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Will Climate Break Through in Big Media's Elections Coverage?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/08/will-climate-break-through-big-medias-elections-coverage

with the immediate health threat and the crashed economy, plus all the threats to democracy, it will be tough to get attention to the climate issue. I think the organized environmental movement is not helping in that many of the messages I’ve received from them in past months reads more like a message from the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, with summer waning, the thought of the long New England winter coming under a partial lockdown may make a lot of folks here rooting for global warming!

"First-Time Voter Youth Takeover Day "

By golly there is a day for just about everything. Better make it about all of the examples of missed opportunities and no people being heard on climate. Media/corporate moguls think they can negotiate according to an industry playbook when the calendar already got thrown out by the Big Momma upstairs quite a while ago.

The time compression patterns in climate crisis are tightening exponentially. The media game book gambit is a dead parrot.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. If it is successful and has carrying capacity over time, better be prepared for a very loud and disruptive Trump Tripe Tanker. We need to literally drown this guy out as part of the duopoly.

Hey Mark, Get back to U.S. when you are counting how many questions regarding party platforms and candidate policy positions were put regarding the decades long NORMALIZATION OF HOMELESS CRISIS in marathon MSM Presidential campaign coverage including primaries from 2015 through elections at end of 2016 to any of both Duopoly parties herd of candidates and then just the 2.

Here’s my question to you Mark and my former other indie journalism heroes who now prioritize Environmental Crisis over Human Crises of Global Displacement: Are people even with their kids forced to sleep outside and defecate into plastic like dogs or urinate into juice jugs and cans in their tents or canvas tarps if they are that lucky, are these long normalized Hoovervilles of Homeless considered by you and your readership of privileged progressives part of the environmental and Public Health CODE RED crisis? Or, do you in your hard prescriptive prioritization have room and a Public Interest plan for housing all of U.S. who need housing?

Just asking…Other journalists, even MSM seem to prioritize houseless humans forced to live as wildlife to be part of the environmental Public Health Emergency ongoing for decades yet not nearly as inspirational as Swedish teens lecturing the world’s policy leaders on its Dickensian food chain. Other nordic nations have set about solving the properly prioritized part of that Environmental Public Health Emergency…

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Will climate break through? I ask, will Biden break through the media’s elections coverage. Trump gets his daily meal of press, but does Biden?
I guess that is the incumbents advantage. Face time.

Personally, I’m no less worried about Trump’s twitter-happy fingers on the nuclear football. Why does everyone seem to think it can’t happen here?

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Biden isn’t going to help

On Climate Policy, Biden’s Advisers Reveal More Than His Proposals Do
Several of Biden’s informal advisers and confidants are Obama administration veterans who have embraced fossil fuels and fracking.


The climate and ecological crises are THE OVERARCHING ISSUES now. But realize that for many there are more immediate, pressing issues that have greater more serious impacts on their lives. So, let’s not deny them, but put them out front, but at the same time connect the dots and find creative ways to always find strategies and solutions that take into account effects on climate and ecology as well as equity and justice. The challenges are complex, but we have the ability to take on the complexity.

I disagree. It IS your right to tell people who to vote for! This is not about right-left, but about not only an extrmeley Unhealthy human in the WHitehouse, and this is abuot our survival as a human-race. Chomsky, no fan of Biden, is telling folk to vote for him for it is Oblivion for our hopes of survival with the trump! Please do the same!