in all trade deals, not easy to get it right. And both Bs and their supporters need to remember that Democrats need both Bernie Voters and Biden voters to be (mostly) united to win the election no matter who is nominated.


Orders from whom??

Hi CriticalThinker:
Bernie has amazing energy and he has been working FOR THE PEOPLE forever. I don’t think he’s under DNC orders to do anything. I think he is just amazed that the DNC is pulling more crap again, Sadly when Bernie speaks the truth, so much of the media attacks. He is right about Cuba, with education and I admire Cub and Castro for sending doctors to foreign- lands instead of what America does----- sends soldiers who shoot anything that moves.
It is getting harder to tell the DNC and the GOP apart---------along with the loons in this journalism business including the many loons who are elected-------amazing too that some are calling Bernie anti-semitic-----and even sadder that citizens don’t recognize that socialism is what creates co-ops and gives then public spaces and clean water and environmen t( o.k.they used to get that)---------but SS and Medicare-----do you really want to lose that Americans’’----or should I say FSA members ( Future Serfs of America? ) : )


When you hear the speakers and sense the crowd’s enthusiasm at Bernie’s rally it is hard to believe that he will not win there. I’m getting my hopes up again . . .

Drawing attention to trade policy: former president of united auto worker’s union (international) Bob King and Sean Crawford who is a union activist from Flint gave very powerful speeches and highlighted the clear/extreme contrasts between Joe Biden and Bernie.
And Mary Sheffield ----wow!!
Cornel West coming up!

Very motivating:


The answer is no, Biden’s sellouts on trade and on Social Security and on Iraq and on the bankruptcy laws and all the rest of that fraudulent working man’s crap he’s served up his whole career are not going to matter at all because Sanders isn’t and hasn’t been fully committed to winning. He should have been highlighting just how corrupt Biden is months ago but he won’t or he can’t and, truth is, it doesn’t matter which.

It’s a replay of the 2016 sellout that he served up with all that crap about political revolution. What a joke! He wouldn’t speak the truth about Clinton’s corruption when she looked him in the eye and actually dared him to. Instead, he helped the Party establishment dig him a deeper hole. He had a chance to go third party with millions of enthusiastic supporters and he copped out. And there was Warren shafting him big time, even back then as well, and he took it.
Now, we’ve swapped Biden for Clinton and here’s Sanders going out of his way to tell everyone what a great guy “my friend Joe” is, salt of the Earth, don’t you know. All the while, the Party craps all over him.

There are two things Bernie will have accomplished this time around, just as he did in 2016. He will have helped to keep millions of progressives in the corrupt Democratic Party fold. And he’s well demonstrated, yet again, just how necessary a third political party will be to defeating the corrupt political party duopoly that’s robbing the working class blind. If progressives don’t figure that last thing out, they can forget the future they hope to have.

I wish I could say that I’ve been disciplined enough to not buy into Bernie’s dog and pony show this time around, but no. I’m weak and stupid and just as desperate as the rest of you for the kind of change he professes to want so badly, and I bought into it once again. Baaaaa, baaaaaa. And I’m already wondering when the next medicine show will roll around, hawking the magic elixir of meaningful, progressive change.


Yea, but will the msm report any of this. All I see is pro Biden propoganda in most of the msm press.


He puts an (I) after his name. Except when the rubber hits the road. Then Bernie’s just a (D).

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