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Will Canada's New 'Climate Test' for Pipelines Have Sharp Enough Teeth?


Will Canada's New 'Climate Test' for Pipelines Have Sharp Enough Teeth?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

On the same day a report from a federal watchdog found that Canada's national energy regulator is failing to properly ensure the safety of pipelines, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to subject the multi-billion dollar projects to a "climate test" that will determine their impact on Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.


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Give the Trudeau Libs a bit of time on this. They will walk their talk. Sustainable development is their mantra.


Are you being sarcastic?

They have been vocal about their desire to continue tar sands development.

You can't "green" that.They're different from other corporatist parties only in their manners.


The Liberals have already indicated they plan to sign the TPP as is. Do not put too much faith in them. They still represent the Corporations first and foremost.


Pay attention to reality. Canada will be needing to use oil and natural gas for every segment of the economy for many years.
Conversion to alternate sources of energy will not happen over night. Indeed, it will not happen in our lifetime.
Until it does happen--it is much better that Canada uses only it's own oil.
Importing oil--and refined products-- when we have more than enough to satisfy our needs-- is stupid!
The jobs created--the control over the supply--all would be more beneficial than what we have now.
We should quickly build a distribution system-- and refining facilities-- that create complete independence from world oil supply and prices.
We then could manipulate the price of the products to make Canada more competitive in the Global economy.


Don't think so. Trudeau is the real deal.