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Will BP Finally Succeed at Moving Beyond Petroleum? To Survive, It Must.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/19/will-bp-finally-succeed-moving-beyond-petroleum-survive-it-must

Leadership at all the majors (oil and gas corporations) past and present should be flogged for their inherent greed at the cost of the upcoming/now-among-us climate crisis. Furthermore, all of the majors should have been forward thinking to new sources of energy (which would translate to profits in their business mindsets) and made substantial research and development investments. Greed produces failure. Period. Governmental subsidies, whether by the U.K. or the U.S. only exacerbated this idiocy and socialized profits of the privateers on the backs of the citizenries. What a total fucking bullshitshow it has been. Yes, it is ending, but there were more than ample warnings and more than enough people shouting from their rooftops–but greed–that of corporations and the politicians that fellate them. Now billions of people must play migrant and janitor at the same time, yes I am pissed.


I agree, no good can come from the present energy companies taking over the sustainable energy market IMO. I would prefer the BP’s of the world to go the way of the dinosaurs.

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A certain sense of poetic justice in that, n’est-ce pas?


I’m sorry to say this, but Joseph Daniel’s interview was quite a bit of misinformation, too little substantial information, outright inaccurate assessments regarding real goals besides house cleaning to quietly sweep the black tar dust under the rug.

Here’s my example to consider: “Companies like BP are likely to screw this up.”
Easily understood main point. Jigar got that right, but effort directed only at office politics
is way down the list.

“I worry they go after solar and wind as familiar and not go after the (truly?) innovative (stuff?).
They should do solar and wind in emerging markets.”

THIS IS A FALSE STATEMENT by a UCS senior energy analyst !!!
Rooftop solar match with EV in garage & neighborhood mini-grid tech
deserves to be heard from the fukcing minority report smart asses at UCS.

“BP should do advanced liquid fuels, green hydrogen, waste-to-value, renewable natural gas, and geothermal energy.” Sounds like Joseph Daniel knows a lot more about oil than his bonafides in the solar farm industry. “Gonna do one back of the old TruckStop Saloon fer thems new Lectrik 16-wheelers. I hear they eat giant battery packs less than two years on thuh rode.” You may conclude I’m rather disgusted with what UCS is putting out here. I can’t hardly call the interview “transparent.” Maybe if more pertinent questions were asked on that point - solar rooftop" vs “solar fields”.